The decision to move can be a tough one and may cause high levels of stress. It is especially true if you are doing it entirely by yourself.

While friends and family may assist you in packing and transporting your items, one can’t deny the relief experienced through hiring movers. Most people spare themselves from doing the tedious work by hiring professionals to do the job. 

Hiring professional movers would not only simplify the task and make it quicker but ensure proper packing.

Likewise, it’ll guarantee additional safety of your belongings, especially for fragile objects. Most moving companies allow customers to choose the services best suited for their needs or customize them accordingly. 

So how should one go about hiring the most suitable movers? Read on to learn eight things to check before selecting one.

Determining the Services Required  

Before hiring professional movers, you need to determine the size of the move and the services you seek, along with what the local movers are offering. 

How much is the distance of the move? How many items need to be transported? Is it a residential move or a commercial one? Do you need a partial service where a few extra hands help you in packing your things? Or do you require a full service where the company would assist in packing, transporting, and unloading? 

Assess these questions to pick the most suitable mover company for your relocation needs. Alongside this, you have to choose movers that provide the most services while not charging extra for it.

So, check out the moving company in your region and evaluate all the services they offer. For instance, if you’re in Seattle, look for Seattle Movers that provide complete services for local and long-distance moves of both residential and commercial types.

Compare before Choosing

Researching the local movers available in your area and evaluating the different services in terms of time, cost, and reliability is also required. It is never wise to accept the first quote you receive from the mover. Instead, ask for multiple quotes from the mover companies and compare these offers to make the most viable choice. 

Choosing the quote with the lowest bid might seem like the obvious decision. However, there are other crucial factors you should take into consideration as well.

One company might charge you extra for the service but might be the most reliable professional around. Another company might charge you less, but their credibility might be questionable. Comparing several movers might even unearth various services you can add to your list of move-out you didn’t think of before. 

Request a Walk-Through 

It might seem more convenient and viable to receive a quote through a phone call or email. However, requesting an in-house or walk-through survey is recommended before receiving a quote, especially if it is your first time moving. 

A professional mover company would send over representatives who have thoroughly gone through the moving details with you.

Once they have surveyed the dimensions and weights of the items personally, the quote provided is likely to be more accurate. Likewise, there will also be fewer chances of over or underestimation.

Check References

Ask your friends and family who have recently moved to refer you to a reliable mover company. It is better to hear their experiences and prepare for any inconveniences or issues that might arise during the process.

Checking for positive reviews online might also assist you in making a decision. You can find reviews of previous customers by searching for local movers on Google or HomeAdvisor. You can get detailed experiences and ratings regarding cost, reliability, accuracy, etc. 

This step will provide the ease of mind that you’re selecting the best movers in town. 

Be Mindful of Large Deposits

Most mover companies require you to pay a considerable amount of deposit, especially if many items or long distance is involved. Several experienced movers claim that a reasonable amount for deposit is somewhere between 20 to 30 percent of the move.

The amount of deposit required by each mover company may vary. Suppose the mover company insists on charging a hefty amount. In that case, you must evaluate their credibility or reconsider choosing another company.

Verify Their Credentials 

Never consider handing over your belongings to a mover company that is not licensed or insured. Only companies with valid licenses and insurance are worth considering to avoid scammers. To require a permit, companies need to fulfill specific requirements, one of which is insurance. 

A licensed mover company is more reliable when safely transporting your belongings and is liable to provide for repairing or replacing items in case of any damage. Each state has its laws and regulations, and therefore, the licenses and registrations may vary. For example, truck registration with the US Departments of Transportation is necessary for movers who provide interstate moving services to customers.

Check the Schedules

Before deciding the day of the move-out, you might need to check schedules to select a less busy day. Most mover companies have a busy time during the start of the month as many people are moving out because of license renewals.

Planning your move-out during an off-peak time would be a better decision. Scheduling a mid-month moving thus would be quicker and less costly as compared to other times. 


Moving can be truly stressful, whether it is a local or a long-distance move. One might choose to do the whole process individually to reduce costs. However, many people take help from professional mover companies that facilitate the complete or partial move. With an array of tasks that need to be catered to when making a move, safe and secure transportation of your belongings may be the most critical one.

References from loved ones or online reviews are a great way of determining whether to choose or not to choose a particular mover.

However, do consider factors such as credibility, reliability, and timing. Thus, it is essential to choose a company that meets most, if not all, of your moving requirements without putting a dent in your pocket.



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