Stay at Home Moms vs. Stay at Home Dads

In this article, the differences between the stay at home moms vs. stay at home dads.

While the role is the same, it appears the way that the individual is perceived can be different.

As the statistics continue to rise, it is important to have a better understanding of today’s stay at home parent.

Socioeconomic Factors 

As the socioeconomic factors are changing in the world.

Many parents are opting to become stay at home parents.

While you are likely more familiar with the stay at home mom.

Changing Trends 

Dads have been joining the statistics more and more.

The stigma that is normally attached to the label is now turning into envy that is felt by other parents.

Some parents do it because they want to spend more time with their children, while others are in between jobs.

No matter the reason, being a stay at home parent has been proven a tough job.

While the comforts of home are present, there is also a much greater sense of responsibility for keeping it clean and orderly.

No matter what job you work, if you do it from home, it automatically becomes harder to let go when you are no longer on the clock.


Clock Never Stops 

To a stay at home parent, the clock never stops. Life becomes a race from one chore to the next. 

From managing the children to cleaning up around the house, this is a job that is bound to keep your hands full.

A lot of people do not get much credit for this position. To some, it might appear that the person is just being lazy.

What Do They Do All Day?

What Do They Do All DayAt any standard job, the day is normally full of a scheduled list of tasks to complete.

This comes along with a boss or supervisor breathing down your neck to make sure you are on track.

A lot of stress can stem from the typical job, no matter what field you are in.

Stay at home parents have their own schedule and tasks, as some fail to realize.

Their work begins as soon as they wake up, and it does not end until the moment their head hits the pillow at night.

This is a full-time job with overtime, nights, and weekends.

Moms have always been given a more nurturing label.

For this reason, it appears that stay at home moms have a more emotional connection to the way they move through their days.

They are able to comfort their children while also still making their spouses happy and keeping the chores on track.

When both parents are present, it is normally still going to be the mom that takes action first because this is part of human nature.

This is especially true when it comes to children who are struggling.

Moms will tend to comfort their children quicker because it just feels natural.

While dads are fully capable of providing comfort and emotional support, moms tend to take the lead on this action.

This can create difficulties for a stay at home dad because the children might become difficult or unruly until the mom gets home.

It is an obstacle that many stay at home dads face. 

In order to establish equal authority and ability.

The mom often has to offer some transitional help if the dad is the one who is staying at home.

While this is not a negative aspect of stay at home parenting, it can become a challenging one.

Other than this, stay at home dads will complete the same tasks that stay at home moms complete.

How Are They Perceived?

How Are They Perceived?Without a doubt, stay at home dads get more judgmental reactions from onlookers.

Due to toxic masculinity and the way it is viewed positively in today’s society, it is easy for others to judge a man who stays at home(source).

Even though both parents can share equal roles, it is hard for others to wrap their heads around.

Even despite this judgment, the roles that each parent plays is not to be influenced by others.

As long as they have a clear agreement of what each person is responsible for.

There should be no problem if one parent takes on the role of staying home.

Anyone who is a stay at home parent is bound to face some type of judgment or adversity.

A lot of people will view a stay at home mom as weak or incapable of supporting the household financially.

While this might not be true at all, it is a label that people are quick to use.

This can be detrimental to a mom’s self-esteem if she takes the judgment to heart.

No matter what role a person takes on in their own household, there is going to be outside judgment.

When someone or something is different, other people might not understand it because of that fact alone.

If you are a stay at home parent, know that others do not need to understand it.

As long as your family is happy and healthy, then others should not have a say in what you are doing in your personal life.

Despite the many misconceptions that come with stay at home parenting, it is a very rewarding lifestyle.

Taking away the stress of a traditional job and being with your family more is unbeatable.

What Is The Difference?

What is the Difference?Though there might be some subtle daily differences in tasks that are required.

The roles of the stay at home mom and stay at home dad are similar.

Both require a loving and available parent who is willing to take on a lot at once.

This kind of devotion shows that this person truly cares about the family dynamic.

A great way to occupy your time, stay at home parents are truly undervalued in today’s society.

If you are thinking about becoming one, do it for yourself and your family.

Despite what other people have to say, you should believe in yourself to know that you are a great parent no matter where you have to spend your day.   Stay at home moms many times fail to pick up any mom hobbies.  


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