It goes without saying that home gyms have always been popular and found their place in stunning modern homes. However, with the latest Covid-19 crisis and the closure of gyms worldwide, they have grown into a mandatory room in people’s homes with spare space. 

Home gyms are an alternative source of productivity, fun and represent a space where people maintain their healthy habits. Besides, these gyms are available at all times as you can do your daily workout routine in the middle of the night and can save you money long-term.

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Nevertheless, custom home gyms are only available to those who have a spare room in their house or apartment. So if you have a room that you don’t use at the moment, or you use it just to pile up household scraps, you can use the ongoing pandemic as the perfect excuse to convert it into a multifunctional home gym. Just imagine having your personal space designed according to your exercising needs and wishes.

Still, how do you get that authentic feel of a professional gym in the place you actually live in? Well, if you’re interested in building a home gym from scratch, we invite you to continue reading and see for yourself that it’s easier than you think. Beneath, we’ll offer some of the best tips on how to transform a spare room in your home into a professional home gym.

You Should Start With The Walls 

Fresh-looking, modern walls are frequently the focal point of exquisite rooms, and, make no mistake, they will be the focal point of your home gym as well. Suppose you’re someone who visited professional gyms regularly throughout your life. In that case, you probably know that besides the mirrors, the color of the walls in each gym is one of the most important artistic details inside them. 

The color is the charm that does the magic. If you want to feel like you’re in a professional commercial gym in your home, changing the walls’ color is essential. You can go with light blue if you want to add an outside touch to your gym, or you can go with darker shades if you’re going to add that “get stuff done” vibe to your workout room. An appropriate color will help you concentrate and inspire yourself to get the exercising part done right every single time.

Besides, since you probably won’t cover all of your walls with mirrors, we suggest you add a couple of motivational posters to brighten up your spirits whenever you feel like it’s not your day. Moreover, you can add a poster or two of your favorite “jacked up” heroes to motivate yourself further and serve as a reminder of your exercise mission. Customizing the walls of your home gym is the first assignment you should tackle and go from there.

Choose The Perfect Equipment According To Your Needs 

Hugely depending on what you want to exercise and what your ultimate exercising goal is, select the perfect equipment according to your specific needs. Indeed, you can always opt to go with budget-friendly gear that will neither cost much nor take up much of your space. However, it’s a good idea that you equip your area with universal and essential gear that you can use for various exercises. 

Primarily, it would be best if you considered purchasing a mat. If your workouts are intense, powerful, and include a lot of jumping, you should opt for a jumping mat as it will be of great help in absorbing the force. On the other hand, if your workouts aren’t that intense, you can also go with a yoga mat that can be used in nearly all different situations and on any kind of floor. 

Our second recommendation is to buy a professional jumping rope that is absolutely perfect for every workout level, meaning you’ll utilize it whether you’re a beginner or a pro. The jumping rope is good for everyday use and warming up before more intense workouts. 

Last but not least, you should also consider getting resistance bands. Resistance bands are utilized to tone your body and are something that every home gym needs to have. From here, you can add equipment as you wish but stay wise and invest in equipment and exercising tools that you’ll use in your daily workouts. For example, if you want to get pumped up—invest in a weightlifting set. If you’re willing to lose a pound or ten, you can purchase an exercising bike or a treadmill. 

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Keep Space For Your Laptop

Let’s be honest, it’s nice to exercise alone, but it is even better to do it with a friend, virtual assistant, or partner. Especially when you are at the beginning of your home gym experience, you need someone to help you go through the process. 

You can use different YouTube channels, virtual assistants, or you can even hire a professional one. Studies reveal that exercising with friends is more fun and also offers a higher level of motivation. The chances of giving up are much lower, and there is often mild healthy competition within a group. Тhis way, time passes faster, the exercises don’t seem so difficult, and the goals seem pretty close. 

Create A Storage Plan 

If you’re thinking about having a ton of equipment in a single room of your home, keep in mind that storage is crucial. For minimalist workouts, you can purchase a storage container that can fit under your bed or couch (if you have one in your gym room) to hold your jump rope, mats, resistance bands, sliders, and other tiny, lightweight items. 

Also, think about turning one of the walls in your home gym into a storage solution with a hanging organizer, for instance, which can keep a good part of your exercising equipment in one place. If you have weight sets or dumbbells in your equipment, you’ll need a compact weight rack that can hold multiple sets of dumbbells and weights so you won’t have to compromise on weight to keep your equipment tucked in a single corner of your room. 

Final Words

Quarantine made us all think about things we want and things we need. Through this pandemic, we’ve learned that exercising daily is very important for our wellbeing and self-care. For that reason, we strongly suggest you transform the spare room of your home into a multifunctional gym where you and your loved ones will be able to work out at any time of the day and remain in healthy spirits. Try following the tips we mentioned above and create the perfect home gym that you’ll enjoy visiting after a long and stressful day at work.


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