What Is Certificate 3? [Why Its Important]

The educational system structure differs from country to country as different certificate is required for different skill set. While a diploma is required for a skill set the certificate is recognized for another. Also there are levels to the certificates as they rise from Certificate 1,2,3,4,5 and above.

The Certificate 3 is the qualification that allows people to take up skilled work. They give room for individuals to practice a wide range of knowledgeable skillsets. Furthermore, it paves the way for further learning advancement from certificate 4, diploma, and many more .

Furthermore, it is vital to understand that the cert 3 qualifies you for different job roles according to the sector. Hence, you may need a different qualification requirements to gain skilled jobs. Read through this article to find out why you need cert. 3 and its difference from other Certificates, such as certificate 3 in floristry.

Comparison Between Certificate 3 And Other Certifications

As you compare certificate 3 with other certifications, you will discover that they are similar. Yet, the basic reason people acquire certificate 3 is to get the right qualifications to pursue a career path as  skilled labor.  Below are other certifications.

Certificate 1

This level of certification qualifies and equips an individual with basic vocational skills. It is a foundation that helps one start up their career in a particular field. Hence it gives the option to try out and finally launch into a promising career of interest.

Certificate 2

Like certificate 1, it also provides vocational skills qualifications. However, in this case, you can undertake routine jobs and further acquire more knowledge and certificates.

Certificate 4

This certificate provides an individual with a more advanced skillset and knowledge. They are considered equivalent to a 6-12 month degree study and allow the application of specialized skills in a specified context. Certificate 4 is more advanced than certificate 3

Diploma or level 5

This certification qualifies individuals to take up advanced skills and paraprofessional work. In this case, they allow the application of unified technical and theoretical ideas in varied contexts. The Diploma, like other qualifications, lays a foundation to further advance in obtaining other degrees such as the bachelor’s or even a higher level certification.

You should remember that some skills are transferable, and you may not have to go through each level of certification step by step. For example, hairdressing is a certificate 3 and does not require certificates 1 and 2 to qualify.

What Are The Opportunities Available To Individuals With A Certificate 3

There are ample opportunities opened to a level 3 skilled worker in various sectors. Here are a few;

  1. Career opportunity for a certificated 3 holder in business
  • General clerk
  • Clerical officer
  • Word processing officer
  • Customer service officer
  • Program administrator
  1. Career opportunity for a certificated 3 holder in childcare
  • Early childhood educator
  • Childcare worker
  • Nanny/educator
  • Family-day care educator
  • Playgroup supervisor
  1. Career opportunity for a certicayed 3 holder in carpentry
  • Commercial carpentry
  • Industrial carpentry
  • Residential carpentry

Why Do I Need To Get A Certificate 3?

Certificate 3 provides you with the right level of knowledge, training, and practice experience required to deliver in a skilled job. However, here are 4 top reasons why certificate 3 is beneficial to you

1.     High Employment Rate

Using the individual support sector as a focus, it has many jobs that tackle community welfare. This includes; aged care, allied health, and disabilities. An individual with certificate 3 in individual support would get offers to support this growing welfare need as the community’s well-being is paramount. The pace of its growing demand has projected so rapidly that the need for workers have become stronger through the years. Hence if you hold a certificate 3 in this sector, you would be eligible to apply for jobs such as;

  • Respite care worker
  • Direct care worker
  • Aged care worker
  • Support worker
  • Personal care worker
  • Home help worker

The opportunities are immense and available to various situations such as; different age grades, schedules( part-time or full time), experienced or inexperienced workers, or if you are returning to work after a long time.

2.     Improve Lives

As a skilled worker with a certificate 3, you have the opportunity to offer services to people which can improve their lives. Apart from jobs in welfare that involve supporting people with formal qualifications, knowledge, and experience, you can focus your skills on making lives better. For example, plumbing may seem mundane, but it certainly has its impact on society.

3.     Transferable Foundation Skills

With a certificate 3, you are provided with essential everyday skills for today’s job market. With further specific training, you would gain practical knowledge and skills you need for various work sectors. The training focused on community welfare, for instance, would cover vital care areas. So, if you complete such a certificate course, you would fit in various care-sector-jobs.

Furthermore, most certificate 3 jobs would cover basic skills such as communication. It is crucial as the interaction between worker and client or among colleagues cannot be avoided. You also get to learn how to manage individual relationships.

4.     Government-subsidized training

With certificate 3, you are eligible to partake in some government-subsidized courses in Australia. New South Wales offers competent and skilled funding, which in turn qualifies you to enroll for a government-subsidized course in an approved location. Also, Queensland provides Certificate 3 guarantee support for individuals with first post-school certification. However, all subsidized courses are dependent on several other factors.

How Do I Get To Apply For A Certificate 3 Course?

Research the sector you are interested in without further ado, contact the service provider closest to you and apply. You can opt for physical learning, online, or blended (online and onsite) training.

Indeed, some apprenticeship programs would give you a certificate 3 qualification and a job without previous experience. However, for specialized roles like certificate 3 in individual support, you stand to gain in-depth understanding and have an excellent opportunity in securing managerial or other leadership positions.


Certificate 3 allows an individual to qualify for skilled labor. They are similar to other certifications but may differ from country to country. You would  gain many benefits with your qualification, ranging from job variety to subsidized courses. Why not start the process of acquiring your certificate 3 qualifications today!