You’re never too old for bath time! In fact, the older we get, the more our mind, body and soul crave them!

Bath time is that rare time when you can escape all the madness of your life and have a period of complete zen instead.

And while pre-pandemic an escape to our local spa would have been the ultimate luxurious option, we can still bring that luxurious bathing experience into our own home with the thanks of the bath bomb and a few other simple bath hacks.

Your at-home spa is easier and cheaper than you may think and can quickly become a daily ritual that you can look forward to every day of the year! Here are our top tips to transport yourself out of the chaos that is 2020 and into a world of ultimate bathing bliss.

1.Get a Collection of Luxury Bath Bombs

The best kind of bath bombs is made with essential oils and other soothing agents to fully immerse your senses during your soak. Using essential oils like lavender, vanilla, orange, and lemon, it won’t take long for your bath to be transformed into the ultimate relaxing dip that will have you saying “ahh” in no time.

Plus, these luxury bath bombs are designed to not only provide aromatherapy but give your skin a cleansing soak that will make your skin feel just as refreshed and rejuvenated as it would after a good scrub at the spa. Depending on your mood and desired experience, you can select from a range of luxury bath bombs to give you the perfectly catered experience in the bath that you are craving.

2.Create an Ambiance in the Bathroom

While the bath bomb does a lot of the work in transforming your bath to a spa-like experience, go the extra mile in completely elevating the ambiance of your bathroom. Dim the lighting, burn some candles and play your favorite soothing playlist. And just like you would get at an actual spa, make yourself a rejuvenating herbal tea to sip on as well. It won’t be long until you’re feeling completely blissed out!

3.Get Yourself a Bath Pillow

To fully soak into the ambiance you and the bath bomb have created, get a bath pillow to relax your head-on. They come in suction form so you can stick it on to any part of the tub that would be a comfortable position for you. So you can truly sit back, relax, and transport yourself to a blissed-out state of mind!

4.Apply a Face Mask

Really transport yourself to a spa-like state of mind in your bath bomb induced soak time and apply a face mask while you relax. You can choose from a range of masks that will hydrate, nourish and refresh your skin so that you will come out of the bath with a beautiful glow to match your blissed-out state of mind—really transporting yourself to a zen-like place!

5.Have a Fuzzy Robe Ready

And to complete the transport of your bath to a luxury bath bomb experience, have a fuzzy bathrobe waiting for you to snuggle up in when you finish with the soak. That way you can keep that warm and snuggly feeling as you dry off and continue to feel blissed out for hours to come!

So while we may not be able to fully escape to those luxurious spa experiences elsewhere, bath bombs and these handy little bath hacks can help us transport to a state of mind that makes us feel like we are getting the ultimate indulgence at the spa from the comfort of our home!


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