COVID has done a number on pretty much all of us, and the results have been devastating across the globe. For those who have managed to stay afloat, keep exercising, and maintain a normal level of work ethos, we commend you; for others, it has not been so easy.

Aside from COVID, regular life can get in the way of the lifestyles we dream of. It often feels like there is always somewhere we need to be, or something we need to do that encourages us to end up getting a takeaway for dinner, skipping a hobby night, or avoiding going to the gym.

For those who want to improve their lifestyle for a healthier you, read this piece to find out more. 

Get Exercising 

We know it is revolutionary, isn’t it? We are told time and time again that we have to exercise if we want a healthy lifestyle, something that will sustain us into old age, but it is not often we actually want to hear it. Exercise has often taken on first place when it comes to talking about weight loss and less so about the other effects that we can enjoy. 

Exercising improves our quality of life in so many ways by looking after our bodies. It strengthens our heart, helps build new brain cells, improves circulation, and lowers your blood pressure – the list goes on.

Get Crafty

We live in a western world where if we are lucky enough to have the time and energy to invest in a hobby, we are almost instantly encouraged to monetize it or turn it into a side hustle. 

Well – forget that. Hobbies are to be enjoyed for what they are and offer some excellent health benefits that help us restore our body and mind. Trying crafts such as collaging or knitting are brilliant options for those who are just wanting to start. Knitting is easy to do wherever you go; you can even take it to work when you are on a break! 

There are plenty of beginner patterns and so many yarn styles to choose from at you will definitely find something to suit your style.

Cut Down on Caffeine

It is not something anyone wants to hear, especially those who enjoy their 10 pump hazelnut syrup lattes or those who fear that opening their eyes in the morning will, in fact, be the death of them if they are not able to get their hands on an espresso.

Caffeine can really disrupt our body’s internal processes, make us anxious and jittery, pee far more times than is convenient, and also the crash that follows the initial caffeine spike can make us really tired – and the cycle continues. 

Try cutting down or quitting caffeine to reap some positive benefits such as better sleep, fewer headaches, better balance of brain chemicals, and an improvement in our digestion. These will all make significant changes to the quality of your lifestyle just from one little tweak! 


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