Crossbody bags are a stylish way to go hands-free. Crossbody bags for ladies are more than a stylish accessory. As everyone who has ever worn women’s clothing knows that when the pockets aren’t sewn on, they aren’t suitable to carry much of anything. 

Something for Every Outfit

There aren’t many things worse than lacking a bag to match your look. If you need to be hands-free but have a handbag that matches, that’s a very tough choice to make. Don’t leave it to flipping a coin. 

 Women have cupboards dedicated to bags. A lot of these bags won’t be crossbody bags. Make space for them. You do need different types of bags. Don’t under look the crossbody bag. They can replace your handbag collection. 

 It feels good to match. It gives confidence. It leaves the right impression. Women are only now waking up to the convenience of being hands-free. In all those years without suitable pockets, we grew used to the handbag. 

 Better Than Pockets

Anyone who has ever worn men’s jeans knows overstuffed pockets create unsightly bulges. Phones unlock themselves as if by magic inside pockets and calls are accidentally made. A crossbody bag keeps your trousers in shape without risking items falling out or embarrassing unintended phone calls. 

 Black Doesn’t Go With Everything

Black is the go-to color for a lot of accessories, but it won’t match everything. Black may suit the white dress or a dark purple suit, but it will be jarring with bright yellow and wedge sandals. Much like buying multiple handbags, hands-free women will want multiple crossbody bags


It is a well-known fact that women’s clothing lacks suitable pockets. Just look at all the memes that circulate social media about it. A lack of pockets doesn’t mean women don’t have an essential list of items they need to carry around.

Keys, mobile and wallet all need to be put somewhere. Men have the luxury of being hands-free. They have better pockets and less to carry around. 

 A crossbody bag sits on the hip, leaving your hands free to hold shopping or maintain balance while out for a walk. It isn’t a bag that needs keeping track of like a handbag. It is smaller than a shoulder bag, and the weight is more evenly distributed. 


Crossbody bags quickly move from sitting on the hip to sitting in front of you in high-risk areas. The strap crosses the body, hence the name. A crossbody bag user is less likely to be targeted by bag snatchers. Bag snatchers look for a quick getaway and will find someone with a bag in their hand or hanging on their shoulder. 

 Any Occasion

Crossbody bags are suited to any occasion. Much like handbags, they come in different sizes, shapes and colors. No wardrobe is complete without at least one. The convenience and versatility of a crossbody bag make them easy to fall in love with. 


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