Can you apply mascara with lash extensions? Yes, certainly. It may not be exactly mandatory, wearing mascara can help you achieve your desired look. Lash extensions with mascara is a heated topic and it has long been making the rounds in the beauty business. Finding a middle ground to use mascara along with extensions could perhaps do the trick!

So why should you wear Mascara with Lash Extensions?

Mascara adds impact and darkens the lower eyelashes. It makes the upper lashes and the lower lashes both appear uniform and balanced. If you have brown lashes naturally and you prefer lash extensions to conform to them, you want mascara so that it deepens the lash color and extensions concurrently.

Volume, baby! 

Synthetic extensions tend to be much thicker than natural flutter. Mink and silk extensions get tapered at the edges like natural lashes. Mascara adds that drama and vavoom. When the lash extensions come to the verge of their end and start shedding, you could replenish the voids with coats of mascara.

Why consider oil-free Mascara for your Lash Extensions?

Like to flaunt the lash extensions for long? Run clear of oil-based mascaras. Particularly. Oil-free make up in general is simply the only prudent alternative when wearing lash extensions. Oil-based mascaras and eyeliners deplete the bonding element holding the extensions, causing these potential outcomes.

First, the adhesive on the extensions loosens and it re-dries. This makes some of the lashes clasp together.

Second, the glue totally gets dissolved by the oil and the lash extensions could fall out. 

Mascara that can be used with Extensions

The nicest mascara is formulated considering lash extensions. Whether you have got silk, mink or synthetic faux lashes, the mascara must glide smoothly giving you flawless lashes that you desire. Extension-friendly mascara must have a little water resistance, nonetheless, it should come off effortlessly.

What kind of a Mascara Brush suits Lash Extensions?

Don’t overlook the brush when you choose a mascara. The brush tends to be as critical as the mascara. It’s important that the mascara brush should not clench your lashes very tightly. It can cause it to twitch at the adhesive bond of the extensions. 

Beyond Mascara

Maintaining Your Eyelash Extensions for Long

You must wear a mascara that is safe for eyelash extensions, at the same time you must use an eye makeup remover that is safe too. when you remove the mascara at bedtime. A lot of removers include oil, which should be avoided in the mascara and other eye makeup, which includes the cleanser and the makeup remover.

Your eyelash extensions accumulate grime throughout the night and day. Your lashes must be cleansed by using a lash shampoo that leaves no remnant behind. When your lashes are kept tidy, the lash extensions last longer. You will avoid bacteria in your lashes, too! You may be interested in our guide on Can You Wear False Eyelashes With Eyelash Extensions


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