There can be many reasons to use the services of couriers, but clients of flower studios most often order the delivery of bouquets in the following cases:


For this holiday, especially if it is an anniversary, people are usually presented with the most personalized flowers.

Orchids and roses are chosen for women (be careful with giving red ones – they traditionally symbolize passionate love, and their choice will be appropriate only if you are romantically involved with the recipient).

Men are presented with strict gladioli, chrysanthemums, and irises. Young girls are ordered light plants up to white ones, and for children, florists recommend choosing small bright bouquets of wildflowers.


Suitable bouquets for this day are lush and delicate flowers in white, pink, and pastel shades. You can choose a bouquet of white roses, lisianthus, peonies, freesia, and alstroemeria. The best addition to them can be chocolate gift baskets.

Professional and international holidays.

For such congratulations, you can safely choose prefabricated compositions consisting of several types of flowers at once, united by a common theme or details. Round or asymmetrical bouquets are suitable for women, while strict vertical or pyramidal sketches are the best choice for men.

Remember the important rule of flower etiquette: young people are given whole or half-closed flowers, and for mature ones, they choose fully blossomed buds.

Flower delivery

Most flower shops deliver orders daily, taking both urgent orders on the same day and preliminary orders for the delivery of a bouquet on a specific date.

You can order courier services from any city: for this, it is enough to have an international communication method (for example, an account in a messenger or an email address), as well as a bank card of international payment systems.

To buy flowers, make sure that the seller is in good faith: carefully study the methods of payment and delivery, information for feedback and guarantees, as well as the public offer. You can also check reviews about the store, including on independent sites, where customers rate the quality of service and the overall impression of cooperation with the store.

Regardless of which store you choose, it is better to order flowers in advance, a few hours before the desired delivery time, and before major holidays it is even better to make an order a few days in advance: this will help you not to forget about the upcoming congratulations in the pre-holiday turmoil.

Also, check the courier service schedule to be sure that the desired delivery time is the same. If you follow these simple rules, delivery will delight not only the recipient of flowers but also yourself.

In addition, with the help of a beautiful bouquet, you can say what you can’t say while looking into your eyes. Therefore, even in ancient times, men made such gifts with the help of messengers.

This service is popular in our time, but it has changed somewhat. Now it is enough to look through the catalog of bouquets of roses, choose the optimal one and the courier will quickly bring it to the specified address.


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