Starbuck Gift Basket Ideas 
Starbucks Gift Baskets are great for someone you know loves coffee, but you don’t know much about them.

Why Get A Starbucks Gift Basket

You need a gift for a coffee lover, but you don’t know anything about what coffee lovers like.  

That’s okay.  That’s why gift baskets were invented.  They hit a few different areas of coffee-loving so your coffee lover can try things they’ve never had before.

Probably a bunch of stuff they love, or a combination of both.  It’s a perfect gift! 

Gift baskets are a fantastic idea for a coffee lover.  There are so many options with all kinds of goodies.

They can sometimes be personalized or they can be generic.  I’ve included some of each so you can see the variety. 

They are also a good idea for people you know well and want to gift them a variety of items.

The fact is, you can never go wrong with a coffee lover’s gift basket.

Starbucks Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

Starbucks Gourmet Coffee Gift BasketDoes your coffee lover love Starbucks?  Most people either love or hate Starbucks. 

This Starbucks coffee lover’s gift basket is perfect for someone who loves Starbucks. 

If you know someone who makes a daily run to Starbucks, or has mentioned loving Starbucks, this is a fantastic gift basket for them.You really can’t go wrong if you give them a variety to enjoy and try these Starbucks drinks

Even if they just love coffee, this is a great gift.  It has lots of gourmet coffee ideas.  This one is going on my wish list for sure!

Gourmet Coffee Lover’s Gift Basket With Baked Goods

Gourmet Coffee Lover’s Gift Basket With Baked GoodsThis mouth-watering gift basket is great for someone who loves coffee and loves baked goods(moms’ favorite hobby). 

This basket has tons of bang for your buck.  It’s got coffee samples, baked goods like biscotti, and granola bars.  

The baked goods are not store-bought, they are freshly made.  Try this gift basket today. 

Try Gourmet Coffee With More Baked Goods

This one is similar to the last, but double the delish!

Gourmet Coffee Lover’s Gift Basket With Baked GoodsThis one is a bit different with old fashioned coffee cake and a variety of mini breads. 

All baked goods are made fresh with fresh ingredients. 

It’s like grandma delivering you a basket of baked goods and coffee! 

This gift is perfect for someone who likes to enjoy a treat with their coffee. 

So pretty much everyone!  Who doesn’t love a delicious fresh baked good with their coffee?!


Coffee Lovers Gift Basket With A Bit Of Everything

Coffee Lovers Gift Basket With A Bit Of EverythingThis gift basket is perfect for your sister, mother, girlfriend, aunt, girlfriend, wife, or any other woman in your life that loves coffee. 

It includes items like a t-shirt, mug, candle, soap and a bracelet. 

This is a great gift for someone who loves coffee. If you don’t know the specifics of what they exactly like, this would do the trick.  

It’s generic enough that every female coffee lover will like it but specific enough for a coffee lover to enjoy.

Gift Basket For Newlyweds

This is an adorable gift basket that is customizable and made to order 

With a “Wifey” mug and a “Hubby” mug as well as some delicious Starbuck coffee in a serving tray. 

Gift Basket For NewlywedsIt has a rustic feel, which is really popular now.

This is great for a first Christmas, a bridal gift basket, a wedding gift, a first anniversary, or just for a happy couple.

Starbucks Coffee And Teavana Tea Gift Basket

You can put gift baskets in anything, boxes from Costco covered in wrapping paper or shipping boxes.

The Starbucks coffee and Teavana gift basket is a sensible and warm gift screaming love.

This Starbucks gift basket will perk up any occasion with a 20-ounce stainless steel tumbler, Pike Place and Veranda ground coffee.

You could mix with instant caffe mocha latte, hot cocoa, Teavana green and more.

Starbucks And Teavana Assortment Gift Basket

This Starbucks assortment will be well received.

A charming collection that includes Walker’s shortbread cookies.

Hot cocoa, Starbucks Verona and Pike Place roast coffee, and a keepsake Starbucks mug.

This is a great idea of a thoughtful gift that will be remembered every time a cup of coffee is savored. You could try this during the holidays.

Coffee Beans!

Coffee Beans for Starbucks gift basketsNo coffee gift basket is complete without coffee beans. But wait! Here’s where many people go wrong.

Coffee beans have a short shelf-life in terms of peak freshness.

Whole beans only have 2-3 weeks in this super-flavorful time frame after being roasted. After that, the flavors fall apart and disappear very quickly.

Many coffee gift baskets are built weeks in advance.

Which means that a bag of coffee beans isn’t going to be in peak freshness once the gift is actually given 10-20 days later. Sad!

You don’t want to gift stale beans alongside the other thoughtful items. You want to give your coffee lover the best, freshest beans you can.

Instead of buying a bag of coffee that goes stale quickly, a coffee subscription could come in handy.

The service sends your coffee lover beans that are roasted and shipped the very next day. The bag then arrives at their doorstep a couple days later!

Final thoughts

Simply amazing Starbucks gift baskets ideas are here at your fingertips!

Check out great gift baskets that are filled with selections of the mouth-watering ground and instant coffees. 

In the list also think of savory coffee accompaniments including shortbread cookies, rum cakes and chocolate chip cookies.

These Starbucks coffee gift baskets ideas are sure to please your coffee lover!



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