Why I’m A Weekly Vegetarian

Why I’m A Weekly Vegetarian

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Why I’m A Weekly Vegetarian – a transcript from the Graham Hill TEDtalk We all know the arguments that being vegetarian is better for the environment and for the animals — but in a carnivorous culture, it can be hard to make the change. Graham Hill has a powerful, pragmatic suggestion: Be a weekday veg. About a year ago, I asked myself a question: “Knowing what I know, why am I not a vegetarian?” After all, I’m one of the green guys: I grew up with hippie parents in a log cabin. I started a …

10 Priceless Lessons I Learned From Acting

10 Priceless Lessons I Learned From Acting

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Ever notice how some people are stressed during transitions while others can just roll with the punches? It all comes down to emotional resilience. While some of it may be biological, there are ten traits that you can start cultivating today to start living life with less resistance and more ease. I’ve picked these up from all the roles I’ve been fortunate enough to step into, Humans are Humans – always. In films and plays the situation is often heightened, but these moments of challenge affect everyone on the daily as well. Here are 10 things that I have learned from my practice of being an actor: 1. Wait for what’s right …

meditation for athletes
Meditation For Athletes

Meditation For Athletes

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Meditation For Athletes Do professional athletes meditate? YES! Although most people would not attribute both the Chicago Bulls’ & Los Angeles Lakers six NBA championships under Phil Jackson to their meditation practice, meditation was part of their training. When George Mumford, the meditation coach hired by Phil Jackson was asked what he feels meditation offers athletes he replied; “The opportunity to be in the moment. In sports, what gets people’s attention is this idea of being in the zone, or playing in the zone. When they are playing their best, they can do no wrong, and no matter what happens they are always a step quicker, a step ahead. That happens when we are …

donuts gluten free

The Gluten Free Craze

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The Gluten Free Craze Michael Pollan thinks there’s more to the gluten-free craze than gluten intolerance alone. According to the New York Times best-selling author, “The number of people that are genuinely gluten-sensitive cannot be growing as fast as the market niche is growing.” In a wide-ranging conversation with HuffPost Live’s Josh Zepps, Pollan touched on several major issues regarding diet and agriculture, including GMO labeling, the Paleo diet, agricultural regulation, antibiotics and the microbiome. On the current hype around a gluten-free diet, Pollan said said that he thought that gluten was a bit of a “social contagion.” “There are people who feel better when they get off gluten, which may not have anything to do with …

pure thought pure compassion


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PURE THOUGHT PURE COMPASSION “All human beings have an innate desire to overcome suffering, to find happiness. Training the mind to think differently, through meditation, is one important way to avoid suffering and be happy,” Dalai Lama Meditation and other “contemplative practices” can improve compassion, empathy, kindness and attention. PURE THOUGHT PURE COMPASSION Twelve years of schooling, four years of college and an even longer time spent in advanced graduate training fail to familiarize our future doctors, soldiers, engineers, scientists, accountants and politicians with such techniques. Western universities do not teach methods to enable the developing or the mature mind to become quiet and to focus its considerable powers on a …

Be Free

Our Mission Is To Be Free

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Our Mission Is To Be Free is to remain happy to remain in peace to remain in joy to remain free to hold the truth and vision of happiness – no matter what. All we want to do is BE FREE. FREE from anything holding us back. Anything holding us down. True FREEDOM. Take the chains off, cut the strings that bind you. So that in every moment we are FREE. Weightless. Happy. Abundant. Experiencing miracles in every second. Making choices. Living life, not just experiencing it. What’s your mission? Will you join ours. We can heal the world by healing ourselves. We can set the world free by freeing …

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey’s Father Inspired Him To Follow His Dreams

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Jim Carrey’s Father Inspired Him To Follow His Dreams  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajMpfPYlHi4 Funnyman, Jim Carrey, was on hand to give a moving commencement address to Maharishi University of Management’s class of 2014 in which he revealed how his late father inspired him to follow his dreams. “All there will ever be is what’s happening here.” Solid advice! I love how in just a few words someone can change your perspective, which in turn could change your life. This is one of those videos. This one minute video is from Jim Carrey‘s commencement address to Maharishi University of Management‘s class of 2014 in Fairfield, Iowa. He talks about his father, and how he inspired him …

Partner With Us

Lifestyle Dezine Future- Partner With Us

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Lifestyle Dezine Helps- Partner With Us! Helps young, old, athletes, artist, wizards, seekers, wonders, and business professionals reach peak performance and well-being through mindfulness-based performance life enhancement. Our Approach LD focuses on developing not just complete skills, but whole people. We focus on teaching mindfulness skills because they are more in line with the experience of flow or peak performance than traditional psychology; old ways of thinking that no longer serve us. Additionally, Mindfulness is a skill that transcends any arena offering both greater day-to-day performance to our clients as well as improved well being. LD Values To guide us in our Mission, Vision and Strategy, Lifestyle Dezine has accepted a …

Today I Choose Happy

Today I Choose Happy

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Today I Choose Happy “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Buddha Centered in Self, I am happy. We often think that money, possessions, and external conditions bring happiness. But it is my consciousness that determines true happiness. My state of mind affects my perception of the people, places, and events in my life. At the same time, my thoughts and words influence my experiences. Knowing this, I assume responsibility for my own state of happiness. Attuning myself to Spirit, I contemplate the love of God within me, for out of this …