When you’re facing drug charges, the truth is that you’re in for a lot of trouble. There’s no denying that drug charges come with a hefty penalty and prison sentence. Typically, this would depend on the amount of drugs you were found with, the kinds of drugs you’re selling, and the circumstances surrounding your drug offense.

This is a price you’ve got to pay for your negligence. You knew from the very beginning that no one gets any good out of using and selling drugs. But because you still chose that path, now you’ve got to face the consequences.

With that said, however, this doesn’t mean the end of the world for you. There’s always room for rebirth, change, and total recovery from using illicit drugs. What truly matters is what you do after you’ve been charged.

Along that line, here are four things you should do when facing drug charges:

1.Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney Right Away

Drug charges are usually classified as crimes against the state. This means that if you’ve been accused of them, it’s important to seek the help of a drug lawyer. Do this right away as you’ll need a lawyer by your side to represent you each time you talk and deal with any other form of communication. This is a sensitive charge, so you’ve got to be careful about talking without your lawyer present.

Don’t wait until later to hire a lawyer who specializes in drug felonies since you’ll want that lawyer to have ample time to prepare for your case. Even if you’re the criminal here, this doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to a fair trial in court.

Moreover, there are other compelling reasons for you to hire a lawyer as soon as possible:

  • They know the legal environment surrounding drugs, including new policies and laws.
  • They can take care of all the paperwork for you, especially if you’re now detained.
  • They have extensive knowledge of the drug law.

2.Asses Possible Defense Strategies

Your defense strategies are something you’ll have to go through with your lawyer. This can be difficult because the law is anything but friendly when it comes to drug charges. You can expect to have a hard time presenting your defense in court, but it’s also not impossible to get over this kind of hurdle.

Because a drug charge is one against the state, you’re going to be facing a state prosecutor in court. In most instances, the key is for you to wear them down. Some prosecutors are willing to drop the charges to a lower sentence when they feel overwhelmed by your documentary work on top of the hundreds of other cases they’re already handling.

Also, if a prosecutor fails to prove the legal and proper chain of custody of the evidence when you were arrested, then this could enable you to apply for a dismissal of your case as sanctions against the state. The same applies if you can prove that there may be some anomalies surrounding your arrest, such as the tip the authorities received or an error in the search and arrest warrant.

While all that may be a lot to take in, don’t worry because your criminal defense attorney will be there to assist you.

3.Go Through Possible Lab Testing Issues

One of the key steps after your arrest has to do with the manner in which the evidence is handled. Right after the illegal drug is confiscated from your possession, this has to be sent to the proper crime and chemical laboratory of the police for testing.

However, there are procedural aspects that have to be done correctly, such as proper marking, stamping, and entry of this evidence on the police log. Then, the testing has to be 100% accurate. This means the testing device should be fully functional, there should be no mislabeling, and the evidence shouldn’t be lost or tampered with in any way.

Your lawyer can walk through this process and check for any irregularities. While those aren’t frequent occurrences, they do happen, and the state is sanctioned for not doing its job properly.

4.Apply For Rehabilitation

Depending on your local laws, your jurisdiction, and even your judge, there are some courts that are more lenient and understanding toward first-time drug offenses that have only a minimal amount of illegal substances involved. One of the opportunities here for a better outcome is for you to apply for a strict rehabilitation program instead.

For instance, you’ve only been caught with an amount that’s not even substantive in your local laws.

In accepting a plea of guilt, you can be given the choice to submit to a strict rehabilitation program for six months. Go ahead and take that option. It’s certainly better than getting imprisoned. After the rehabilitation, you’ve got a new shot at life. Plus, there’s no conviction recorded in your name.

This is helpful in making sure that you can still create a better future for yourself. Remember that if you get convicted, even when you leave the prison, it’s going to be difficult for you to start again. Some employers will be skeptical about hiring you, and it would be difficult for you to gain people’s trust.

If you’re given the option of rehabilitation in exchange for accepting guilt, then this is certainly a better trade-off. Just be sure that you comply with this strictly, as failure to do so also results in more dire consequences given that you failed at the chance given to you.


With these tips, you can slowly be on the road toward recovering from your unpleasant situation.

You can’t move forward from your drug offense if you don’t do anything about it. It’s enough that you’ve been negligent about using illicit drugs even when you knew you shouldn’t have.

While the consequences are possibly severe, you can always give yourself a new chance at getting better in life. Then, most importantly, see to it that you won’t fall into this same cycle again.


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