During the summer, looking stylish and fashionable is easy with all the cute dresses, skirts, sandals, jewelry, and amazing hairstyles. However, when winter comes it seems that staying warm is our only priority and we often sacrifice style over comfort.

Although cold weather does require several layers more, that doesn’t mean you have to go around walking like a big ball of wool.

In fact, colorful coats, cozy hats, and adorable scarves can turn any boring outfit into a chic ensemble. If you wish to look your best this winter, here are several fashion do’s and don’ts you will need to keep in mind. 

Do not go overboard with fur

Regardless of whether you love real or fake fur, you should be careful with furry coats. Some furry details on the collar, hood, or sleeves can look stylish and very chic, but fur coats don’t often give you a defined shape. Unless it is very well tailored, your coat will make you look like a yeti, so opt for something that won’t turn you into a pile of fuzz.

Do wear colorful accessories

We all know how strategically picked accessories can elevate even the most boring outfit, so make sure you create a collection of your go-to pieces. A bright, yellow bag can add a pop of color to your plain outfit and make you stand out on a gray, wintry day. Also, ladies designer scarf and a matching hat or gloves pair perfectly with a black coat and black denim jeans.

When it comes to jewelry, stylish studs or daring statement earrings will make your outfit look more polished, especially if you opt for gem pieces. Click here to learn more about gemstone jewelry and find your go-to trinkets.

Do not spend the whole day in your pajamas

It is so cold outside and all you want to do is to hibernate and stay comfy and warm, but there will come a time when you will actually have to leave your cave and hunt for food (or simply go to the supermarket). Instead of making that short trip in your pajama bottoms, opt for cozy leggings. They are still very comfortable and look great when combined with boots and a long coat. 

Do not wear too many layers

Layering is great since you can always take something off and put it back on, depending on the weather. However, too many layers and you are walking, talking pile of laundry. Therefore, if you are layering two shirts and a sweater, make sure you combine them only with a pair of skinny jeans. Instead of wearing too many things, plan your layers so they keep you warm with few parts.

Do use black as a canvas 

Black coat is definitely a must-have for several reasons. First of all, it won’t look dirty the moment a few drops fall on it. White coats are fabulous, but one walk down the street and a misfortunate step in a puddle, and your coat will be ready for dry-cleaning. On the other hand, black coats are filth-resistant and they always look clean, even when they are not. Second off all, a black coat will go perfectly with your quirky pieces and help you show off your flirty boots and bold jewelry in a trendy way.

Do show off your figure

Although stilettos will make your legs look longer, they are not made for snowy weather. Luckily, heeled boots serve the same purpose. Combine them with a cinched-waist coat that will show off your sexy curves, and you will look hot even in sub-zero temperatures. 

Do get your pants tailored

Jeans that are too long and snowy streets do not really go hand in hand. With a wet bottom hem you will look messy and unfashionable, even if you are wearing the most expensive items. Therefore, get your jeans and pants tailored to fit you perfectly. 

These fashion do’s and don’ts will help you look your best, and you will never again have to sacrifice style for comfort.  


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