Good intentions of a caring parent are sometimes pushed to such extreme measures as layering sweaters or two scarves at the same time. But, as you know, excessive heat can also be a cause of a runny nose or a cold. After reading the article, you will learn how to dress your child according to the weather.

Going for a Walk? Dress Your Child Correctly!

There is no bad weather – there is an improper outfit. When thinking about what to dress your child in according to the weather, be guided by our instruction, which helps to choose the optimal toddler clothes for different temperatures.

From +21° C, when the sun warms up and even the slightest breeze is absent, just dress the little one in a cotton bodysuit with short sleeves. If you are going to spend time outdoors – also bring a light hat.

From +17 to 20° C in May, April, or on warm summer days – we suggest dressing up the baby in a lightweight slip-on overall or, if the wind is strong, in its warm version. On the head, as before, a Panama hat or any other, lightweight hat.

From +10 to +16° C in August, during the Indian summer, or on sunny days of April – the child will be comfortable in a cotton jumpsuit with a warm, off-season jacket. Plus, the hat should be knitted, capable of protecting from the approaching cold weather. 

From 0 to +9° C in autumn or March, early April, dress the newborn in the same fine cotton overalls, which should be supplemented with winter overalls with pants. The finishing elements will be a hat and a scarf. Don’t forget about the hood.

From -1 to -10° C in winter, on the very days when frost decorates the windows with patterns, and the nose quickly turns red – choose clothes correctly: in a warm slip-on overall, on top of which put on an insulated overall. Pull a fleece cap over the head, and wrap the neck with a scarf. Then secure the result with a hood. And go ahead – travel along the snow-covered alley and breathe refreshing air!

Always remember that the weather is changeable, and therefore when going for a walk, take an extra blouse or blanket with you. By the way, use these recommendations when completing the wardrobe for different periods of the year.

How to Determine the Influence of Weather on the Well-being of a Child?

It is no secret that the thermoregulation of a newborn does not yet work as smoothly as that of an adult. Therefore, the baby’s body is not able to maintain the optimal temperature. It turns out that all the responsibility is solely on mom and dad. In order not to play a guessing game, take a look at these signs:

  • Ruddy cheeks and calm, diligent behavior tells us that the child is comfortable.
  • Touch the skin on the back, head, and neck. If nothing indicates that the newborn is sweating, then the baby is really not hot.

Pay attention to these signs and it will be easier for you to choose the outfit.

What if? Tips for Different Occasions

Sometimes, it is difficult to understand the weather. Especially when it comes to mid-season with its rains, winds, and hot days out of nowhere. Here are some tips that will help you in difficult situations:

  • When the temperature is very low, you can still go outside. But during a walk, keep an eye on the time, since a walk for more than 20 minutes is more likely to be harmful than beneficial.
  • Medium temperature is comfortable for the newborn. Monitor the temperature and try different sets of outfits. Thus, you will understand how to dress the baby correctly. Continue to stick to this type of clothing.
  • Is it cold outside and you are using a heater to increase the temperature at home? It’s a good decision but make sure that the air is not too dry.
  • If you are going to walk outside and breathe in the fresh, frosty air – do not wrap the child’s face in both a scarf and a blanket. After all, because of the cold air, the face will become moist, which, on the contrary, will contribute to hypothermia.
  • If the weather is constantly changing and you plan to spend a lot of time outside, dress your child in layers. You’ll be able to add them if it becomes colder and undress your baby if it is warmer. This is the best solution for most situations as it allows you to be flexible and adjust to any situation. 

In other words, dress the child according to the weather – and, as a result, forget about colds and snotty noses.

How to Choose the Right Baby Clothes?

As we said, children’s clothing should not only be beautiful. It must meet certain criteria that will provide the child with maximum comfort, as well as help them explore the world and develop.

Therefore, parents need to adhere to the basic rules for choosing baby boy sweaters:

  • Favorite color. It is very important to take into account the wishes of the child. After all, even the smallest kids already have their own color preferences. And they are important because according to child psychologists, they affect not only the mood of children but also their well-being. 
  • Natural composition. Perhaps one of the main rules for choosing children’s clothing is the choice of material. It is preferable to buy clothes for girls or boys, which will be as natural, delicate, and pleasant to the touch as possible. It should allow air to pass through well, absorb moisture, and in no case irritate the baby’s skin!
  • Maximum convenience. No matter how expensive children’s clothing is, first of all, it should be comfortable. It is very important that things do not hinder movement, do not rub the delicate skin of babies, and do not cause discomfort. 
  • Fashion & Style. Some parents think that the rules for choosing children’s clothes end with the good quality of the fabrics and the convenience of the model. However, it is necessary to instill in a child a love of beauty and form their individual style. 

These rules are quite simple to follow and they will help you make your child comfortable in any situation regardless of the weather.


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