You might have noticed that people like to conduct research on every life aspect, so it is not surprising they decided to determine whether the presence of a pet can make a person happier. As you might have guessed, the results were positive, and statistics showed that a pet owner is 37% more stress-tolerant and 43% happier than a pet-free person. Well, many people don’t even need to examine all these statistical data to say that life with a pet becomes brighter and more interesting.

You can feel it every time you get back home after a hard day at work when your furry buddy greets you at the door and follows you everywhere or does something funny and cute. All these positive emotions make people do everything possible to meet their four-legged friends’ needs and whims.

They find time to study the Fromm cat food review, choose the best collars and most comfortable beds, not to mention cooking treats and playing around the clock. Despite all these concerns, a fluffy friend can tangibly improve your life quality and develop some key character traits.

Taking into account all the benefits that pets provide to their owners, mental health professionals often prescribe an emotional support animal (ESA) to their patients when they need emotional support. If you think you need an ESA pet you can use ESA Letter Services, as they are licensed by mental health professionals and can help to reduce levels of stress, anxiety, and depression


1.You start treating life more seriously

When you get a pet, you become responsible for the life and well-being of another living creature. The list of must-do things becomes longer since you learn to find time for feeding, cleaning, playing, and walking your four-legged friend. Thus, if you believed that you had a tight schedule back in days, today you understand that it is always possible to make some room in it.

You notice how your philosophy and life principles change and how much getting a pet affects other spheres. All the improvements make you a better person and reduce the stress connected with previous recklessness. The chances are high that your performance at work or in college will go up too.

2.You improve your social connections

When you have pets, it becomes easier to come up with a conversation starter, especially on the street when you walk your four-legged friend. Your dog can become a wonderful icebreaker since strangers are more likely to start a casual talk with you when you are outside with your buddy, who is happy to interact with a new friend. And if your pet has a charming appearance, most passers-by will hardly resist a temptation to give a compliment and share some info about their pets.

Thus, a pet will help you broaden your social connections and bring more positive changes to your life since it is always pleasant to find oneself in the company of like-minded people. Even if you have a desire to stay home and wall yourself off from the world, you hardly afford such a pleasure because your pet will require a more active social life.

3.You meet challenges much better

Every person goes through some dark life periods, and it is crucial to have a shoulder to cry on and feel that someone loves you no matter what. Animals can become great helpers in this regard. They positively affect the lives of their owners and cheer them up. Besides, when your brain is occupied with some troubles, it is important to find an activity that can shift your attention. For example, when you interact with your pet or take care of it, you allow your restless brain to relax a bit and get distracted. It is obvious that stress-tolerate people are happier than those who perceive any unpleasant situation as the end of their life.

4.You increase your activity level

Whether you want it or not, but you become more active when you get a pet. The latter becomes your personal coach that doesn’t allow you to turn into a couch potato. Even though dog owners are more active compared to those who have cats, it doesn’t mean that the latter will standstill. When you get a kitten, you have to entertain it and come up with fascinating games.

At the same time, dog admirers have to walk their favorites at least twice a day and spend much time in the fresh air, letting their four-legged buddies burn extra energy and satisfy their physiological needs. Thus, it will not be a big deal to take 10,000 steps per day. And as we all know, physical activity and walks in the fresh air improve mood and help people feel happier. If you doubt whether it is a good idea to get a pet, it is worth weighing all the pros and cons and looking at what tips the scale.

5.You increase your self-esteem

Studies have shown that it is useful for your self-esteem to communicate with someone who loves you as you are (despite your career and other life achievements). When you interact with your four-legged friend, your self-perception gradually changes for the better. Its unconditional love can do wonders and help you feel much happier.

Pet owners are less likely to suffer from loneliness and depression since their furry friends serve as natural boosters for their moods. You get a perfect partner in crime ready to support your ideas and embrace almost around the clock. Besides, it has been proven that your body produces hormones responsible for happiness and pleasure when you play with your furry buddy.

6.You develop empathy

Did you know that it is crucial for a kid to have a pet to develop empathy? Pets teach children many things. For example, they learn how to take care of others, give attention, and make someone happy. This knowledge allows them to build healthier and happier relationships in adulthood.

We all know that people can rarely feel completely satisfied with life when they don’t have beloved partners. Besides, dog parks are on the list of suitable spots for meeting potential partners, so getting a pet can help you meet several other challenges. The main thing here is to stay open-minded and don’t be afraid to talk to cute strangers.


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