Most girls look for a two-piece dress with a more youthful design. Popular choices include two-piece lace bodices or crop top-dresses.

A plunging V-neck is suitable for well-endowed girls, and very racy when paired with a sheer open back.

Two-piece dresses draw attention to well-toned abs. Look for a style that is flattering to your unique body type, whether short or floor length.

Your budget is a major consideration. Most designers offer versatile products that are priced to fit the different budgets. However, Always check your school’s prom dress code in mind  – it’s happened that girls were sent home for wearing something too revealing.

If you’re not sure, it’s best to keep things safe and not be overly sexy. If your two-piece dress is short, choose a more modest neckline such as high or sweetheart and a closed back. If it’s long, but with a very high slit, the same applies. A long dress with a knee-high slit is conducive to more daring necklines.

Long Sleeve Two Piece Prom Dress

1.MllesReve Two Piece Prom Dress 

This is a stunning long sleeve two piece prom dress that comes in 29 different colors. It features an elegant lace sleeved top with scoop neckline and a floor-length skirt. I love the elegance and style of this dress and its $98 price tag is reasonable. 

2.BestDress Two Piece Long Sleeve Prom Dress

This is a beautiful prom dress that comes in 8 skirt colors and a long sleeve black lace top that sits off the shoulder. I love how flowy the skirt is and the fact that it has pockets! It costs just $75.99 and comes in a variety of sizes. 

Black Two Piece Prom Dress

3.Off The Shoulder Black Two Piece Prom Dress

One of my favorite styles is off the shoulder, which is why I like this dress so much. It has a gorgeous satin skirt with a long slit and lace off the shoulder top. Not only does it come in black, but 26 other colors and with a price of just $64.99-$94.99 depending on the size. 


4.Dydsz 2 Piece Prom Dress

This short tulle prom dress is certainly a jaw dropper. It’s a short A line dress with scoop neck and sleeveless top with zipper closure. It has plenty of sparkle to it and costs between $55-$89.99 depending on your size.  

Dillards Two Piece Prom Dress

5.Dear Moon 

A dress with pockets has always been one of my favorites. This strappy back halter crop top & box pleated floral jacquard satin two-piece dress is stunning and sure to please. It costs $139 and comes in a combo of lilac and black. 

Image Credit Dillard’s


6.Midnight Doll

This off-the-shoulder cuffed crop top & long flare skirt are made from satin material making it cool and lightweight. I adore its gorgeous fern color and flowy style. It also has a permanently reduced price of $71.40. 

Image Credit: Dillard’s

Plus Size Two Piece Prom Dress

7.Plus Size A Line Dress

I am a huge fan of this dress. It has a sexy backless beaded top with an A line design. The bottom is a ruffled tulle fabric and comes in 16 different colors. For such a gorgeous dress, it has a decent price. 

8.Plus Size 2 Piece Dress

If you’re more of a plain type of person and don’t like anythinG too flashy, this is the perfect dress for you.

It’s a simple two-piece dress made from polyester and spandex. I like it because it’s not too revealing. Additionally, it comes in 11 colors and costs between $43.99-$44.99. 

Purple Two Piece Prom Dress

9.Henglizh Short Lace Dress

This gorgeous purple short lace dress is an absolute stunner. I love the open back design with the A-line sleeveless top. The bottom is a short tulle skirt with a zipper closure. You can get it in various purple shades for just $69.99-$89.99 depending on your size. 


10.Lover Kiss Satin Dress

If you’re daring, you’ll love this dress. It features a lace off-the-shoulder crop top and a long satin skirt with an ultra-high slit. I really like the style of this dress and that there are a couple shades of purple to choose from for just $49.99-$79.99. 

Burgundy Two Piece Prom Dress

11.Burgundy Prom Dress

Burgundy is one of my favorite colors and it looks exquisite when paired with this beautiful two piece prom dress. The dress features a lace halter top with a long satin skirt. The skirt has a mid-length slit and the whole ensemble costs just $64.99. 

12.Hi Low Prom Dress

This is one of my favorite prom dresses by far. It’s a beautiful hi low skirt design with a beaded off-the-shoulder crop top. It has a drawstring closure and a corset lace-up back with built-in bra. Depending on your size, it costs between $69.99-$109.99. 

Maroon Two Piece Prom Dress

13.HelenSkyDress Maroon Prom Dress

The simplicity of this dress really caught my eye. It’s a beautiful two-piece off-the-shoulder crop top satin prom dress with pockets. The skirt has a high mid-thigh slit and costs just $79.99-$109.99 depending on your size. 

14.V-Neck Spaghetti Strap Dress

I’m a huge fan of this sexy, stylish two-piece prom dress. It has a cute bow tie back with spaghetti straps. The skirt has an ultra-high slit and both top and bottom are made from satin material for a low price of $64.99. 

Sexy Two Piece Prom Dress

15.Mojing Sequin Prom Dress

To me, nothing’s sexier than a sparkly dress. This particular prom dress has a spaghetti strap crop top with a plunging neckline. The skirt is made with sequins and is floor length. It comes in a variety of colors and costs just $79.99. 

16.Sexy 2 Piece Dress

This sexy two-piece prom dress is sure to be a hit. It features a v-neck bra crop top with a high split maxi skirt. It has one slit on each side of the skirt that go all the way up. You can get this dress is a magnitude of colors and prints for between $12.99-$31.90. 

17. Velius Sexy Drawstring Ruched Bodycon

18.Romwe Women’s Romantic Off Shoulder Flounce Long Sleeve

Retro is hot this year and next, so grab a puff sleeve crop top and matching bubble skirt. For a more modern feel and look, pair it with a simple pair of strappy heels. 

19.Floral Embroidery Mesh Round Neck Tunic Party Dress

The vibrant floral appliqué gives this classic black two-piece a splash of color. The floral embroidery is in fuchsia, which is set to be one of the hottest colors next spring alongside millennial purple.

20.MakeMeChic Women’s Satin 2 Piece Outfits Sequin Straps One Shoulder Crop Top and Slit Skirt

The pink satin dress is based on Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday outfit.

Popular Two Piece Prom Dress Styles 

  • White Ruffled Two-Piece Gown – The stuff fairytales are made of – just add a tiara to channel your inner princess.
  • Two-Piece Floral Prom Dress – Floral prints never fail to make a statement, and prom won’t be an exception.
  • Red Crop Top Prom Dress– Choose bold makeup and statement jewelry to complement this fiery work of art.
  • Rose Gold Sequin Two-Piece Dress – With a feather trim and copper stripes, this unique two-piece really, really works.
  • Lavender Mermaid Two-Piece Prom Dress – The fancy mermaid skirt flows gently down to the floor. It is the quintessence of style.
  • Two-Piece Floral and Lace Gown – In lieu of a corsage, this is a great choice. The dainty lace adds the final touch.
  • Iridescent Sequin Crop Top Dress – The after-party was made for you in this glitzy two-piece mini dress.
  • Embroidered Feather Set – This two-piece is a dream with intricate, ornate embroidery, feathers, and a sexy off-the-shoulder neckline.

DIY Prom Dresses 

Short and Long Two Piece Formal Evening Gowns

Two piece gowns in complementary colors or patterns create a fabulous and super chic look. Two piece dresses and gowns are getting more and more popular because of how comfortable they are and because they represent a break with tradition.

They are a great way to throw your personal flair and stand out at prom. Black and white patterns and hues of red are going to be huge in 2020.

A-line styles and bodycon cuts never go out of style. You can opt for a club dress in silver or gold or a short sheath party dress in solid colors like emerald green or dark blue.

Two pieces in off white and ivory are uniquely beautiful and astonishing. Opt for mini, midi, or maxi – the choice is yours. This is the perfect wear for prom-goers who want to look different.

Best Halter Top Two Piece Prom Dress

Ah, the halter. Racy, creative, and unique – what more could you want? This eye-catching attire will give you a chance to channel your inner diva when you arrive in a two-piece halter top prom dress.

Two-piece halter top dresses are a perfect way for you to explore an endless amount of style combinations. Normally, fitted bodices are paired with gorgeous silhouettes to flatter any figure, making it easy to choose your preferred silhouette.

Two-piece gowns can feature many different details such as rhinestone embellishments or unique hemming along the bodice.

Halter Top Two Piece Prom

Adding to the allure of the halter design are statement-making details such as eccentric print patterns and dazzling beadwork, sequins, or crystals.

Designs within the two-piece style can either showcase a bold contrasting pattern or run elegantly throughout.

The versatility of two-piece prom dresses makes it easy for you to create a unique look in many ways. Another advantage is being able to wear the dress as two separate outfit pieces – the top and the skirt or pants (if you opt for a pantsuit over a dress) – long after the prom is over.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Our last section contains frequently asked questions about two-piece dresses and the prom in general. 

When should you start shopping for prom?

If your prom is in the summer, you’ll want to start making plans and thinking about dresses up to 6 months in advance. Do online research before shopping at physical venues.

What are good prom dress websites?

According to user ratings, some good online stores include The Dress Warehouse, New York Dress, Charlotte Russe, Dillard’s, Faviana, Fame and Partners, and Sherri Hill. 

What color should my prom dress be?

If your complexion is olive, avoid brown, yellow, and black because they’ll blend in with the skin and the look will not be appealing.

Instead, opt for a dress in off white, champagne, ivory, red, and gold. Women with pale skin will find bold colors like light blue, pink, yellow, purple, and metallic colors flattering.

White looks good on dark skin. The color should be chosen based not only on skin tone, but also eye and hair color. Red hair and a red dress are a classic combo.

What are the best prom dress brands?

There are a lot of great prom dress designers. For two piece dresses specifically, we recommend Sherri Hill, Faviana, Jovani, Terani, Blush, Zoey Grey, Madison James, Andrea and Leo, Crystalline, and Cameron Blake. 

Should I pick a Two-piece Dress? 

Consider your body type. Is it pear-shaped, apple-shaped, petite, athletic, hourglass, or curvy?

Two-piece dresses look best on petite, athletic, and hourglass-shaped girls. Pear-shaped body types are those, where most of the weight is at the hips.

A two-piece is recommended to these girls too because the cute midriff cut will draw attention away from the hips.

However, apple-shaped body types shouldn’t choose this style because it draws attention to the abdomen, where most of the weight is concentrated. Of course, if you like the style, this shouldn’t stop you.

How do I pick the Right Prom dress?

Start by setting a budget and sticking to it. Then, consider your body type as per the explanation above. When you start shopping, check out online marketplaces first.
Shop early because the dress will probably need adjusting. 

What is a Reasonable Price for Prom?

According to a 2015 survey from Visa, American families were spending an average of about $919 on their prom-goers(source). That was down only slightly from $978 in 2014; it peaked in 2013 with the average cost of prom being $1,139. 

How much do Two-piece dresses cost?

On average, a designer two piece prom dress will set you back by $300 to $500. 

Is prom Worth The Money?

Prom can be an expensive event for the average family. Dresses range from $100 to up to $400. Then, there is the money you spend on getting your makeup, hair, and nails done. 

Is it weird to wear a short two-piece dress to prom?

It’s not weird, but check the school’s dress code. Make sure you feel comfortable in it because it’s quite revealing – your midriff, your legs, and probably your back will show.

It will attract attention so you need to be OK with that.

Can you wear a white two-piece prom dress?

Of course, you can wear any color you want. White isn’t reserved for brides and bridesmaids. Consider what you will wear under and over the dress.

Combine your unique skin tone with the right shade of white to look your best.

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