Understanding What A Gaylord Box Is And Why You Need One

Have you ever heard someone talking about a Gaylord box in the industry and wanted to know exactly what it was? A Gaylord box is a common term in the shipping industry and has evolved over the years from being a singular type of box to a terms that refers to a variety of box options. 

In the simplest terms a Gaylord box is a corrugated bulk-size box. Gaylord boxes are traditionally designed in a large size in order to accommodate products in one single shipment. 

The term “Gaylord box” has evolved over the years into a rather generic terms for any box that is designed for bulk shipping or storage. The term Gaylord is actually a trade name due to the first bulk bin being manufactured by the Gaylord Container Company, through the years the name stuck. 

This is similar to how Kleenex and Band-Aids are referred to for tissues and bandages, now in the industry, corrugated boxes are simply known as Gaylord boxes. 

Gaylord boxes have become synonymous with a larger-sized corrugated box. In some instances, you may hear them called pallet boxes, tote boxes, bulk boxes, skid boxes, pallet containers or bulk bins. 

How Gaylord Boxes Are Used And Their Overall Benefits 

Gaylord boxes from Verde have a number of benefits to manufacturers, retailers, and the consumer. To begin with, they are extremely strong and are able to hold just about anything that is needed to be shipped. However, a Gaylord box is not intended to be reused several times. 

In fact, the Gaylord box is designed to be used one time only. However, these boxes can be completely recycled. The corrugated material is quite inexpensive to create and it is a highly environmentally friendly option. 

Gaylord boxes are generally designed for shipping, moving, and storage, however, they can be used for display in store. If you visit your local grocery story, you will typically see the larger and heavier produce being displayed in a Gaylord box. 

However, what makes Gaylord boxes perfect for just about any use is how they are made. A Gaylord box is crafted from corrugated cardboard, which is extremely strong and lightweight and features three levels of brown Kraft paper. This paper is going to resist tearing, splitting, and even bursting. 

Throughout the production process, the Kraft paper will be crimped and glued to create a corrugated cardboard that will be cut and crafted into boxes. The end result is a highly durable cardboard box that is tear and impact resistant. 

Another benefit of the corrugated cardboard ensures that all Gaylord boxes are going to be eco-friendly, inexpensive, and quite easy to replace. 

Various Forms Of Gaylord Boxes 

As the term Gaylord box has evolved and begun to encompass all pallet-sized boxes, there have been a number of sizes and types. Gaylord boxes are available in single, double, as well as triple construction through the use of corrugated paper. 

These are designed to fit on a pallet and makes them the ideal choice for storage and shipping. The two general sizes of Gaylord boxes are D and E containers. 

The D Container 

The D Container Gaylord box features a double wall construction with a lid. It features the inner dimensions of 58”x42”x45”  and features the weight capacity of 1,200 pounds. 

In order the reduce the cost of shipping, the boxes are sent flat and arrive in a disassembled nature of four parts. The assembly process is rather easy and there is no need for any staples or glue. All that is needed is for the four parts to be connected and the box is ready to go. 

A D Container box can also be fitted with a pallet, which is going to allow for an easier shipping process. The dimensions of the heat-treated pallet are 60”x44”x95” and have the ability to handle a weight capacity of 765 pounds. Each pallet is able to hold a maximum of 15 Gaylord boxes. 

E Containers 

The E Gaylord container box is a larger-sized corrugated box with the interior dimensions of41.25”x 28.25”x24.25”. It has been designed with Heavy Duty 275 bursting strength cardboard for the ultimate in durability. 

Final Thoughts 

Gaylord Boxes are the perfect fit for storage, moving, shipping and have been created to be both economical and durable.