Workcations are becoming increasingly popular as more people are beginning to see the benefits these can bring. While it might sound like a paradox – combining work with vacations can do wonders to improve motivation and creativity.

Changing your work environment to a beach or lodge surrounded by nature can help you recharge and remain engaged in the work at hand, whilst also providing the benefit of exploring a new city or culture in your free time. 

However, workcations aren’t suitable for everyone. Think: can your work be done remotely? Does it require constant communication with colleagues? How much will it cost? Do you easily compartmentalize?

Thankfully, there are a few things you could do to ensure you stay motivated and have a successful workcation.

Find Your Tribe

It is vital that the ‘work’ part of a workcation is taken as seriously as the ‘vacation’ part. So, it is important to take the working mood with you, this is easily achieved if you’re travelling with work colleagues. What if you’re on your own? Or what if you’ve travelled with family?

Find your tribe! Do your best to find like-minded people during working hours. Most destinations will have co-working spaces or cafés dedicated to workers. These will help you get into the work atmosphere.

Set Boundaries

These go both ways: set the right expectations with whoever you’re travelling with but also with your colleague back in the office.

If your workcation companion is a family member, make sure they understand that for the majority of the trip you will be working and may not be available for most activities.

Your colleagues need clear guidelines on how and when to reach you. Will you be checking your emails or is someone else looking after those for you? When will you be available over chat?

If everyone involved knows exactly what to expect, it avoids disappointment and misunderstandings.

Choose accommodation wisely

The right accommodation plays a big role in whether you’ll stay motivated and work productively. Before you decide, make sure your accommodation choices will be a suitable work environment.

Depending on how much work you plan to do, your accommodation should have a good internet connection, a desk and potentially a dedicated workspace. Read reviews and ask questions prior to your arrival.

Have a Routine

As difficult as it might seem, do your best to keep work and your leisure time separate, don’t allow them to bleed into each other. Having a schedule will help you stay organized, plan your time (be it work or pleasure) and avoid needless delays:

  • Commit to set working hours according to the arrangements you’ve set with your employer
  • Set goals: how much work do you need to have finished for the day? What deadlines must you deliver on?
  • Put together a to-do list and reward yourself for accomplishing the tasks on the list
  • Schedule in lunch and break times (and stick to those times)

Final Words

Once your workday is done and you’ve committed to the goals set, take the time to enjoy and explore wherever you are. Switch off completely and unwind!


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