20 Disney Summer Outfits [Women, Men & Children]

Summer in Orlando, Florida is hot, humid, and sticky. While at Disney World, you’ll do a lot of walking. How much?

Well, to put it into perspective, The Magic Kingdom alone is about twice the size of Disneyland. There are many other parks as well as over 20 resort hotels. You’ll walk much more than you realize. 

Generally speaking, you should wear shorts and a tank top or t-shirt, comfortable shoes, a hat, or even a modest bathing suit to be worn while at Disney. 

Below are our top recommendations for what you should wear to Disney in the summer months.  We included choices for women, men and children so make sure to scroll all the way down. 

20 Disney Summer Outfits 

Outfits Women Should Wear To Disney 

1.Cool & Comfortable

Staying cool and comfortable at Disney is important. Wearing bike shorts and a t-shirt is always a favorite of ours. Bike shorts are tight, so there won’t be chafing. Since you’ll be walking around for hours, or even days, you’ll want your upper legs protected.

You can pair these shorts with a chic t-shirt and a comfortable pair of sneakers, such as Sketchers. You can even add a cute backpack to hold all of your essentials. 

2.Two-Piece Style

It’s no secret that many women enjoy wearing crop tops with their shorts. This outfit utilizes a black crop top and long, black bike shorts.

Pairing this outfit with a denim jacket allows you to make a statement while having the option to wear or not wear the jacket depending on the weather conditions. Add a cute cross-body purse and you’re good to go. 

3.Cute & Casual

If you’re more of a skirt person, we think you’ll appreciate this outfit. It features a cute denim skirt and a plain white tee, but you can wear whatever top you would like. It’s a fashionable outfit that’s suitable for any vacation where the weather’s warm.

We suggest a comfortable pair of sandals, such as Birkenstocks, to complete the look. We never suggest flip-flops for walking around Disney as they can cause blisters. 

4.Trendy Cutoff Shorts 

Cutoff shorts seem to be a trendy style going on and something you’ll see a lot of at Disney. This outfit consists of a pair of cutoff shorts with a graphic t-shirt. As long as there isn’t a lot of leg rubbing, these shorts are perfect for warm weather.

The outfit is completed with a pair of hightop Chucks. Personally, we don’t like these shoes for long-distance walking because there’s not a lot of padding, but if they complete your look, then go for it. 


5.Old School Short Jeans 

Remember Bermuda jean shorts and crop tops worn in the late 90s and early 2000s? They’ve made a comeback. This outfit is a great choice for a Disney vacation. The shorts aren’t hard to find and you can pair them with any shirt you would like.

Most people like to pair them with a crop top or belly shirt. Consider a comfortable pair of Nikes to complete the ensemble. 

6.Minimalistic Summer Outfit

You can wear this outfit anywhere you go this summer,r including Disney. This outfit features a spaghetti strap tank top and a pair of loose capris. This outfit is perfect for those who aren’t comfortable in shorts.

The pants are lightweight and allow airflow in to cool you down. A comfortable pair of gladiator sandals and a tote bag would fit the rest of the look quite spectacularly. 

Men Outfits For Disney 

7. Bermuda Style

Who doesn’t love a nice Bermuda shirt and pair of shorts? We see a lot of people wearing this type of outfit while strolling around Disney. There are literally thousands of different patterns that can be on a Bermuda shirt.

The shorts can be any color you would like. They’re always so comfortable and lightweight. Pair the outfit with a comfortable pair of Under Armor sneakers for optimal style. 

8.Button Up

We see a lot of individuals wearing this look. It’s a simple lightweight button-up shirt with ¾ sleeves. You could even opt for short sleeves.

It can be paired with a nice pair of shorts, denim, or khaki. If you’re a sandal-type of person, then consider a pair of closed-toe water shoes. You can wear them in and out of the water. 


Keep it casual with a pair of regular shorts and a plain t-shirt. We suggest wearing moisture-wicking material because as we’ve said, it can get quite humid in Orlando. Maybe consider a ballcap and a pair of Ray-Bans to keep the sun out of your eyes. 


If you enjoy dressing nice no matter where you go, let’s take a look at something more preppy-like. This outfit consists of a pair of straight-leg dress pants, a plain white tee, and an open button-up shirt. You can remove the button-up if you get too hot.

We like to pair straight-leg pants with a comfy pair of loafers that can withstand a lot of walking. 

10.Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are all the rage today. Men and women alike enjoy wearing them and they’re generally pretty comfortable.

Pair any color of ripped jeans you would like with a t-shirt and you’re in business. For this look, we suggest a pair of comfortable sneakers such as Jordans or Reeboks. 

Outfits Children Should Wear To Disney 


Dress your child in this cute striped outfit from Lukycild. The outfit consists of a striped t-shirt and capri pants with cure bows on each side.

You can get this outfit in a variety of colors and sizes. For kids, we suggest a pair of sneakers. They’re more comfortable to walk in, but you should also pack a pair of sandals in case the sneakers become too hot. 


We love rompers for kids. They’re a simple one-piece suit so the child doesn’t have to worry about their pants slipping down while walking. This particular romper is off the shoulder with ruffle sleeves and a floral print. For older girls, we suggest a pair of gladiator sandals or sneakers. 

13.Princess Dresses

Not a day goes by that there isn’t a miniature Disney princess running around the park. We highly recommend the 21-piece Disney princess dress-up trunk. Your child can pick from three different dresses with matching accessories. 

14.Adidas 2 Piece Shorts Set

Adidas has been known for making some of the most comfortable sports clothing out there. We like this Adidas 2-piece outfit because of its lightweight t-shirt with the Adidas logo and trademark three-striped shorts. You can get this outfit in 4 colors. Considering completing the look with a pair of Adidas sneakers. 

15.Baby Boys’ 4-Piece Playwear Set

Your baby or toddler may not go on the rides or walk around the park, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t still be comfortable. This set comes with two outfits, one with a polo shirt and the other with a t-shirt.

Each shirt has a pair of shorts to go with it. The clothing is lightweight and you won’t have to worry about your baby sweating while in his car seat or baby carrier.

What’s The Best Type of Shoes to Wear to Disney?

Always opt for sneakers if you can. Sneakers are going to help you get through the park with minimal blisters and aching heels. Some of the comfiest sneakers we’ve found came from Under Armor, Sketcher, and Nikes. 

You may be considering wearing a pair of sandals, which is fine. However, never wear flip-flops. We can’t tell you how many pairs of flip-flops we’ve broken during our Disney trips.

The sides of them where they connect to the sole can leave blisters on the side of your feet and ruin your whole trip. If you really want to wear sandals, they should be any type except the ones that go between your toes. 

Should Your Bring Hats To Disney?

Hats are a very good idea. Hats, whether on an adult or child, are a fantastic idea. It will help prevent sunburn. One of the trendiest hats this year is the classic bucket hat.

They’re simple to style with just about any summer outfit and provide all-around protection for the neck and face. If you’re a man or wear hats for men, the classic ballcap or trucker hat pairs well with tank tops and shorts. Either way, a hat can spice up even the simplest outfits. 

disney attire during the summer

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of outfits to choose from. When you go with a simple t-shirt and shorts, you can mix and match endlessly. Remember to not wear shorts that are too short or you may suffer some chaffing.

We highly recommend this type of outfit because you can wear it no matter where you go. We didn’t suggest dresses because we don’t feel they are a good idea if you’re riding a bunch of rides. Overall, it’s up to your particular comfort level and style.