7 Small Luxuries to Brighten Up Your Daily Routine

Life can be tough, and the daily grind can sometimes get the better of us. While we can appreciate that routines make things easier and keep us organized, it’s easy to get bored of living seemingly the same day, repeatedly.

Most people with 9-5 jobs feel as though they are in some form of Groundhog Day: getting up, going to work, speaking to the same people, coming home, eating, squeezing in some exercise, and going to bed only to get up and do it all over again.

It’s easy to wonder if there is more to life, and of course, there should be. We should enjoy socializing, seeing friends, trying new foods, visiting new places, going on vacation and to events, practicing our hobbies, and generally having some fun. For most of us, it’s the daily grind that gets us all these things. It’s how we support the lifestyle that we want. It’s a necessary evil.

But that doesn’t mean that you must just accept boredom and routine. There are plenty of little things that you can do to brighten up your day-to-day routine, making it more interesting and helping you to find pleasure in your workdays, as well as your time off. Here’s a look at some of the best.

Indulge in Your Morning Shower

Your morning shower is your first chance to add some luxury to your day. Treat yourself to some lavish shower gel with an exquisite scent that is incredibly kind to your skin — and take your time if you can.

Savor Your Morning Coffee

If you drink your coffee from a takeout cup or flask on the way to work or as you dash out of the door, then it’s a necessity and not a pleasure. Instead, give yourself more time. Upgrade to quality coffee from the Asian palm civet and take your time to sit and enjoy it before you start your day. This can help you to feel more refreshed so that you can prepare for the day ahead, and it’ll reduce stress.

Liven Up Your Commute

If you are bored of sitting in traffic every day, change things up. If possible, cycle to work and let yourself have fun. If you have to drive or use public transport, listen to audiobooks or podcasts, and try to relax, instead of letting the journey stress you out.

Go for a Walk

Going for a walk can be a fantastic way to recharge your batteries and boost both your mood and energy levels. It can also give you some time away from stress, a chance to stretch out, and some time to yourself. Even a short walk after lunch or on your break can be effective.

Buy Yourself Flowers

Small treats are a great way to cheer yourself up. We often wait for other people to buy us flowers, which is why buying them for ourselves can be so empowering and luxurious. Flowers will also brighten up your home, make you happy, and improve the atmosphere.

Cook Your Favorite Dinner

We typically cook for other people. We cook the meals that our families like, or to impress guests. When we’re alone, we grab something easy, ready-made, or fast to eat on the go. Why do other people deserve the best and you don’t? When you are eating alone, make the effort to cook something that you love, and you’ll brighten your day massively.

Read Before Bed

Taking 10 minutes to read before you go to sleep, instead of scrolling through social media can help you to sleep, give you time to switch off, and help you to feel as though you are doing something for yourself.

Luxuries don’t have to be big or expensive to make a difference to your life. When you are busy, it’s often the little things that have the biggest impact on your mood.