Wedding planning is said to be one of the most stressful life events a bride will go through in preparation before they tie the know with their partner. Not everyone gets married every day and it’s understandable that you’d want your most magical day to be truly special. After all, it’s a day you’ve always waited and longed for since you were little.  

After getting engaged to your partner, the next thing that you need to focus on is wedding preparations. You need to set a date, find a venue, search for companies offering wedding flower services, and look for companies that can help fulfill your wedding needs. 

With all of the things that you need to take care of, there might be a tendency for you to lose your cool and turn into a ravaging bridezilla and no one would like that to happen. Listed below are some wedding planning tips that may help you avoid turning into one agitated bride:  

Consider Hiring A Wedding Planner 

If you know for yourself that you have too much on your plate and can’t handle planning for a wedding on your own, you should consider hiring a professional and experienced wedding planner to take the stress off of your shoulders.  

They’ll be handling everything for your wedding from the ceremony down to the reception on your behalf. If you’re keen to keeping everything down to the minute detail, don’t worry as your planner would still consult with you and your partner before making any decisions concerning your wedding.  

If you’re planning to hire a wedding planner, you should consider giving them inspiration photos for them to create a mood board that’d guide them with their job. In this way, you can be on the same page and wouldn’t have opposing opinions about certain wedding details and arrangements.   Interested in getting help planning your dream wedding in Mexico? Don’t worry a team of experienced destination wedding planners at is always there to help you!

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Reach Out For Help  

If you don’t have enough budget to hire a wedding planner, you should never be afraid to ask for help from your close friends, loved ones, and members of your wedding entourage. They’re your maid of honor and bridesmaid for a reason – to lend a hand whenever you need it. 

Apart from your family and friends, the person who would be there to help you is your partner. It’s the two of you who are getting married anyway, might as well involve them with all of the planning and stress, right?  

When your significant other helps you with the planning, you can make a more unified decision on how you’d like your wedding to be. This will allow you to make decisions on the spot so your supplier can proceed with your orders. Moreover, it’ll allow you both to achieve the wedding of your dreams.  

Get Organized  

With the stress of wedding planning, you might need to do plenty of things, which will involve plenty of contracts and related paper works. To avoid any future complications and issues, you should keep your files organized by having a single file folder where you place all of the necessary documents in relation to your upcoming wedding.  

Ideally, you should purchase an accordion envelope that has a built-in separator so you can sort your documents correctly. This will prevent you from going over your entire files looking for a single contract, wherein you can easily read the labels and grab them.  

Apart from organizing your files, you should also have proper documentation of everything you need for your wedding and listing them down. This includes purchasing wedding gowns, suits, wedding bands, booking a venue, looking for event stylists, wedding bands, and more. With a checklist, you can easily identify which you still need to accomplish to avoid looking for them at the last minute.  

Create A Budget Plan 

As you plan for your wedding, you might tend to go overboard with your set budget as you want the absolute best of the best for your special day. However, not everyone may have the ability to have an unlimited budget. Don’t let this hinder you in achieving your dream wedding though.  

To be smart about your expenses and allow yourself to be on track, you should create a budget plan and indicate your total budget beforehand. Additionally, be prompt in taking note of the running expenses. As you’re able to see the rough numbers of how much your wedding is going to cost, you can limit your unnecessary purchases which may allow you to stay within the budget.  

As you create a budget plan, try to keep it realistic as possible. If you only have a limited budget, you might want to consider going for DIY or do-it-yourself projects or just renting out some of the items you won’t reuse after the wedding. In this way, you can maximize your budget and allot it for more important matters such as purchasing a condo or other property to move in with to start your life’s new chapter with your life-long partner. 

Plan Ahead 

Most brides are said to morph into a bridezilla when they need to take care of something at the very last minute. To avoid that from happening, you should make necessary preparations ahead. In this way, you can focus on pampering yourself days before your wedding date instead of calling your suppliers about the progress of your services as the day draws near.  

Ideally, you should plan the event at least a year before your wedding day. You should begin by finalizing the date to start booking important suppliers and venues, such as your ceremony and reception. This is highly essential, especially if you’re eyeing a specific ceremony and reception area for a long time.  

After booking for venues, caterers, and event stylists, the next thing that you should look for is a flower, invitation, and wedding souvenir supplier, as there are plenty of businesses that you can consider on the market. You should also look for a good wedding dress shop or tailor if you plan to have a dress custom-made. 

Go For Easy-To-Find Themes 

Going for a unique wedding theme can cause you to stress yourself more than it should. Apart from ensuring that you execute it well, you may have trouble looking for suppliers and decors. To avoid any wedding planning stress, you should consider having an easy-to-find theme instead.  

The most popular wedding themes that you could go for are romantic, classic, and fancy. You can choose between those options and find an event stylist that can quickly gather the look you’re going for without going over your budget.

You can add a personal touch if you still plan to make it unique. However, you need to ensure that the main idea and decorations are readily available in most wedding suppliers.  

With easy-to-find decorations, you won’t have trouble getting the ornaments that you need, which can cause delay, especially if the items that you’re looking for are only available overseas.  


While the joy of getting engaged is truly magical, however, it’s said that every bride-to-be will expect a lot of stress while doing wedding planning-related activities.

With the proper preparation though, you can achieve the wedding of your dreams and be joyous on your special day.

With all of the hard work you put into the wedding, everything would be worth it as you’re able to tie the knot with your partner and be happy with the rest of your lives forever.  


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