5 essential items to have in your wardrobe

Living in a world of fast fashion , we’re always encouraged to buy more and with the influence of social media we always feel we don’t have enough. 

Fashion trends are changing in the blink of an eye and if you are an impulse buyer you’ll often have an overflowing wardrobe while regularly left with the feeling that you have nothing to wear.

The perfect solution is to create a capsule wardrobe – a selection of basic essentials, such as the perfect black suit for men, that can be the building blocks for any outfit. If you select the correct pieces they will stand the test of time. This way you can mix-and-match your clothes easily and save time in the morning wondering once again what to wear.

The pandemic changed the public’s sense of appreciation for simple clothing and for many, comfort and utility are becoming a priority. Now more than ever leggings have become a top must-have in any wardrobe. They are no longer seen as a training outfit but rather as a comfy and sexy item to wear on the go to complete the daily tasks.

Although many would say that the wardrobe items depend on your lifestyle and where you reside there are some universal basics which will help you streamline your style.

Plain white t-shirt 

A white t-shirt is a firm closet necessity and it comes in many shapes and forms so it’s best to pick one which suits your body type and style. If you like a more fitted silhouette to show your shape, it’s good to search for a higher elastane content material.

The relaxed fit is perfect for wearing under sweaters or lounging on the couch. If you prefer the more fashionable look, go for the boxier shape which tends to be shorter and could be tucked into high waisted leggings, denim, skirts or just leave it hanging and show a little skin. 

Pair of denim

Without a doubt every human on the planet must own at least one pair of jeans. There is such a wide variety of shapes and shades that it’s often hard to pick the ‘right’ one. If you are unsure what best compliments your shape, try different fits such as skinny jeans, high-waisted, mom shapes, wide-leg designs or flares and make your choice.

Once you’ve sorted your fit, you should think about the washes. Darker shades tend to allow for a smarter and more versatile look, while the lighter washes are perfect for casual warmer weather wear.

Little black dress

As cliche as it sounds, the little black dress is the rescuer for any occasion just when you are having a breakdown that you have nothing to wear for that special event.

It can be easily paired with different jewelries or given a new life with the addition of accessories or a bright colour of high heels or simple white sneakers. This simple item allows for big transformations so it might be worth investing more into a higher-quality piece so it lasts longer. 

Smart trousers

Although you might think that jeans can cover for all occasions, sometimes they just won’t do. Be ready for that job interview, work dinner or fancy evening event with a pair of versatile colour, cigarette silhouette or high-waisted regular fit pair. They can be easily styled with a plan top and a smart blazer, animal print shirt or even a sequin top for a glamorous evening look. 

Denim jacket

Some may not consider it as a wardrobe classic but it’s the ideal outerwear to throw over anything. It has even become trendy to wear over your wedding dress with a pair of sneaks as a comfy after ceremony evening look. Just like with a pair of jeans, there are many styles and shades so don’t feel limited and choose the one which best suits your style. 

Wrap up

The capsule wardrobe idea is great not only for saving time and always having easily matching items, but it’s also a sustainable choice. If you go down this route, you will buy the basics and wear them for decades. You can always top-up your collection with a few trendy items each season to not miss out on the fashionable feeling.