Safety is of paramount concern when moving from one place to another. Often the thought of making a safe move induces stress during the time of transition.

Therefore, it is essential to take the proper steps and plan ahead of time to ensure nothing happens to your belongings at all moving stages, including packing, transit, and unpacking.

According to vivint, Some caution and a handful of time-tested tips and techniques can help you ensure nothing happens to your valuables. That said, here is what you can do to keep your belongings safe when moving.

Rent A Storage Unit 

When you are moving, you often have a lot of stuff that you cannot take home. If you are a collector, you might have collectibles that require a temperature control facility. Keeping such valuables in the house can harm them.

Therefore, storage units are an excellent facility to keep them at a place with humidity and temperature controlled at the right level. Make sure your chosen facility is near your house for accessible transit.

To find a facility near your location, you can search online to find the best options. For instance, if you live in Plano, Texas, a search for storage units Plano Texas will give you all the possibilities in Plano, Texas.

Similarly, you can add your location and customize your search. This way you will have less stuff to pack and take to your new house. 

Don’t Advertise Your Move

One way to keep your move safe is by keeping it secretive. You never know what can happen on the road and how people will spread the information even in your friend’s circle.

If you want to break your news of moving to a new place, you can do so by keeping a housewarming party. Some people plan to have a house moving sale to get rid of stuff they don’t need.

But instead of calling it a “moving out sale,” you may advertise it as a yard sale. Give an impression that you are making space for new items or planning to give your house a makeover. 

Label The Boxes

When packing expensive and delicate stuff, never forget to label the boxes with a note of caution, for instance, “handle with care” or “this way up.” This way, you can ensure that these boxes are not mishandled.

Similarly, if a mover company delivers your stuff, they will know how to place these boxes in their truck with extra caution and care. A similar aspect is not to label the boxes with the item’s name inside, specially when they are tempting products.

For instance, a box labeled “PlayStation” is more attractive than one written as “kitchen” items. On the contrary, you can tag the boxes with their destination. 

Pack Slowly And Ahead Of Time

When making a move, pack slowly and ahead of time. This way, you get enough time to pack your stuff with the proper padding and cushioning properly.

Before you start packing, make an inventory of all the items that you want to pack. This way, you can put a group of items together. Start a month before your actual move, starting with the rooms that you rarely use.

Make proper use of bubble wrap, newspaper, and packing tape. Wrap the glass items with padded cloths such as towels and your t-shirts. This can save some money to be spent on buying packing material. 

Choose Plastic Boxes And Containers Over Cardboard

Another trick for ensuring the safety of your belonging is to use plastic boxes and containers instead of cardboard. Plastic boxes are durable, long-lasting, and a value for your money. They are easy to stack, and the items inside do not get crushed under the weight.

You can either buy your own boxes that you can continue using in your new house or rent them from a moving company. Be sure to choose smaller boxes for heavier items such as books. 

Choose Your Mover Company Carefully

You cannot choose any mover company for transporting your valuable stuff. Always make sure to make a proper background check before hiring a company. Read their reviews online and check their ratings as well to be sure of their reputation.

To avoid scams, you need to check if the mover company you hire has all the licensing. All the trustworthy and authentic mover companies have a license number issued by the US Department of Transportation, and it is unique for each company.

Finally, before finalizing, get pricing and quotes from three companies. Compare their pricing against their services, the kind of vehicle they use, and their strategies for ensuring safe transportation. 

Keep Valuables With You

You can keep the bigger and important stuff in the storage unit or moving truck, but for smaller and valuable things like papers, jewelry, etc., keep them with you in the car. You can make a small briefcase of all these things and ensure their safety.

Make sure the suitcase has a proper lock system to amplify the security of the valuables. If you have precious artwork, you can also rent locked containers for their safe transport. 

Get Your Moving Insurance

Even after packing your stuff carefully and making all the arrangements with your mover company for safe transit, you should still contact your home insurance company. Ask them about their policy and what it covers during a move.

If you have valuable items, specially jewelry and artwork, consider asking for an additional cover to eliminate all the potential loopholes that may jeopardize the safety of your belongings. 

Moving to a new place is full of challenges, may it be finding the right moving company or renting a storage facility, there is so much that you need to think and plan ahead. The underlying cause in each of your steps is ensuring the safety of your belongings.

If you are planning to move shortly, make sure to keep the security of your belonging a paramount concern. Make use of the mentioned above tips to help you move smoothly and ensure the safety of your possessions.


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