Converse or vans can be a perfect match for any outfit. Fashion is made up of recycled popularity, resurfacing styles from different eras that have long gone down the drain.

Fashion enthusiasts tend to notice people’s looks consisting of their attires and shoes and have discovered the return or a return wave of converse shoes.

Most people choose Converse in deciding between the classic Chuck Taylors (Converse) or a retro pair of Vans; People choose those because they look well with any look, and their solid color does not give room to any distraction from an outfit, which patterned Vans at times do.  

Relationship and Similarities between Vans and Converse

  • Nowadays, Vans and Converse are worn for their casual look, easy-going design, or worse, their nostalgic appeal.
  • The two shoes are ideal for weathers that are warm since they come in numerous tones and styles.
  • Additionally, they both possess an elastic rubber sole and, most generally, canvas material. 
  • Both shoes have solid and neutral shades, which go with many ensembles.

Differences between Vans and Converse

The Design

The Converse tennis shoe is unique compared to that of Vans. This uniqueness is because of a couple of various qualities present. One of these is the various kinds of texture.

Vans shoe’s principles selling purposes is that its definitive versions are produced using a specific kind of suede that is comfortable and smooth to do skating stunts.

Coupled with the additional fact that Vans is also generally comfortable to skate in, it is no place as decent as its rival.

Accordingly, numerous expert skateboarders, such as Nyjah Huston, choose to do their skating activities in Vans, as the softened suede enables the shoe to feel swifter and last more. 


Converse: The topmost part of converse shoes has an elastic piece to help “stable” the shoe, keeping it straight and in great condition. Subsequently, individuals who need protection that is stiff for their feet go for the Converse.

Vans: do not utilize this, as they feel that it might remove comfortability from the feet of their customers. Subsequently, individuals who like delicate padding opt for Vans.

Decorations Of The Shoes

Converse shoes do not offer a wide range of patterns and designs for their shoes. All things being equal, they choose to go for classic colors like white and black. 

Vans offer clients a wide range of patterns and designs for their shoes. White and Black checkered designs have been famous lately, yet clients can likewise obtain designs, for example, palm trees or flamingos.


A van, which was established in 1966, is currently known as one of the greatest producing skateboard clothing companies. Originating from Anaheim, California, Vans started as the Van Doren Rubber Company and was envisioned as a custom-designed shoe manufacturer.

During its initial beginnings, the original purpose of Vans was to produce footwear that is very comfy for skateboarders. A part of their creation was the classic slip-on, which is not only worn for skateboarding today but has become a fashion item.

Pros and Cons of Vans


  • They have major durability and comfort. For example, Some Vans come with a padded collar at the foot’s back, like the Era or Ski-Hi shoes. 
  • Vans also make varying styles of their classics that come in awesome prints and colors. 
  • Vans come in both high and low tops. 
  • Vans were able to make more exclusive sneakers with a collaborate effort of other brands. 
  • Unisex


  • Sometimes, if one should get the ones with a thin sole and wear those for too long, they can get worn and sometimes get holes at the toes. 
  • Wearing of vans at first can feel odd to most people as it lacks arch support.


Converse is also referred to as Chucks, Chuck Taylor’s, All-stars, Cons. Converse started as far back as 1908 as a factory that specialized in the production of winter shoes of rubberized soles. Later in 1910, they began the production of shoes designed specifically for athletes, one of the first mass-produced athletic shoes in the market.

Then, in 1921, Converse teamed up with Charles H. “Chuck” Taylor, one of the early basketball players. Chuck Taylor, seeing Converse’s great work with other athletic shoes, persuaded the company to create a shoe specifically for basketball. Thus, the All-Star was born.

Pros and Cons of Converse


  • Converse All-Star sneakers have two basic styles, the high-top and low-top. Both styles are nice as long as one sticks to the classics. 
  • Converse in colors like black, white, gray, and navy look great with any outfit because they are so versatile. 
  • Ideal for everyday wear and unisex. 
  • It can be left for a quick wash in the washing machine. 


  • Converse tends to make feet look narrow. 
  • The treads are not as deep as that of vans and, as such, are prone to damage. 
  • They are not the most comfortable shoe. 

The Most Effective Method to Wear Vans and Converse 

One of the similarities in outfits is that individuals regularly pair their vans and converses with skinny pants. This pairing is due to the endings that are tight and narrow and are complementary to the sneakers. The beauty is revealed when the ends of the jeans do not cover the shoes.

With the denim fit principle presently set up, people with various alternatives can be creative and inventing with their outfits. Both vans and converse pair extraordinary with shirts, t-shirts (plain or patterned), hoodies, jumpers, or jackets.

Style Examples 

  • Vans – Slim Jeans, Stussy Long and Short Tee,  Side bag and Slip-on Vans. 
  • Converse – Slim Joggers,  denim shirt, jumper, t-shirt and White Converse. 

Why Vans is Better than Converse

Various features make Vans stand out. They include

  1. Style The slip-on style of vans matches everything, and they look great for an all-night out with few friends or a quick run to pick up something at the grocery store.
  2. Better and Durable The reason for Vans’ durability is that most of their styles are uniquely designed for skateboarding activities, which requires a sturdy and reliable shoe, unlike converse, which are known for letting water seep in, where Vans do not have this problem. 

    Though the converse is still good shoes, they are not for everybody. Numerous individuals who possess flat feet whine that their design harms their feet whenever they wear their shoes for too long. Additionally, Converse is all the more generally known, so the opportunity of getting precisely the same shoes as another person is likely.

  3. Comfort Vans seem to be way more comfortable due to its supportive and longevity nature.
  4. Cost Typically, Converse shoes cost more than Vans shoes due to the iconic Chuck Taylor signature.

Why Converse is better than Vans

  1. Value: The Vans low top retails at $65 while the exemplary Chuck Taylor low top retails for just $50. Converse are frequently at a bargain for as low as $35 in many shoe stores.
  2. They are iconic: Albeit some may contend that Vans are additional work of art, nothing states retro more than a couple of Converse. Set up almost 50 years before Vans, Converse has stood the trial of time and keeps up with their ranks in the best ten most well-known shoes.
  3. They structure to feet: Like any quality garment, Converse requires a long time to break-in, yet subsequently, become amazingly comfortable. While Vans highlight a standard shoe shape, Converse structure to your feet over the long haul, bringing about a flexible shoe that can be worn during any action.
  4. They look great when dirty: Nothing looks more posh than a couple of all-around worn white Converse. A touch of earth and wear adds to the shoe’s good look, so shoe owners do not have to stress over ruining them as they approach their day. Nothing will stun a Vans owner more than unintentionally stepping on their new Old Skools, which messy Vans look nauseating.
  5. They are not as essential: Almost every high schooler possesses a couple of Vans, and they have become so well-known that they are not, at this time, more iconic. Possessing a couple of Vans doesn’t make anybody novel since it has become normal. While Vans have a place with the VSCO young ladies, Converse are worn by obvious fashionistas.


Conclusively, comparing vans and converse, whichever sneaker an individual prefers, the choice lies with such!  This choice is best made in alignment with one’s taste and style. Hence, it is necessary to pick what works for one best! More so, one can go with the option of purchasing both and rotating with different outfits.


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