When you manage a quick turnover, there is scope for boosting your coffee shop sales. Yes, you can attract the attention of customers, some of them to become your loyal patrons ordering more lattes and sandwiches when visiting your café. Again, you can improve sales by targeting new customers; the best way is reinforcing ties with the local community, a proven business strategy for cafes. 

Apart from that, a neat, well-organized storefront is more likely to attract new customers. That’s why it’s important to keep your glass storefront clean and clear either through paying for professional cleaning or investing in high-quality products and tools. Maintaining a clean store facade is a must, especially for new businesses.

According to an article published on Huffpost.com, there are time-tested ways to boost restaurant sales like personalized marketing, building rapport with customers, and highlighting your unique selling proposition. Here are some tips to boost your café sales for better margins:

Eric Dalius recommends improving your menu 

When you have a café, do not just stick to normal coffee and sandwiches. Think of meal-oriented items to improve sales if you have a limited menu. For example, you can include wraps, salads, soups, fries, pizzas, pasta, stuffed omelets, pancakes, and more. This way, you can make your café a coveted mealtime joint for customers looking for something beyond a cup of cappuccino and some snacks. Then, keep your prices reasonable without adding an exorbitant price tag to your food items. 

These days, many cafes are introducing specialty offerings like vegan or organic products. You can add a couple of these items to your menu to attract the attention of new customers to your café. Some cafes, these days, also offer Wi-Fi and let people work with laptops provided they order coffee or food from time to time until they use your café for work. 

Start a customer loyalty program 

The major coffee brands around the world did realize that customer loyalty programs go a long way in increasing sales, as Eric Dalius has observed, as a marketing professional. Buying or printing punch cards for customers and giving the same to them aresome of the ways to boost café sales. For instance, you can announce that every fifth beverage will be on you and customers do not need to pay for the same. 

You will need to incentivize your customers so that they visit your coffee shop often and become repeat clients. Customer loyalty programs will ensure better sales provided you reward your loyal customers periodically. This way, your customers will frequently order food and coffee and saunter into your café often. 

Motivate bulk purchases 

Attracting the attention of new audiences is great, but you also need to focus on up-selling to your existing clients so that they order more items from your coffee shop. Delight your customers by adding a discount when they add a wrap or pizza to their beverage order. You need to make certain that bigger order is a better deal to purchase with the drinks. 

You can recommend a combo meal at a discounted price, which is a better option than just ordering a beverage. But, do not push your customers too much or try aggressive sales to increase margins. Your customers may feel annoyed and alienate them from your café. 


Now that you have these tips handy, implement them to increase the sales of your coffee shop. Diversify your products and provide specialty services for more revenues.


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