Social media has changed the way we engage with each other providing so many options beyond which we could in the past. Through social media, we can now share photos, videos, and other media through different platforms with different features.

One of the biggest social media platforms is TikTok with over 500 million daily users looking for that next entertaining short video to tickle them before getting back to their busy lives. 

Part of what makes TikTok so popular is the possibility of going viral. One of the ways this can happen is by paying attention to new trends on the app and taking advantage of them to create content that is appealing to users engaged in the trend.

Another is using growth services like TokUpgrade to increase TikTok followers. The more popular you get, the more you can take advantage of the opportunities for influencers. Trends are your way in and in order to understand what they are all about, here are some popular ones that will give you a great view of how they work. 

I’ll Never Forget You

We all have people and moments that we wish did not end because of how much we enjoyed them but know they probably would be difficult to experience often. TikTok allowed users to recreate those moments in a more shocking way through their “I’ll never forget you trend”.

In the first caption of the video, encounters with famous people are downplayed to reveal a video clip or photo that shows the mysterious person as someone well known such as an athlete, entertainer or someone closer to home like a father. In each case, it is someone memorable and close to home. 

Damn. What is That, Bro?

We all have that thing or a couple of things that we would spend our money on without a lot of questions. With this trend, TikTok used this trend to capture videos with a background song, of what users were willing to spend all their money on.

This was based on a video that poked fun at how Real Madrid recruits young talented Brazilian soccer players. The video starts with the expression,” Damn. What is that, bro?” that is followed by a banging on the table sound which in the original video, was a credit card.

Walk challenge

When you think of Miami, you think of sunny beaches and parties. This trend has its origins in a Miami-based rapper that released a single, “Walk”. His name is Saucy Santana and strangely, like most trends, people from all corners of the world start posting their struts to this song. Some walks were sexy while others were comedic and others, went for all-out choreography. The posts had people’s own mixes to many of these walks.

Zoom Meeting Gone Wrong

It is now one of the most used applications considering the covid pandemic. Since a lot of people have shifted to working and studying from home, many mishaps have happened on the app that sometimes becomes viral because of their comedic content.

One of the popular ones from this trend was a skit by @thiswellplannedlife where an annoyed worker made agitated gestures without knowledge that her Zoom camera was on. When she was called out on it, she acted as nothing had happened. The rest was history as TikTok users made their own mishaps on Zoom and shared them all over the app. 

Tell Me without actually Telling Me

If you have played charades before, you will have an idea of what this trend was all about. This trend required that users reveal information about themselves without making it obvious what that information was. After the prompt, the user would share a video clip that responds to the question without revealing the censored word. 

What’s Living in Your Head Rent-Free?

Jess Marciante asks, “What’s a video that lives in your head rent-free?” which prompts users to respond with hilarious video clips that sometimes border on disturbing. The challenge was created in 2020 and has had over 3000 videos on TikTok under the #renntfree hashtag.


In order to get popular on TikTok, trends are a great avenue to use. By observing and participating in trends, a user can engage other users and generate great content based on the trends that will bring in more followers. 


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