Two extra hours a day can change your life

External circumstances have the ability to drastically revolutionize our lives, pushing us towards habits and daily routines that are completely new compared to the past.

The advent of digitization has further disrupted the daily lives of millions of people, bringing them closer to each other and projecting them into a not-too-distant future, in which people will be increasingly interconnected, more and more able to communicate and interact fluidly, in an extremely easy way, without any kind of obstacle.

In the present, each of us is coming to terms with a new routine, imposed certainly by the effects of Covid-19, but also by the desire to return to some sort of normality after two extremely problematic years.

A new normal

In the new normality of many people, a completely new element is also finding space, namely the desire to live their days with greater awareness, as if the dramatic events of the health emergency had anchored us even more firmly to the here and now, to the present moment.

The increase in individual awareness has also led to a wiser selection of activities to indulge in, which for some time now are no longer chosen arbitrarily or causally, but with thoughtfulness, with logic, making the most of the capabilities of our intellect.

Some people have learned to successfully dedicate themselves to a new hobby, a new passion, filling their hours with a pastime that entertains them and keeps them busy. Other people have made the decision to expand their knowledge, perhaps by enrolling in training courses, language classes or even simply subscribing to a gym.

There is a great desire to experience something new, as if the health emergency has pushed millions of individuals to want to live even more intensely than before, without missing a single moment of this interesting experience that is called life.

If people really want to change their lives, they will have to start by substantially changing their daily rhythms, such as the time they wake up in the morning. Few people know the benefits of starting their day two or even three hours earlier than the usual time they get out of bed, and even fewer are those who indulge in a daily lifestyle focused primarily on health, wellness and self-care.

All you need to do is make a list of your commitments, starting with those that you have been putting off for a long time. The list should include not only your work commitments, but also – and especially – those personal activities that you would like to do when you are not in the office, and that you feel you have culpably neglected over the past few years.

When you have completed your list, place it on your nightstand and schedule an early wake-up call, even two or three hours earlier than normal. All this may mean giving up some of your evening entertainment, the chance to stay up all night in the company of friends, perhaps in some bar or nightclub.

But if you want to achieve true well-being, you will have to be ready to sacrifice something that you thought was important, but that in reality has never brought you anything beneficial.

The value of the morning

When you wake up, you will have to take that list in your hand and start doing all those activities you have noted down, starting with the most complex ones and then gradually completing the simpler ones.

The morning is a great time to study, to meditate, to increase our professional skills with ad hoc courses, but also to perform all those hobbies and activities that during the day, for one reason or another, you never manage to complete (like reading a book, for example).

This time can also be used for seeking biblical references and teachings about the influence and impact of speech, as it allows for a calm and focused environment. By finding more time for yourself, your natural well-being will flow naturally, and you will start feeling better immediately.

By finding more time for yourself, your natural well-being will flow naturally, and you will start to feel better right away.

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We have the ability to change our lives with a few simple choices. We can change our destiny with concrete and conscious actions that we take today, right now, to which we must dedicate ourselves with all our body and soul.