Moms are busy beings! So, it isn’t a wonder that many of us struggle to prepare and cook a wholesome family dinner every night – one that the kids will love!. Time is short, and work just keeps piling on, and no matter what, you have to put food on the table and feed your hungry children. To get some peace, you may want to put the children into the living room so you can have some extra time to finish preparing the meal. 

But the whole point of mealtime is to get some much-needed and cherished family time together. Instead of isolating yourself from your kids while you cook, think of getting a TV for Kitchen.  It will keep your kids preoccupied while helping you out in the kitchen and be more involved in the meal preparing process.

We have put together some tips on how to make mealtime more fun for your kids and you!

Get The Children Involved

There is no better way to bond with your children than to get them to participate in household activities with you. Aside from teaching valuable skills for how to feed themselves when they grow up, doing meal prep together will also make them feel valued and involved with the concept of food.

You can get them to help you decide what is for dinner and help you along the way. This is a great way for your children to show their creativity if you designate specific tasks for them to perform. They might come up with their suggestions on how to perform the tasks better.

If you have more than one kid, be sure to designate specific tasks to each of them and give them the required items they need, such as aprons, utensils, and ingredients needed to prep the meal. It would be best if you plan to prepare a simple meal, instead of a gourmet one when you are preparing it together.

The children are bound to enjoy themselves as they participate in pouring, measuring, and stirring the ingredients. Doing some of the tasks like grating cheese or cracking open an egg will be extremely gratifying for the kids.


Plan Ahead

Allowing your kids to participate in preparing your meal will have many long-term benefits, so you need to plan ahead to make this possible – even if it might seem hard to fit it into your already busy schedule. Having them take part in meal prepping is an easy way to take the stress out of the kid’s lives. Not to mention the joy of spending quality time together doing something meaningful.

Your kids will be introduced to the concept of meal prepping and the little joys of mixing various ingredients to make tasty dishes. This way, you can teach them the valuable lesson of preparing a healthy, nutritious meal from scratch.  That will potentially set them up for successful healthy lives when they grow up.


Plan Menus Together  

You can ask your kids to help in picking out different menus each week. You can sit together and go through recipe books to choose one that you can enjoy preparing together. Younger kids can take fun by drawing pictures of the food, and older kids can create menu cards.

This way, they will learn more about how to prepare an item and learn different cooking styles by going through the various recipes. It’s also a good way for them to learn what ingredients go into the food – making it easy for them to learn about the ingredients and their nutritional benefits. Plus, you get to lighten your workload a little bit.


Get Them to Set up The Table

Spark some creative thinking by getting your kids to help you set up the table. You can engage the younger kids to cut out strips of paper and write the names of the people sitting at the table, and set them where each person is supposed to sit. You can also ask them to draw table mats by giving them large pieces of paper and crayons.

They will surely enjoy drawing their own versions of the table mats and setting them on the table. They can even try to draw pictures of the people supposed to sit at the table. 

You can also ask your child to decorate the table in any manner they want by picking things from the garden, such as pebbles, twigs, leaves, or candles from inside the house. You can also encourage them to lay the table.

The entire thing might get messy, and you will need to clean it up afterward, but it will be worth the bonding and creative time you will have together. And with practice, the children will polish their skills of setting up the table for dinner. Having an ergonomic kitchen will make things much easier.

Let Them Clean Up With You Afterward

Something to bond over after mealtime is cleaning up after the meal is over. You can encourage your kids to carry the dishes into the kitchen and even wash them while they’re at it. Be sure to arrange for chairs in front of the sink so your little one can stand on the right level to wash dishes in the sink. Now don’t expect perfection.  You may just have to get your kids to rinse the dishes and let the dishwasher do the actual washing. 

However, this keeps them involved and makes them appreciate what level of effort it takes to eat every day.  This will help them develop healthy relationships with food – by avoiding mindless eating with no connection to the food or the way it is prepared and cleaned away after.

Just Make Time For It

You will be surprised to see just how much your child will love the opportunity to help you out in the kitchen, be it for prepping the food or cleaning up afterward. Involving them in prepping the food will require some planning ahead. Like all endeavors, you will find that it will need you to spend a little extra time preparing the meal.

But it will be worth it when you see just how much your kid is enjoying the whole experience, not to mention developing their love for food for a lifetime. So make some time in your busy schedule and get your kid involved in these fun activities, and you will cherish these memories when your kids are all grown up.



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