Social Skills are very important. A sage I know calls it the art of talking and the system of relationship. Basically, socialization is relating to people and understanding them. In this guide, we will go over various ways to improve social skills at school.

But this old art is yet to be explored by a large number of people. And this anti-social attitude usually stem from childhood.

It becomes even more prevalent in our teenage years. This seems to prevent certain students from effectively surviving in the school environment. But the good news still remains- there is always a degree of correction to any so-called ill.

Certain steps can be taken to come out of our shells and carry out the art of talking indeed.

Know the Kind of Person You Are

This simple rule is to know how you work and interact with people. If you are a reserved person, don’t attempt to go talk in front of the class. Begin by relating with people individually. Get to talk with people.

Make them interested in you too. Keep steady one-on-one relationships with your classmates. And soon, when you face the whole class, you’ll realize that you are talking to familiar faces.

Expand your Social Circle

Begin to talk to anyone, everyone and everywhere. On the bus, on the way to school or in the school restaurant.

Strike up interesting conversations and do follow up on them. Get contacts and give them a call later in the day.

However, don’t always sound to ready to talk. Ask open-ended questions and make them talk about themselves.

Smile Always

An ancient proverb says: “A smile is the greatest way to disarm a man”.

You can make the greatest friends in the world through just an extension of your mouth tissues. It attracts people to you naturally. 

My mom always told me: “A smile can endear the whole world to you”. And don’t forget to make people smile too. Just recently, Barack made Melanie smile so broadly in public. So, why can’t you?

Be Ready to Learn Every Day

The entire process of socialization is all about three things. Learning. Adapting. Adopting. You should study and learn the character of your peers then gradually, you will adapt to their style of thinking and their approach to doing things.

And sometimes, you begin to do like they do and use words they use also. Then can they officially refer to you as a friend indeed.

Now this one is pretty important

Dress Code Is Important 

Fashion is one of the reasons many people feel so out of form in social relationships. But this little problem can be solved easily.

Yeah, you may not have a Versace-lined wardrobe but you should know that the most expensive wears don’t always look great. 

Just iron your shirts to perfection and respect would come banging on your doors. Just Google it- a good blend of colors and you can start to appeal to many. Also, you will become an enviable walking fashion statement.

Commend Everybody Sincerely

Man’s ego would always make him thirsty for praises. And you are just the person to satisfy that thirst. Find something really worth commending in a person: a cloth, a skill, a habit. 

Praises can make anybody including that mean bully in class blush. Just know the timing, see the opening and cash in. Be sure they will be glad to talk to you knowing that you appreciate them.

Engage in New Things.

Visit new places, attend events, go for hangouts, go hiking, spelunking, or mountaineering- find new hobbies. Meet new people.

Eat at other unfamiliar restaurants. Crave for new things and new things will find you. Be involved in new sports. Try out judo even if you play badminton and see how other people relate.

The knowledge of diverse human circles will help you interact with people far more easily. By the way, a medal or two can make you far more popular that you can ever imagine. Being a mascot in fact can garner you a sizeable fan base.

Never Judge Others.

Even when you see stupidity staring at you squarely in the face, do not snicker or laugh. When you see a mistake, smile inwardly but try not to express it because it could make a person very embarrassed in people and a bad opinion could be made of you.

And if you really feel the need to correct a mate or even a teacher, let it be done in secret. You certainly will be loved and appreciated for it.

Help Others Passionately.

Without any bias, support everyone around you. Well, classmates will always have undone or unfinished assignments. Work well in project groups in order to achieve a set goal. Be good and kind.

Also, give as much as you can afford-it really pays, remember Karma? Helping others make them feel you care about their well-being and in turn, they will care about yours.

Talk to your Parent or Guardian.

Tell them how much of a social person you want to become. They have been down that path so they never lead astray and of course, they always have the right places to take you to.

Read Books on Socializing.

Knowledge is a fountain that never runs dry. It provides perfectly for everyday needs like this. Books will give you greater insight on handling people

Learn to Tolerate Bad Guys.

This is so impossible at times. Some people just seem to hate you because you are… you! Just take your mind off them.

There always will be people who will dislike you no matter how hard you try to impress them. Keep calm. Fights are never the true way out of those-a smile and a cool head is.

Very importantly, in your quest to make new friends, never dump your best buddies- they are the real foundation of friendship anytime, anywhere.

However, keep being yourself. Never let go of being yourself. Having known what you crave for, go for it. But in the process, don’t lose yourself. 

Yes, you can still improve on your personal values but don’t compromise. It could make you confused as to your personality. Be gradual in conforming to other principles but make sure they never totally shatter yours.

Keep loving and be good at it! Good luck in becoming the best relationship artist you crave to become.


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