Best Hobbies for College StudentsIt may not seem like it while you remain inundated with classwork, homework, the potential part-time job and a bevy of social events, but you need a hobby. Don’t laugh at me. You do. Everybody does. A hobby provides you a way to vent steam and stress without pressure.

A hobby lets you just have fun. Whether crafting or running, reading or aerobics, a hobby provides you a productive, entertaining outlet to your day.

It takes 30 days to form a habit. Humans find it easier to form habits at an earlier age. Your dog can learn to fetch at any age, but you will find it easier to learn at a younger age.

The conversion of your activity level, stress level, and youth make college the ideal time to learn a hobby. Many hobbies cost very little to take up.

Costs of a Hobby

Notice that it says “costs,” not the singular cost. You probably only think of financial cost, but you need to plan for a time cost, too, plus space.

Nearly every hobby requires little equipment. You need to buy it and store it. You also need to make time for it. The ideal hobby for a college student lets you fit it in your schedule regardless of the day’s class schedule.

So, which hobbies best fit the description of low cost (because what college student has gobs of money), flexible scheduling and require little storage space (because dorm rooms and Greek house rooms are tiny)? Read on to learn the top hobbies for college students, so you can find your outlet today.

Best Hobbies for College Students

Let’s start with hobbies that expand your mind and knowledge while providing downtime. These four hobbies have little to zero cost financially. You will need time, but very little storage space. You can start with only ten minutes a day of each of these hobbies.


You can take a book with you anywhere. The traditional type with paper pages you can turn, you can check out of the library for free. You can also check out many e-books, but also find a plethora online for free that you can read on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Whether you pick novels, biographies, poetry, short stories or your favorite academic journals, reading books provide you with a hobby you can take anywhere that requires a tiny amount of storage unless you decide to buy them.


WritingLeave your essay writing for class. Buy a journal and free write. That means write a stream of thought on any topic that comes to mind. Try your hand at writing poetry, short stories or a novel.

Let your imagination run wild and scribble it down on physical paper. You might also keep a dream journal, a diary of the dreams you remember from your night’s sleep. This helps you tap your subconscious mind which thinks on a different level than your waking mind.


Learn to draw. Buy a tutorial book or art kit with instructional guide. You can also check them out of the library for free. You probably already own a pencil and paper. Although you will need more than that once you advance further, you can start with only those tools.

Blogging or Vlogging or Podcasting

Write a blog about something near and dear to your heart. If you abhor writing, make videos instead. Don’t feel you have awesome camera presence? Podcast instead. There’s an option for every person. You can host it for free on Blogspot, WordPress or YouTube.

Sometimes you need a hobby that lets you be more active. You need exercise. You need cardio. You need fresh air and sunshine – the best way to intake your vitamin D.

Running or Walking or Racewalking

Whether you take up running, walking or racewalking, you only need a pair of suitable track shoes and sweat socks. Any of these three cardiovascular activities provides effective exercise that most people can do. You can fit it into any schedule and do it anywhere.


YogaYoga combines physical stretching with deep breathing and focused thought. The goal is to unite your body and mind.

Many people picture a hippie sitting cross-legged chanting “om,” but that’s pretty far from most of today’s yoga which focuses more on flexibility. You can watch videos on YouTube to study basic positions or take an introductory class at a local gym or your library.

Dancing or Aerobics

Pick a form of dance you want to learn and check out DVDs and tutorial books from the library or take a class. You can also watch videos on YouTube or take a class locally. Some forms of dance require special shoes like ballet or tap. If aerobics dance interests you, you’ll need a pair of athletic shoes designed for it.


HikingUnless you chose a college located in a wooded or mountainous area, you’ll probably need to wait until the weekend to hike. You’ll need a pair of boots designed for hiking.

These typically are ankle high boots with sturdy under soles that can withstand rocky terrain. While hiking requires no more than walking, it requires it through rough terrain of hills, mountains, rocky areas, mud, uncut foliage, etc.

Hikes require one or more hours, so you normally you would take a backpack with you stocked with healthy snacks, a compass and a rain slicker. Weather in many hiking areas changes quickly, so prepare for temperature drops and increases.

Finding Your Hobby

This smattering of hobbies represents only a small sample of those available to college students with little to no cost. You might also enjoy listening to music, watching movies, crafting, scrapbooking or photography, but these typically require a larger investment.

Of course, you may find that your hobby provides you a new way to earn money, so you can afford to take up another hobby that requires a greater investment. You can monetize a blog, vlog or podcast or start teaching aerobics or yoga once you get good at it. Choose something you want to do with your free time that you can do by yourself and get started with your hobby.


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