10 collectible cars for true connoisseurs

These cars are unlikely to be found in car dealerships and on the streets of the cities. Collectors hunt them all over the world. We have compiled a list of 10 rare and beautiful cars that also amaze with their price tag.

1932 Bugatti Type 55 Roadster / $1014 million

Magnificent creation by Jean Bugatti, this blue roadster raced in the 1932 Mille Miglia in Italy and underwent a complete restoration in 2013. The car comes with a 130 hp 8cylinder engine. and a 4speed manual transmission. For the first time, the car was shown in Paris and became famous for its high speed, reaching 208 km/h.

1955 Jaguar DType / $2025 million

As the most beautiful racing Jaguar ever built, this DType has a special meaning: it is powered by an inline 6cylinder engine producing 250 hp with and a 4speed manual transmission. The maximum speed developed by the car exceeds 270 km/h. This was enough to win the 1956 Le Mans race. Since then, the car has had only two private owners. One of the first steelbodied monocoque cars, this Jaguar is one of the most expensive in the worldif not the most expensive


1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider Competizione / $1820 million

Today you can buy or make a Ferrari rent in Dubai, but collectors have their own opinion. One of only nine examples produced, this Ferrari is a perfect match for the competition. It features a 275 hp V12 engine, 4speed manual gearbox, and an alloy body finished in lightweight aluminum on the outside. This model, equipped with a special chassis, is one of the last ever produced by the LWD Spider. It is considered the best opentop Ferrari GT model


1961 5000 Maserati GT CoupeIndianapolis‘ / $1.52 million

One of 34 copies and the only one photographed for the branded brochure that accompanied the release of the model. V8 engine, 325 hp, and a 4speed manual transmission. This car was once known for its ease of use and highly responsive engine operation at high speed.


1964 Shelby 289 «Competition» Cobra CSX 2473 / $2.22.6 million

450 hp, 8cylinder engine, 4speed manual transmission. This car, created by Carroll Shelby himself, has won many competitions and is the most awarded Cobra in existence. But the car is also very well suited to everyday driving, even on the streets and highways of Los Angeles, where he has driven his Californian owners since the early 1960s. The black body color and white racing stripes, the short roll bar, and the ideal racing parameters make this car truly unique


1965 Iso Grifo / $1.3-1.5 million

This very beautiful niche Italian sports car is one of only 20 produced. It is equipped with a V-shaped 8-cylinder engine producing 400 hp and a 4-speed manual transmission. He spent most of his life in a garage in Switzerland, so he looks practically new. This model was prized for its horsepower, reliability, and relatively low price. 


1967 Toyota 2000GT / $750-900.000

This is the most beautiful racing car ever made in Japan. In the USA, the model is very rare – only 62 out of 350 copies were produced for the American market. The car has an engine with a capacity of 150 hp with a 5-speed manual gearbox, interior trim in black. This sample is in perfect, practically new condition. Even James Bond liked this model.


1979 Porsche 935 Paul Newman / $4.55.5 million

This car won the 24hour survival race at the Daytona and Sebring circuits. Paul Newman and his team managed to lead him second in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The car is equipped with a 6cylinder boxer engine with a power of 750 hp and a 4speed manual transmission. It has become one of the most successful Porsche cars in racing history


1994 Porsche 964 Turbo 3.6 S low-rise / $1.4-1.8 million

There are only 39 examples of this Porsche model and only two of them are white a 6-cylinder boxer engine with 385 hp and a 5-speed manual gearbox that allows the car to reach the highest speed on the track. A special feature of this instance is its safety – the mileage is less than 60 km as if the car had been delivered by a time machine – since it can be truly appreciated only now.


2004 Ford GT PB2−1 / $5-7 million

The latest presale version of the Ford GT. This is a prototype that is not suitable for street use, but it is the last tangible example of this type of car in Ford history. More than 80.5 thousand km on the odometer – all of them have been tested.