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The Power Of Art Is


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The Power Of Art Is

The power of art is to see the possible perfection and grace of humanity. The way Michelangelo saw David and the Pietá, with his chisel, he removed the extraneous stone to liberate the perfected image.

Art is creating beauty in there disordered jumble of existence.

Art and love is man’s greatest gift to himself. There is no art without love.

Great artist are thankful for their power, whatever the form, whatever the expression, because they know it is a gift for the good of mankind, and entailing responsibility to others.

Beauty has expressed itself in so many different forms in different cultures throughout various periods of time and we have a good reason to say, it is in the eye of the beholder. However, we should know that it is only the vehicle of beauty that changes, the essence of beauty does not change, only the form in which it is perceived.

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