Australian Candies are one of the best you will find around the world. They come in different classic sizes, shapes, and flavors, such as chocolate, caramel, fruit fillings, etc. Of all the other delicious candies you have in Australia, some still stand out among their counterparts. 

The Caramello Koala chocolate lollies with soft caramel filling is one of Australian’s finest. It is manufactured by Cadbury and remains the first-choice candy for both kids and adults. The Koala shape of the candy makes it more fascinating.

There are other candies with yummy tastes and different flavors in Australia that are just irresistible. Keep reading this article for the list of top Australian candies and if you like what you see, you may have lollies delivered throughout Australia.

Top Australian Candies

Candies in Australia are popularly known as lollies by both young and old. They have become an integral part of Australian snacks as well as around the world. Whenever you get into an Australian store wondering what candy to pick, some amazingly yummy lollies are below. 

  • Caramello Koala 

Caramello Koala is a top premium lolly from the desk of Cadbury. It’s a chocolate candy with caramel filling at the center. The unique and fascinating Koala shape of the candy stands it out among many others.

  • Chicos 

The Chicos is the chewy Australian chocolate-flavored jelly babies’ candy. Just as the name implies, the Chicos are made in the shape of babies with dark brown skins. Chicos is a gelatinous chewy cocoa lolly manufactured by Allen’s. 

  • Aniseed Rings

Talk about candy with an additional benefit aside from satisfying your sugar cravings. The Anise seed has many health benefits; it has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties suitable for curing digestive issues. The Anise seed’s strong flavor was covered with sugar, milk, and cocoa to make the Aniseed Rings lollies. 

The sweet gelatinous ringed candies are very yummy yet beneficial to one’s health. This milk, chocolate, and anise seed flavored candy are manufactured by Hugo’s Confectionery. 

  • Aussie Drops Eucalyptus Candy

Eucalyptus naturally is associated with beauty products such as essential oils and soap, and cough drops. However, in Australia, the eucalyptus is a delicacy in the world of lollies. The Aussie drops eucalyptus candy is another Australian lollies with health benefits. 

Aussie drops are hard candies similar to lemon drops but are infused with eucalyptus flavor and menthol. These candy drops with a tingling and soothing feeling are perfect for fighting a sore throat while enjoying your sugar taste. The Aussie drops eucalyptus is a classic pure Australian taste candy manufactured by Aussie drops.

  • Jaffa

The Jaffa is another yummy and interesting candy manufactured by Allen’s. Jaffas are chocolate-flavored candy balls covered with strong orange flavor coatings. Avoid cracking your teeth when you have a mouth filled with Jaffa.

  • Picnic

The content of this classic Australian chocolate bar is enough for a picnic, hence the candy’s name. The Picnic lumpy bar is contained of peanuts, wafer, rice crisps, milk, chocolate, and of course the caramel. If interested in a crunchy-textured chocolate candy bar, the picnic is just the perfect candy for you. 

The picnic is another yummy taste delicacy manufactured by Cadbury and proudly Australian 

  • Minties

This Minty candy that cleanses the palate and leaves you with a fresh breath is manufactured by Allen’s. Minties are a non-chocolaty hard candy, and its mint flavor is soothing for the throat. 

  • Dairy Milk Snack

The Dairy Milk Snack manufactured by Cadbury is another interesting Australian lollies. It comes in six different flavors in one; you have the orange, pineapple, strawberry, Turkish delight, caramel, and coconut ice. 

  • Fruit Tingles

The Fruit Tingles is very similar to the Mentos but, of course, more unique and yummy. This candy gets its name from the feel it gives when you put them in your mouth. The delicious Fruit Tingles leave a long-lasting fruity and tingly feel well after been dissolved. They come in lime, lemon, orange, and raspberry flavors and are manufactured by Darrell Lea Confectionery

  • Sherbies

Sherbies is an orange-flavored chewy candy with a sherbet filling in the center. Sherbies are so irresistible you would be on the second pack before realizing how far you have gone. It has no artificial colors and is manufactured by Allen’s  

  • Violet Crumble

Talk about a honeycomb toffee Crunchy bar manufactures by Nestlé, then you will be meaning the Violet Crumble. It is very crispy, and its delicious taste is irresistible.

  • Fantales

Fantales is an iconic Australian candy whose name was derived from a movie that rocked Australia in the 1930s. This chocolate with the mixture of caramel is made by Allen’s confectionary and has remained one of Australia’s finest to date. Printed on the wrappers of Fantales are trivia and educative facts. So get discussing the points on the wrapper while chewing on the lollies too. 

  • Tim Tams

The sight of Tim Tams gets the mouth watering even before they hit the tongue. Tim Tams is another Australian premium candy manufactured by Arnott’s and has been around for over five decades. They come in varieties of flavors such as chewy caramel, dark and white chocolate, Original Chocolate, and choc mint.

  • Cherry Ripe

Cherry ripe, as its name implies, is a mix of Cherries, coconut, milk, and dark chocolate. Classic Australian lollies made by Cadbury

  • FruChocs

Like Cherry Ripe, the FruChocs is another fruit and chocolate combo candy known as South Australian specialty. FruChocs is made up of a mixture of dried peach, apricot, milk, and chocolate. Menz manufactures this delightfully unexpected candy, and it’s just the perfect candy for that sweet cravings.

  • Milko Chews

Allen’s classic Milko Chews are soft, chewy lollies made from condensed milk. For condensed milk lovers, be sure not to get addicted to this candy as it’s just irresistible, and all you keep saying is just one last one until nothing is left in the pack. 

What Are Some Top Candy Manufacturers In Australia?

There are so many candies or lollies, as it is called in Australia, produced by different manufacturers. However, some manufactures are very popular as well as their product. Their candies are found almost everywhere in Australia and loved by all. Below are some top candy manufacturers in Australia. 

  • Cadbury
  • Allen’s
  • Nestlé.
  • Hugo’s Confectionery
  • Menz
  • Arnott’s
  • Darrell Lea Confectionery
  • Aussie drops, etc.

Nevertheless, of all of the above-listed candy manufacturers, Cadbury, Allen’s, and Nestlé have become household candy brands in Australia. Lollies like the Caramello Koalas, Dairy Milk chocolate, Picnic, etc., are some of Cadbury’s best lollies in Australia. While you have Sherbies, Milko Chews as some of Allen’s finest, you have Violet Crumble, Chokito from the desk of Nestlé.


Australian Candies, or lollies as they are called, are among the best you can find worldwide. While you have some with chocolate and caramel blend with fantastic taste, others combine fruits and milk chocolate.

Either you want a chocolate-based candy or just the sweet gelatinous yummy ones; you can find them all in Australia. Read through this article for some of their finest to make the best choice when you are looking for candies. 


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