Gamers know that when they’re in the middle of a marathon gaming session, comfort is critical. There’s nothing like preparing to beat the biggest boss in the game only to find that your feet have gone numb from sitting for too long.

Fortunately, the Yogibo bean bag chair is so comfortable that you can sit for as long as you need to complete your mission. The Yogibo line of products conforms to your body and eliminates pressure points so that you can worry about the game and not your pain. 

Choose Your Favorite Position

If you’ve played video games for any length of time, you’ve probably experienced the back and neck pain that can come with sitting in one position for a significant amount of time while you battle your virtual opponents.

You get so into the game that you don’t think about how your body is positioned. That is, you don’t worry about it until you’re done with the game and the pain sets in.

Yogibo bean bag products are filled with microbeads that conform to your body, no matter what position you prefer for gaming. If you prefer to be in a seated position, the Yogibo Max or Short can form into a chair and allow you to sit in a traditional gaming position.

However, some gamers prefer to lay down and prop their shoulders up with a pillow. The Yogibo can provide superior support in this position as well. No matter how you like to sit while you’re gaming, you’ll find that your entire body is supported when you sit or lie on a Yogibo.

Enjoy a Game With a Friend

Most traditional gaming chairs are designed for one person, but if you get the Yogibo Max, you can fit up to four people on one piece of furniture. This six-foot long microbead pillow provides the perfect amount of back support for all your friends as you battle each other or online competitors in a video game.

The Yogibo Short can seat two people, so if you don’t have the space for the longer Max, the Short will still allow you to share a game with a buddy and you’ll both enjoy the support you need for the long haul.

Washable Cover

Let’s face it: gaming can get exciting and if you have food or drinks in the area, you might just spill some onto your Yogibo in your exuberance. Don’t worry, though. All Yogibo bean bag products come with removable, washable cotton-blend covers.

You can simply remove the cover, toss it into the washer, then air dry it until it’s as good as new. The chair you choose to game in must be durable and stand up to liquids and foods of all kinds. The Yogibo is definitely up to the task.

Functional and Stylish

While function is the most important aspect of the Yogibo for gamers, style matters, too. The Yogibo is available in numerous colors to match any decor, and even if you’re not into interior design, you still want to pick a bean bag chair that matches your personality. Whether you’re into bright colors or more subtle shades, there’s a Yogibo for you.


Gamers need comfort if they’re going to truly enjoy the video game experience. In the past, you were likely limited by chairs that attempted to provide this comfort but fell short. With the Yogibo, though, you’ll never have to worry about being uncomfortable in the middle of a game again.


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