Babyliss Pro Flat Iron ReviewIn this comprehensive review of Babyliss’ pro flat iron. We’ll begin with a brief overview, continue with the pros and cons, and continue with the technology and user reviews. 

This flat iron works very well. It can straighten very thick wavy or curly hair. It lends it a natural look and keeps it straight throughout the day.

Nobody will be able to tell that you straightened your hair (unless maybe a pro stylist. The iron can get pretty hot, which is this product’s only disadvantage. There is no dial, only an on a button and an off button.

If you have about shoulder-length hair, you’ll need about 20 minutes to straighten it, even if it’s very thick.

Times Have Changed 

In the past, people used curling irons to make their hair straight. It was not the fastest way to get this done, but once you got good at it, it started working.

Then, flat irons appeared on the market – this was about two decades ago.

Now, you can use flat irons to curl your hair as well as straighten it. With a flat iron like this one by Babyliss, you have a product that works well and has the right shape to create fabulous curls.

You don’t have to buy a curling iron. In fact, you shouldn’t because with a flat iron, you will get a nicer shape of the curls.

If you want tighter curls, for example, your iron should be as small as possible. The size of the iron determines the size of the curls, the two being directly proportional.


  • Ultra smooth, long plates for maximum coverage 
  • Thin iron can also make tight, pretty curls 
  • Can straighten even the thickest curly or wavy hair
  • High quality 
  • Never burns hair 


  • It’s not possible to adjust the heat
  • Does not shut off automatically 

It features ultra-smooth titanium plates that can withstand very high heat thanks to a Ryton housing.

The iron is very lightweight with a built-in ionic generator, and well-balanced, extra long iron plates with LED temperature controls. The iron can heat up to 450F.

Thin Plates Make Tighter Curls

The Babyliss pro flat iron has 1-inch plates, but they look much smaller. There is a very thin iron around the outside of the plates as well.

The body on the two sides of the plates is much more slender than a lot of the products on the market made of ceramic. 


The Pro flat iron has titanium instead of ceramic plates, which makes it a little different from other options. The plates are titanium without any coverage. A lot of analogical products have ceramic plates that are actually metal coated with ceramic.

According to experts, metal irons have a higher risk of burning your hair than ceramic ones do. We’ve tested tens of flat irons and find there isn’t much of a difference between ceramic and metal. Titanium is an excellent, very high quality option.

Greater Coverage with Long Plates 

Greater Coverage with Long Plates Babyliss’ Pro flat iron has 5 inch long plates, which is a huge advantage.

That’s much longer than average and means you can cover more hair. Still, it’s not possible to do half of your head at a time.

This flat iron comes in different sizes, ranging from 1-inch to 1.5-inch.

The kind you choose depends on the style you’re aiming for and the length of your hair. For optimal curls, go with a 1-inch. If you have long hair, a 1.5 inch is the better option.

Nano Titanium control center

This iron goes all the way up to 450 degrees, and very quickly at that. It’s enough heat for any hair type.

Please take this into account if your hair is sensitive to heat. Consider that very few irons get hotter than this. 

Stays On Until Turned Off

Unless this is the first review you’ve read, you probably know irons that don’t come with automatic shut offs can be dangerous.

To be fair, most high end flat irons don’t have electric timers, a simple mechanism to ensure safety.

There must be a good reason why the Babyliss isn’t equipped with one. We’re just not sure what it is.

Ionic Technology

More moisture is held in with far-infrared heat and negative ion technology, and the titanium plates are conducive to the process by locking it all into the hair.

Today, many flat irons have this tech, so this isn’t exactly novel, but it is important if you want to get and keep your hair straight

Some users comment that the Babyliss Pro flat iron leaves hair a little static.

Static tends to have a frizzy appearance and that can be annoying for you if you are aiming for a flat, smooth, silky look. This iron might not be the best option if your hair is prone to having more volume than you want it to.

What Users Are Saying

This section contains real opinions of actual users, who are profoundly satisfied with the Babyliss Pro flat iron for both curling and straightening.

Gives The Best Book   

“My hairstylist uses a BaByliss Pro Flat 1-inch flat iron when I go in to get my hair cut and colored. My hair always looks so much better and straighter and less frizzy when she straightens it. We love it.”

Great product At A Super Price

“Don’t hesitate to get this iron. I am an African American woman who wears her hair natural (no relaxer) and I previous used a FHI flat iron. I used to have issues with humidity, as soon as my hair came in contact with moisture it would poof automatically.

Now my hair stays soft and silky even when it’s humid. It’s unbelievable. Worth every penny!”

Excellent Flat Iron

“The Babyliss Pro Titanium is a quality product for straightening hair. It has settings for amount of heat required to straighten various types of hair and the titanium material is safer for hair (a beautician gave me this info). It’s the best flat iron I’ve purchased.”

Worth The Money

I was hesitant to buy this because I have been using CHI ceramic plate flat irons for years. The titanium plates in this flat iron offer a much smoother, shinier effect as well as cut down on the straightening time.”

Best Ever!

This is the second BaByliss Flat Iron I have owned. The first lasted several years! The slim, light weight design makes it very easy to handle.

The cord is extra long, which makes it particularly nice when a plug isn’t convenient. It heats in about 30 seconds, which is nice when you’re in a hurry! This is well worth the extra investment as it will last you a long time. I love it!”

My Miracle Worker

“I love this flat iron! If you have big frizzy hair like me, this is the flat iron to get!! You can change the heat settings ranging all the way to 450 degrees!”

Great Flat Iron

“Leaves hair smooth and straight and cuts straightening time in half. I love that it has multiple heat settings. Works great for curling hair too!”

I Love This Flat Iron 

“I love this iron so very much. It was very smooth and it made my hair look so silky. The titanium iron really did to justice.

My hair didn’t have “burn” smell and it was just overall the best flat iron to use. I referred my family members to purchase the iron as well.”

“I have bought many flat irons and this is by far my favorite! It makes your hair so nice and smooth and shiny without the damage. I wish it had automatic shutoff but other than that it’s a perfect flat iron!”

Like A Pro

“I’ve had so many flat irons, this one is the best. I have really THICK Ethiopian hair. This makes makes it look like a pro did it.”

Doesn’t Burn Your Hair – Ever

“I love the Babyliss Pro line. Gets very hot, but doesn’t burn your hair. The base is thin enough to make flat ironing my hair a zip. This seems like a sturdy brand.”

Best Flat Iron For Super Curly Hair

Best Flat Iron for Super Curly Hair“I have very curly 3b/3c hair. I’ve been through many a flat iron and this is hand down THE best.

Titanium really makes a difference, especially since I do not blow dry my hair before straightening. This baby takes me from ringlets sleek locks in no time.”

Favorite Flat Iron

Favorite flat iron“Of all the flat irons I have owned, this is my favorite by far. When this one eventually gives out, I am buying another one or another of this brand.

I assume they will have a newer one as they already do, by the time this one stops working.

Makes my hair smooth, doesn’t snag as I pull my hair through it, and makes my hair softer! I can even curl my hair with it without issues. LOVE it.”


There you have it! We did read reviews, but we also got the iron and tested it to see for ourselves. We are very happy with the iron and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to you!  


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