Brick Fencing Cost | What You Should Know

The construction of a brick fence around your building is essential for safety as it takes preying eyes off it. Brick fencing is a great project worth the investment as they add value and beauty to your home. However, you might want to know the cost of erecting a sturdy brick fence, and decide whether the investment is worth it, or you should look at other options like wooden fences or wrought iron fences, for example.


Per meter, a clay brick fence costs about $620 to $1,162 and about $700 to $1,220 for a concrete brick fence, including labor charges. It is good to know that the costs vary depending on the wall’s height, length, design, and structure. Also, labor charges differ from place to place. 

DIY is also not a bad idea at all in other to save cost. However, employing the service of a qualified bricklayer will ensure a quality and sturdily built fence. Keep reading for the variables that affect the price of brick fencing.

What Are The Variables That Influence The Cost Of Brick Fencing?

There are mean variables that can influence the coast of brick fencing. They include the following

  • Materials
  • Type of brick fencing
  • Size of brick fence
  • Soil type
  • Replacement


The material to be used for fencing is vital as they determine the durability of the fence. There are different types of bricks with different sizes, textures, and colors. Also, depending on your preference, you can opt for clay or concrete bricks for fencing as they are both reasonable options. 

The clay bricks are less expensive compared to common or modular concrete bricks. It, however, depends on your budget and taste, plus the design you wish to make of your fence. The price of the common brick is around $600 to $900, while the modular can cost from about $650 to $1500 per 1000 bricks. 

In addition, the amount of mortar needed per 1,000 standard bricks is from about $70 to $200. Many of the mortar bags have an estimated amount required per square footage printed on the bag. With this, it is easy to count how many bags of mortar will be needed to install the fence. 

For example, eight bags of mortar will be required to complete 200 square feet of the fence if a bag of mortar covers 25 square feet.

Type Of Brick Fencing

There are different types and designs of brick fencing that can attract extra costs. Depending on one’s desire, you can have other materials combined with the brick such as Brick and wood, Brick and metal or iron, Brick and renders, and Brick pillars. It’s worth noting that tall solid brick fences will require more bricks than a lower fence, half-fences plus balusters, and iron railings. 

Also, more than those that has brick pillars spanned by wooden fences. All of these types of brick fencing combinations influence the cost of brick fencing. 

Size Of Brick Fence

The size of the project will have a considerable impact on the cost of building a brick wall fence. Brick fences over two meters high will require the use of scaffolding and other safety equipment. This will affect the cost of material and labor per the amount of time spent.  

Soil Type

There are different soil types, depending on where you have your property. While you can quickly erect a brick fence in some places, it is not so on unstable soils. This is because unstable soils tend to presents structural problems during installation. 

The clay and wet soil are perfect examples of shaky grounds where you cannot quickly build a brick fence without extra effort. All of this extras work from contractors will attract cash that will influence the brick fencing cost. Also, additional materials like solid footings to help brace up the brick fence in the case of unstable soil types will incur more expenses


Do you have an old brick fence standing where you want the new one erected? It’s worth knowing that removing the old brick fence before installing the new one will mean additional costs. The equipment and tools need to remove the existing brick fence will influence the price. 

This is because contractors will have to tear down and clear out the debris from the old brick fence and replace footings if necessary before installing the new wall. 

All of the variables mentioned above and others are responsible for influencing the cost of brick fencing. Hence, the prices mentioned above can be used as a guide when planning to install brick fencing by Custom Brick Fences

What Is The Labor Cost For Brick Fence Installation?

The estimated cost of brick fencing ranges from $65 to $105 per hour. Below are the different bricklayer hourly charges for labor in 5 other cities. It’s worth noting that the costs include profit and overheads.


City Hourly charge
Adelaide $65 to $75
Brisbane $85 to $89
Melbourne $80 to $87
Perth $82 to $87
Sydney $76 to $105


How Do I Choose A Bricklayer Or Fence Constructor

As earlier mentioned, the DIY method may not be an ideal option for brick fence installation. This is not to say it is not possible as it will save you the cost of labor. However, we are sure getting a bricklayer will give a better outcome from an experienced hand.

Below are some things to consider when choosing a bricklayer

  1. Is the bricklayer or contractor licensed?
  2. How many years of experience have they gained?
  3. Are they insured in case of emergency?
  4. Can they provide a written quote? A written quotation will give you an idea of how much will be needed for the fence and allow you to put your budget in order.
  5. Can you see samples of the brick fence they have erected?
  6. Do they have references from old clients?

It is important to note that the bricklayer with the lowest quote may not always be the best man for the job. One who has fulfilled the entire question mentioned above will make a better hand. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Brick Fence?

The benefits of a brick fence cannot be overemphasized, as they are worth every financial investment you put into it. Below are some of the benefits of a brick fence.

  • Protection 

Brick fence takes prying eyes away from your property as intruders cannot easily bust through a brick wall. It also shields you away from unnecessary side talks from neighbors you don’t wish to get into conversation with. 

  • Durability 

 The brick fence can withstand years of unpleasant stormy weather when it is well erected and adequately maintained. Hence the primary reason why an experienced hand is needed when installing a brick fence.

  • Beauty 

Having a brick fence around your property has a way of adding beauty and value to it. The sight of a beautiful solid brick fence brings a fantastic display of a property.


Installing a brick fence around your property to prevent prying eyes is worth the financial investment to protect your loved ones and valuables. However, the cost varies from one place to another and the type of fence to be installed. Read through this article to find out variables that can influence the cost of brick fence installation and the benefits of a brick fence.