5 Best Dogs For Scared Child

Choosing the right dog for a scared child is of high importance. You want that bond between the dog and the child to be heartwarming and outstanding. For that, you need a dog that can be playful, easy to train, and friendly. 

When selecting the right breed for your child, you need to consider several factors. You need a dog that can make the kid happy without showing signs of threat towards him or her. 

This post will go through several dog breeds that are well-suited for shy and scared children. Such kids must connect with the chosen dog breed to avoid unnecessary trauma or develop a phobia. 

Best Dog For Scared Child

1.Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are one of the best search-and-rescue dogs to help blind folks, etc. They are considered to be highly intelligent and devoted to their characteristic behavior.

Even when adults, you will find their puppyish nature active, which can be an excellent way for children to enjoy for several years.

They are also quite energetic. If there is a competition between your kid and the dog, you can bet the dog will stay jumping and skipping way longer than your little one. 

  • These dogs are born athletes. They love sports and physical activities. 
  • They require at least an hour of physical workout every day to stay healthy. Physical activities also help them stay mentally strong. 
  • The primary purpose of breeding them is to cooperate with people. They are naturally sweet, friendly, and loyal. You will find them always working to please their owners.
  •  They are friendly towards other pets, like cats, lizards, hamsters, dogs, etc. 
  • They are gentle and even-tempered towards young children. They do not mind even if children climb no their backs. 


  • Gentle
  • Sweet 
  • Calm 
  • Smart
  • Easy to train
  • Great companions
  • Puppyish even in their adulthood. 
  • They don’t bite unnecessarily. 
  • They don’t bark unnecessarily. 
  • They love small kids. 
  • They love being a part of a family. 


  • Large-sized
  • Often get hungry
  • Shed too often. 
  • Lack of patience. 
  • They can often get infected with certain health issues and allergies. 
  • They need daily physical workouts. 

2.Beagle Dog

You might have heard of this cute small to medium-sized hunting dog that is quite entertaining. However, if you dig deeper into this breed, you will find that this particular dog has more qualities than mere hunting.

Beagles can be one of the sweetest pets, which become loyal companions of their owners. They are particularly attracted towards children, with whom they quickly develop a playful and energetic relationship.

Beagles love attention, and they hate being left alone. That is a good thing, as these dogs will always be ready to play with your child without any worries without any sign of hostility. 

  • Beagles are a part of the hound sporting class. 
  • They love being outdoors. 
  • These have a powerful scent, which is ideal for hunting games. 
  • Their lifespan is between 12 and 11 years. 


  • Highly sociable breed
  • Amicable with small children
  • These can maintain good health overall, so there is low maintenance compared to other breeds. 
  • Small size, so a child can handle it easily. 
  • Can survive in a variety of weather conditions, environments, etc. 


  • Being energetic all the time, Beagles can be quite loud at times. 
  • Their hunting nature also brings in their frequent behavior of digging. 
  • Hard to train. 

3.Collie Dog

You might have heard of Collies, as they are one of the most popular dog breeds out there. They are immensely loved by children, as they show reliable qualities like care and loyalty. Collies came into existence because they were excellent herding dogs.

Their companionship is one of the most lovable, as they are smart and sensitive dogs to accompany you. 

  • Collies are one of the most popular choices of dogs for children. 
  • These are quite athletic and love physical activities.
  • These are intuitive, smart, and can easily sense when something is wrong with the owner. 
  • Their high sensitivity also makes them ideal watchdogs. 
  • They can instantly alert owners with their barking sound whenever they sense danger. 
  • These dogs are considered to be great therapists for children. 


  • Affable
  • Lovable
  • Easy to train
  • Thrive for exercising to remain fit. 
  • Come in two varieties of fur coats. 
  • Have a forgiving nature. 
  • Intelligent
  • Very social
  • Can help with chores if well-trained. 
  • Possess guardian instincts to protect children. 


  • They have a nature for nipping.  
  • They are quite territorial. 
  • Always active, which can be tiring for the owner at times to control. 

4.Newfoundland – The Gentle Giant 

Often regarded as the “gentle giant,” Newfoundlands are quite good-natured dogs. Their massive size is often taken as a sign of them being hostile, but they are quite the opposite.

Your child will love having one of these around for their loyal and friendly nature. Not to mention, the huge size makes them the perfect bodyguards for your children without the need for any aggression.

  • Popular among fishermen for pulling nets and among woodcutters for hauling wood out of jungles. 
  • Protective nature towards loved ones, especially children. 
  • These are quite patient with children, who often handle pets roughly. 
  • Adult Newfoundland can reach up to 100 pounds. 
  • They are quite soft and cuddly. 
  • These dogs are great swimmers and love being in the water.  

What’s Good About Them

  • Calm and gentle
  • Protective and sociable 
  • Easy to train
  • Intelligent
  • Can help with chores if well-trained. 
  • Possess guardian instincts to protect children. 

The Negatives 

  • Have a risk of overheating, resulting in heat strokes if the temperature is not controlled. 
  • These dogs drool a lot. 
  • They shed a lot of hair. 
  • Due to drooling and shedding, they require high maintenance. 


Looking at a Poodle, you will instantly feel elegance in its character. This bright and exquisite breed is one of the most playful, affectionate, and distinct-looking breeds. They are great for small or large families.

One of the main reasons people love them is because of their hypoallergenic fur coat. That means, even if your kid has some allergy, this pet will be completely safe for him or her.  

  • Poodles are considered luxurious for their exotic physical appearance and snobbish looks. 
  • Despite the appearance, poodles are quite friendly. 
  • They are considered to be excellent water retrievers for hunters. 
  • They have a protective nature towards their families. 
  • They are great companions. 
  • You can train poodles much more straightforward than most breeds. This trait is possible due to their intelligent nature. 
  • They can learn skills very fast. 
  • They do not forget the skills that they learn. 
  • A poodle’s precious coat needs extra care. The coat is also customizable to appear different with the help of a trimmer. 
  • They love attention, act silly at times, and love to enjoy themselves with their owners. 


  • Fun-loving
  • Royal
  • Long lifespan of up to 15 years.
  • Intelligent
  • Easy to train
  • Great companions
  • They love being a part of a family. 
  • Do not fall sick that often. 
  • They love kids and other pets. 


  • They are not ideal guard dogs. 
  • They need attention to show affection. 
  • They need high maintenance. 
  • They bark a lot. 

How Do I Stop My Child From Being Scared Of Dogs?

Unless it is a very bad phobia, you can always help your child overcome the fear of dogs. Here are a few tips for doing it.

Start with puppies – You can always start with a small dog or a puppy so that your child is not intimidated by the size of a large dog. While fear in your child may still incur him/her not to get close to even a puppy, it is still a better option to start with the operation with a small dog than a large one. 

Encourage them – You need to make your child understand that he/she does not have to be afraid of a dog. Try bringing them closer to the dog. Do not make them touch it at the first go, or they might feel more fear. Take one step at a time to make progress. Do not criticize them if they overreact after seeing a dog close to them. 

Give a reward for their bravery – Help your child pat a dog. Increase your kid’s morale and confidence by rewarding for their brave effort of patting a dog. You can even create a bravery reward chart, where you can award a sticker every time they show up with courage. 

Play with the dog – If you have a trained dog, you can show how fun it is to play with the dog in front of your child. He/she may also feel less afraid after seeing how enjoyable it is to play with the pet. Games like throw the ball or stick would be a fun way to interact with the dog. Your kid might want to try it with the dog. It might take time, so be patient with it. 

If your child is still not able to cope with his fear of dogs, you might want to take the help of a professional. Such experts can help you find the best dog for a scared child. Let us know what other breeds do you prefer choosing as a pet for your child.


Now that you know the best dog breeds for scared children, don’t just get one right away. You must also let your child have a say in the matter. Surprising a child scared of dogs with a new puppy out of the blue is not a good idea.

Take time to sit down with your child and talk about these dog breeds. Let them share their preferences. Do they prefer small or big dogs? Is there a fur color that they like best? Are pointy or floppy ears cuter? Help them become more comfortable with the idea by talking about fun activities they can do with the dog.

They can teach them simple tricks, feed them healthy dog food and treats, or give them bubble baths.

Your child and the rest of the family will be ready to welcome a new furry member in no time.