Why Shooting Sports Make a Good Hobby and How to Get Started

Shooting sports makes for a great hobby because of the physical and mental benefits for your body. For example, you will learn self-discipline because you need to be dedicated to practicing and learning about firearm usage.

Further, you will get a high boost of adrenaline, which can help improve your mood and reduce stress. However, you need to be prepared for your first competition, which means getting hold of some essentials – we discuss below.

How To Sign Up

The sign-up process can be difficult, especially given the scarcity of information online. The best thing to do is head down to your local range and ask them if they hold practical shooting events, which is another word for shooting sports.

Typically, they will have a calendar that’s linked to PractiScore, which is an approved site for shooting sports in the US. The next step is buying the essentials.


You’re going to start with investing in a firearm, and your choice will depend on your chosen discipline. Your chosen firearm will likely fall into the following categories (we’ve used USPSA categories here):

  • Carry optics.
  • Limited 10.
  • Single Track.
  • Pistol Caliber Carbine.

For example, if you’ve got a Glock 19 handgun without any modification, you’ll slot into the production category for USPSA.


When shooting for accuracy, which is what competitive shooting is all about, you will need to invest in a quality sight.

The type of sight you choose will depend on your discipline. Typically, fiber optic front sights and iron sights are recommended. When you use fiber optic front sights, it lets more light into the rear sight, which will provide better clarity.

Mag Extensions

Depending on the competitions you enter, you’ll be allowed to extend the capacity of your mag, which allows you to carry more ammunition. However, you will need to source your own ammunition when entering shooting competitions. To save yourself some money and make life easier, you should consider buying your 5.56 ammo online in bulk.

Recoil Springs

When you fire a gun you will feel the recoil, which you need to learn how to manage. One way of doing this is by tuning the recoil mechanism. When you first buy your gun, it will come prepared for any weight ammo.

However, if your chosen ammo is lighter, you can adjust the spring and feel less coil. During your competitions, the aim is to keep your gun as flat as possible, and this is a great way to do that.


The trigger is the most important part of your gun because it’s what kicks off the mechanisms. However, some guns can have quite a heavy pull weight, which won’t help you during competitions.

Therefore, you can invest in a competition trigger, which will reduce the force and allow you to shoot with ease. Before starting to tinker with the trigger, you will need to check the competition rules, as not all organizations allow for the modification.


Having a firm grip on your firearm will help to reduce recoil and improve accuracy, which is why you can invest in grip modifications.

If you’re entering different competitions and using the same firearm, we suggest using temporary grips including tape and rubber straps. Alternatively, you can invest in a secondary firearm and get permanent grips installed.

Taking up competitive shooting as a hobby will do wonders for your body, both mentally and physically. However, you will need to get hold of your gear and learn the basics first; before entering any competition, squeeze in as much practice as possible.