Cheating can be disastrous and heartbreaking. If you happen to be the partner that is being cheated on, it just saps all the energy, hope, and emotions within you.  Knowing about the fact that you are being cheated on alone is enough to cause pain. There is just this anger in you; should you confront them right away in full force? Or be soft and try to understand their perspective? Where have you gone wrong?

How should you even say it? All of these thoughts stir up fury in you. As challenging as confronting a cheater maybe it, what is even more excruciating and devastating is what the cheating partner says.

Therefore, this article has compiled some of the things that cheaters say when confronted; to prepare your minds for what their response and reactions will be when you confront them. 

Cheaters Excuse #1:  “I didn’t know why I did it.”

Shockingly, when confronted, one of the things these cheating partners say when confronted is, ‘I just do not know why I did it,’ ‘I do not have the foggiest idea why I did it.’ They have no reason or basis to justify this act of infidelity. They are attempting to disclose that they are as stunned by their conduct as you may be.

Yes, of course, how well will you be able to accuse them if they cannot comprehend what had occurred there themselves? However, a classic response you can give to this kind of excuse is offering them a therapy.

‘How about we go for therapy concerning this issue then? They may likewise make it about their childhood days, where they witnessed their parents cheating or caught wind of it. While there might be a trace of validity in this, it is critical to sort out some way to manage it going ahead.

Cheaters Excuse #2: “You were so distant, I felt lonely.”

When your partner criticizes you for being inaccessible, they are playing the casualty card. This criticism happens more often than not when you have detected the ensured indications of cheating and went up against them.

The lines they will utilize are, ‘you were not there for me,’ ‘I felt lonely,’ ‘I was worn out of waiting for you,’ ‘whenever you were around, I still felt your absence emotionally,’ ‘we were just not into each other as we used to be , and that was hurting,’ and so on. During this period, the “outside person” came along offering care and love, and they just slipped. Your partner will attempt to cause you to accept that it was your flaw.

Cheaters Excuse #3: “It meant nothing, it was just a fling.”

When you are going up against a cheating partner, the primary thing that they will do is attempt to win back your confidence and disclose to you that it didn’t mean anything. Although your partner admits to doing this act, they tell you that there were no emotions involved.

They try to assure you that what they had, does not compromise your relationship with them, that the other thing was an indulgence, a brief weakness, possibly a fling. All in all, inferring that it is no biggie and you should proceed onward.

Cheaters Excuse #4: “It just happened, it was a drunken mistake.”

Something else that partners state when they are caught is that it simply occurred. They depict that the cheating episode was something that was beyond their control. They consider it an “intoxicated mix-up.”

If it was only a mix-up, then, for what reason did your partner not inform you regarding it as soon as it happened?’ Also, are they still not contacting this “outside person”? Slip-ups may happen once; however, if this has happened more than once, is it a mistake at that point as well?

Cheaters Excuse #5: “I wasn’t thinking straight. He/she seduced me.”

When cheating partners are confronted, what they say varies. In situations where the cheating partner cannot discover an exit plan, they will attempt to accuse the individual they are cheating with.

They will reveal how they told the individual they were in a genuine relationship or already married, yet the individual continued seducing them.

Your partner will attempt to play the casualty card and depict that it was the other individual who enticed them, and afterwards, things ran wild. Your partner was keen on this “other individual,” which prompted the affair in all actuality. As is commonly said, it takes two hands to applaud.

Cheaters Excuse #6: “I got bored with our relationship, I was exhausted.”

After the unique romantic phase of a relationship wears off, things become ordinary due to everyday practice. ‘We don’t engage in sexual relations as we used to,’ they state. Or then again, ‘We both have started underestimating things; we are not a need in this relationship for one another any longer.’

Weariness is a major issue seeing someone nowadays, yet it can’t substitute for an affair. What is needed to keep the sparkle alive should be on both of you. Additionally, you have been exhausted; however, you didn’t take the course of cheating on them. Getting exhausted of the relationship does not legitimize that your partner should go ahead cheating. 

Cheaters Excuse #7: “It was all in the past, it’s now over.”

A few affairs end the second the cheating partner understands that it was a slip-up and decides to proceed with the relationship/marriage instead of proceeding with the affair.

Your partner might be straightforward here when they reveal to you that it’s finished. Pardoning your partner is exclusively your choice. Please tune in to what your partner needs to state about it and settle on a choice.

Cheaters Excuse #8: “It was simply flirting, nothing more.”

In this situation, it isn’t easy to make out if truly what your partner is stating is valid or not. ‘You are just giving in to unpleasant a suspicion, what we have is a tad of cheerful prodding,’ ‘we are simply friends,’ ‘we are just coworkers in the same office.’ Your partner can cause you to appear to be the uncertain one and call you fixated.

They would state that you have added an excessive amount to nothing, and this strains the relationship. In any case, you have seen the indications of cheating for a long time. Harmlessly flirting is not bad, but at times, it may lead to something deeper that you did not ask for, especially when it is with someone who believes it is tending somewhere.

Cheaters Excuse #9: “You were the first to cheat on me.”

There are cases where the accused will change into being the accuser. When you defy your partner about the cheating, they will begin blaming you for cheating on them instead. They will raise a few episodes where they felt jealous and will start to pose inquiries around them.

Regardless of whether they realize that you have not slept with them, they will say, ‘Yet you wanted to!’ This accusation is their method of belittling you in their attempt to eliminate the fault on themselves. Such a circumstance happens when your partner does not regret their activities and attempts to legitimize those by belittling your character in place of theirs.

Cheaters Excuse #10: “I’m not pleased with you.” 

Your partner will say something else when confronted with cheating is that they are no longer happy with you in the marriage/relationship. They will accuse the relationship/marriage and even request that you, in return, should want out of it.

Your partner will confess to undermining you and say that it has been since a long time ago they have intended to cut off the relationship with you. They will admit not to say that the relationship’s defects drove them to discover satisfaction somewhere else.


There are times when your cheating partners will, in general, undermine you; however, once they realize their mistakes, they choose to return to their relationship/marriage. Other cheating partners do not in any way regret their acts and concoct reasons to conceal their affair.

What’s more, there are the partners that accuse you when you go up against them. Nevertheless, your partner may request pardoning, promising you that they will never do it again. Regardless of whether to give them one more opportunity is your choice.


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