22 time saving hacks
22 Time Saving Hacks

22 Time Saving Hacks

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! 22 Time Saving Hacks I’ve been testing and adjusting various productivity techniques for the past five years, read lots of books (most of them repeating) and here’s some of my findings: It’s not about time. It’s about energy. We try to squeeze as many hours in one work day, to be “productive”, but in the end everything depends less on time, and more on your focus, motivation and overall well-being (all of them linked directly with energy levels).Some of the key findings: Decide what’s important because in 5 years, 80% of what you do today …

10 reasons to juice
10 reasons to juice

10 reasons to juice

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10 reasons to juice Introduction Juicing can be a powerful and tasty health ally! Are you interested in the basics of incorporating juicing into your daily life? Many people are surprised that this can be accomplished with a minimum of effort. Green juicing is indeed one health craze that’s worth its weight in, well, juice! The Top 10 Big Ideas Why Juice? Juicing can be an amazing way to easily incorporate more greens in to your diet. Juiced veggies are more easily digested than whole foods, and easy digestion often translates to an increase in absorption of plant nutrients. Juices are chock full of beneficial vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. …

Cut The C.R.A.P

Cut The C.R.A.P

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  Cut The CRAP Carbonated Beverages Refined Sugars Artificial Ingredients Processed Foods   None of these things are our friends. None of them help us. The less of them infiltrating our lives, the better! Join us in a complete health overhall, join us in a sugar cleanse Summer is here and that means it’s swim wear, feel good, clothes off, bikini season! Don’t let that stress you out though because my detox will get you feeling great and beach ready in just 5 days. Do you feel like you need a boost? Are you lethargic? Fatigued? Bloated? Unhappy with your appearance? Then it’s time to DETOX! This 5-Day plan gets me back on track everytime. It is my personal plan that …

Hormonal Response To The Kettlebell Swing
Hormonal Response To The Kettlebell Swing

Hormonal Response To The Kettlebell Swing

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Hormonal Response to the Kettlebell Swing The kettlebell swing is an exercise often used in high reps to get a metabolic response. And for anyone who has ever done a swing, you’ll know it’s also an intense posterior chain exercise as well. The effects of the swing were recently examined by researchers in a study published by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. In this study, ten male participants performed twelve rounds of thirty seconds of kettlebell swings with a 24kg kettlebell, followed by thirty seconds of rest. Blood work was examined before the exercise, immediately afterwards, fifteen minutes after, and finally thirty minutes after. Heart rate and RPE …

Sugar Is A Drug

Sugar Is A Drug – Are You Addicted?

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SUGAR IS A DRUG! Are you addicted? Sugar is a Drug?  There are so many addictions out there- everything from alcohol, to gambling, to smoking.  What people don’t think about as often, but is the MOST relevant addiction today is SUGAR! The average American consumes 32 teaspoons of sugar a day!   Too many people believe that sugar is just a harmless kitchen ingredient- but in reality it is a major culprit of illnesses occurring in society.  White refined sugar is NOT a food… It is a chemical.  It is a drug.  It is addictive.  It actually causes people to experience withdrawal symptoms like tremors, headaches, mood swings and flu like …

10 steps to bountiful health

10 Steps To Bountiful Health

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10 Steps To Bountiful Health Introduction Everyone agrees that health is important, but beyond the simple desire to be healthy, hardly any of us can put their finger on a working definition. What exactly is health? Heraclitus Was Right You can’t step into the same physiology twice. You can’t step into the same life twice. Your body and spirit are changing continuously. There is no static, ultimate state of health. There are no “come backs.” Health is always about process and relationship. Heal forward. Practice the Fundamentals We know most of what we need to know. Old news is good news. Traditional cultures had most health practices in place: sleep, …

Meditation For Athletes

Meditation For Athletes

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Meditation For Athletes Do professional athletes meditate? YES! Although most people would not attribute both the Chicago Bulls’ & Los Angeles Lakers six NBA championships under Phil Jackson to their meditation practice, meditation was part of their training. When George Mumford, the meditation coach hired by Phil Jackson was asked what he feels meditation offers athletes he replied; “The opportunity to be in the moment. In sports, what gets people’s attention is this idea of being in the zone, or playing in the zone. When they are playing their best, they can do no wrong, and no matter what happens they are always a step quicker, a step ahead. That happens when we are …

how to begin a daily meditation practice

How To Begin a Daily Meditation Practice

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How To Begin a Daily Meditation Practice All of our efforts are designed to make the noise stop How do I make money and pay my bills, and at the same time evolve into the person I need to be? Have you always wanted to start MEDITATING…but don’t know how? Or started a meditation practice and quickly fallen off the wagon? It takes a little instruction, but it’s simpler and easier than you may think. As yogis have known for centuries and scientists more recently discovered, the benefits of meditation are profound! Studies show, that MEDITATION can help you: • LOSE WEIGHT • Vastly IMPROVE COMMUNICATION + RELATIONSHIPS • REDUCE ANXIETY …


4 Ways To Create a Magical Life

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My ONLY Three Goals in Life: I want to be happy. I want to eradicate unhappiness in my life. I want Freedom. Every day to be as smooth as possible. No hassles. That’s it. I’m not asking for much. There’s been at least ten times in my life that everything seemed so low I felt like I would never achieve the above three things and the world would be better off without me. Other times I felt like I was stuck at a crossroads and would never figure out which road to take. Each time I bounced back. When I look back at these times now I realize there was …

10 steps to fearless living

10 Steps To Fearless living

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10 Steps To Fearless living Most people feel that courage and fearlessness are inherent qualities—aspects of their personality. They are either brave people or they are not. They either have it or they don’t. But courage and fearless actions can be learned and developed with great joy and enthusiasm. The Top 10 Big Ideas Challenge the Thought Many of our great philosophers and spiritual teachers have given us tools for inquiry…ways to challenge the truth and validity of the thought that is now causing your fear. If you can slow down enough to thoroughly challenge a frightening thought or belief, you can dissolve its power on the spot. Immunize Yourself …