A valuable guide to rollerblades for men

You must have heard of skating done with roller skates, a pair of boots attached to four wheels that enable gliding on hard surfaces. If you have ever tried it, you know how thrilling it is.

As a beginner, once you strap on a pair of skates and roll past people, buildings, trees, and other skaters, you realize what you were missing out on all this while. However, did you know that there are various kinds of skates?

Rollerblades for men are inline skates whose wheels have a single line formation. They feel different and have a separate working mechanism to roller skates, but once you get used to them, they offer an exhilarating experience. What are some things you must know about them?

What are rollerblades?

As mentioned earlier, rollerblades refer to inline skates whose wheels have a single row arrangement. They were invented in the 1980s and became extremely popular among skaters quickly.

A rollerblade consists of various parts such as the boot, frame, bearings, wheels, and brakes and is available based on the expertise level of the skater. Each of these parts has a specific function to play. For example, the boots in inlines are usually higher and offer enhanced ankle support.


Different types of inline skates

You will find different types of inline skates in the market, so you should select one after thorough research. The various inline skates you will usually come across are freestyle, aggressive, recreational, fitness, speed, rough road, forest, outdoor, inline hockey, slalom, and inline figure.

Each of these is different in their build and serve a particular purpose. For instance, freestyle skates come with a shorter frame and wheels measuring about 80 millimeters, enabling increased maneuverability, allowing a fuller range of motion and movements such as jumping.

On the other hand, speed inlines consist of bigger wheels, while the frames are mostly aluminum. They have tall wheels with a low-cut soft boot. If you are a hockey player or enjoy playing it regularly, hockey skates have shorter frames with large wheels, allowing increased control and movement.


Things to remember while buying rollerblades

Even though most rollerblades look the same and function based on a similar mechanism, there are a few differences between them that you ought to know before buying a pair, and here are some of those.

Check the boots

The boots for inlines are different from those you wear in everyday life. Mostly, manufacturers install a high boot as it provides sufficient ankle support, which is necessary for beginners.

People who participate in regular races and are after speed and performance will find a carbon fiber boot the best choice with additional support and ankle flexibility. Some shoes might have shock-absorbent padding, while aggressive skating involves rugged boots.

Most rollerblades for men are available between six and thirteen inches. A soft boot provides more ventilation, while a solid boot is excellent for stability and control.

Pay attention to the bearings

The bearings have a vital role in inline skates as they are located inside the wheels and enable them to spin. Without quality bearings, you will find skating to be an unpleasant experience.

Manufacturers measure a bearing’s quality on the APEC scale, a measurement system indicating its quality and durability. Most bearings are Swiss, titanium, or ceramic. You must choose a rollerblade with a 7.0 or higher rating for the best performance.

The wheels play a crucial role

Rollerblades generally have between two to five wheels arranged horizontally and contain polyurethane, famous for its durability. The wheel’s size varies between 44 to 150 millimeters, and what size you buy depends on your objective.

For example, bigger wheels between 90 to 100 millimeters are ideal for long-distance skating, while wheels measuring between 80 to 84 millimeters are best for short distances.

You must also pay attention to the wheel’s hardness, indicated by the A-number. The higher the A-number, the firmer the wheel. Hard wheels provide more speed but less grip, while soft wheels have less durability but excellent shock absorption.

Inline skating offers pleasure, excitement, workout, and fun, all in equal measure, and you can enjoy it to the utmost only if you buy the best rollerblades for men. You must focus on the boot, frame, and bearings, among other details, before buying skates for the best experience.