9 Ways to Implement Minimalism in a Dorm Room Design

Living in a small and constrained dorm room might become overwhelming. No matter how much you clean, if it is packed with all kinds of things, it will always look messy. And it is extremely important to have a cozy space to come to and relax. Minimalism is a great solution to this problem as it allows making the dorm space beautiful, efficient, and positive.

Minimalism is all about having less but enjoying those things more. It is also about having less clutter physically and mentally and living mindfully. This is especially important for students as their daily life can be hectic and extremely stressful. They have to manage so many things – college, assignments, part-time jobs, and social life.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed and forget about deadlines and tasks. Students do try to do everything on their own by pulling all-nighters and spending countless hours behind the laptop. And a cluttered and uncomfortable workspace doesn’t help to finish that essay on time.

Do not worry, if you are exhausted and need some help with written assignments for college, you can always opt for professional paper writing service like WritePaper to get help. In this case, you’ll have a high-quality result as well as some free time to rest or do chores that you’ve been postponing for a week. Or maybe you can use this time to make a minimalism makeover while your essay is being written. Here are some tips on how to make your dorm room more minimalistic.

Understand the Basic Concepts

To make the right decisions, start with reading a bit about minimalism itself and looking at inspirations online.

The main principle is to get rid of all the unnecessary items and enjoy the few meaningful and useful things left. It is all about decluttering, having more free space, which allows more comfort and relaxation.

Do not worry if you do not have the budget for a huge makeover. DIY and thrifting are always welcome! For example, you can paint a dresser with a lighter color or find better-fitting knobs for it. This will give your furniture a new, more appealing look.

Clean Out Your Space

The next step is to get rid of all things unnecessary. Start with your closet. How many things you haven’t worn for at least 6 months? Are you ever going to wear them? If not, it is time to let go. It doesn’t mean you have to throw your entire closet out; you can donate them or sell them online.

The same goes for shoes, tools, books, or electronic appliances you do not need. All that does not bring you happiness or serves a specific purpose should go.

Prepare Layout of the Room

If you are only moving in the dorm and haven’t been there, call the housing department and learn all the basic information. It includes the layout, size, bathroom, common areas, and furniture present. It is great if they can give you the exact size so you can plan the layout beforehand. Even if there is furniture present, you can move it around.

Also, ask about appliances that are going to be there and things that are not allowed in the dorm.

If you have already been living there and are planning a makeover, think of how you can change the layout to make it more comfortable. You can angle furniture instead of aligning it all to the wall. It is going to feel much cozier.

Choose Color Palette

Minimalism can feel pretty restraining when it comes to color. It is all about having a neutral palette with light, white, beige, and other barely-there tones. Natural surfaces go well too, like wood or bricks. But if you want to add brighter color, stick to one or two maximum for focal points.

Organize the Space

No matter how much you declutter, you still need some things. And those have to be organized smartly. The minimalist secret is to display less and store better. What space can you use for storage in a dorm?

  • Space under the bed. Elevate it if possible and use containers to store clothes or shoes there. You can also buy a bed with implemented storage space under it.
  • Hang things on walls. The majority of dorms do not allow drills, but you can use adhesive hooks on stickers to hand umbrellas or coats, for example. Lift things from the floor so it feels more spacious;
  • Floating shelves for books and other essentials (also available with magnetic hanging systems);
  • Choose a compact dresser.

Add Light and Mirrors

Let more light in. If possible, leave windows bare so there is more natural light. Or use lightweight white curtains. Add artificial light as well – fairy lights on walls or the ceiling will make the space feel cosier and brighter.

Also, add mirrors to open up the space. It is great to have one big one on the wall. Or it can be incorporated in a dresser. You can also add small ones on the walls to reflect more light and give an illusion of a spacious room.

Get Creative With Textures

Yes, minimalism is restrictive when it comes to colors, but you can get wild with textures. For example, different natural fabrics in the same color scheme will go great together.  Or wood with metal or cotton, for example. As long as they have clean lines, flat surfaces, and the same palette, they can look beautiful together.

Do Not Forget About Focal Point

A focal point is the most eye-catching place in your room. It can be a single art piece on the wall or bedding, for example. This is where bright color is allowed. You can:

  • Choose patterned bed sheets;
  • Go for bright accent pillows;
  • Hang a piece of art on the wall;
  • Add pictures with favorite memories, etc.

The secret is to have one or two focal points at max, so they can enjoy the attention.

Bring the Plants In

First of all, having plants around is beneficial for your overall well-being. Secondly, it will enliven the space and add natural color. You can choose succulents for example, as they thrive on neglect. So there won’t be much effort needed from your side.

If living plants are not an option, choose fake ones. They also work just fine. Select greenery or go for a sunflower bouquet that will brighten the form room.

In Summary

Minimalistic design is a perfect option for small spaces, like a dorm room. It helps to be efficient with organizing and decluttering space. It also makes the room look fresh, clean, and livable at the same time. Prepare layout, separate work and relax spaces, add some plants, and, of course, a cozy rug. And it all will come together.