Best Social Hobbies For IntrovertsRegardless of the personality we possess as an individual, we are all social beings and everyone needs some social hobbies to meet our need for belonging. Read our guide of Best Social Hobbies For Introverts.

Most of the time, introverts keep themselves aside and do not like to be been involved in social hobbies but nevertheless, being social is very important to our emotional and mental and physical being.

For today, let us discuss the best hobbies for introverts. Whether you are an extrovert who is trying to understand your introvert friends or if you are an introvert looking for a new hobby, this article has a few things that will help you.

1. Drawing or Painting

DrawingDrawing and painting are some of the most preferred hobbies by introverts.

In particular, painting has the same effect with meditation since it involves a lot of silence, focus, and steady engagement until the painting project is completed.

Based on the words of Pablo Picasso; “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary” and this is yet another reason why introverts should give painting a try.After all, Craft + Leisure is the perfect way to focus on your thoughts and express your creativity

2. Travel

TravelTraveling is a great activity that helps introverts explore the world and in the process, they encounter different people.

Different ways of life and cultures, take photographs and also visit some of the most exciting places on the planet.

In our modern world, remote work has become very popular and many introverts are transitioning to part-time work while they travel.

Some introverts may prefer travelling alone and this makes it easy to take solo or group trips.

Travelling alone helps introverts explore the exact things they want to see, try new foods without and interact with people from a different society without any interference.

However, traveling with a small circle of friends can take the travel experience to another level and this can offer a relaxed chance even for socialization.

3. Reading

 man reading a bookReading is one of the classic introvert hobbies as it allows them to get lost in an interesting book while trying to ponder the meaning.

For introverts, reading is a great win because not only does one spend time alone but also we get a chance to get away from our stressful world to a world of imagination.

Sometimes, one can also spice up their reading time by attending a silent reading party where one can read alone within a group of other readers for several hours and later on if interested one can talk a little bit to your fellow readers.

4.Volunteer work

Volunteer workFor the introverts who spend most of their time on a screen watching movies or TV shows, you might experience more joy and fulfillment by volunteering yourself to an animal orphanage and while you are there helping the animals.

You might have the opportunity to meet and interact with other volunteers.

One can also opt to volunteer to work with a church group or soup kitchens which offer meals for various occasions.

On these occasions, you don’t have to work on the floor serving guests but you can work behind the scenes where you will have a good chance to interact with other people preparing the food.

Another effective way for introverts to meet and socialize is to join small groups that are involved in various charity activities like distributing clothes or food for the less privileged and in the process, not only are you contributing towards humanitarian efforts but you also get a chance to socialize with other people.

5. Coffee And A Talk

Coffee And A TalkWhat a better way for an introvert to socialize than when seated with a confidant while taking a cup of coffee or any other favorite drink.

As this affords one an opportunity to share their dreams, discuss a book and anything else that is of importance.

You can try doing this at home or better in a coffee shop to make where the environment is more social as everyone needs to share their feelings in a social and a relaxed mood.

Naturally, introverts have few friends and a small social network but they are great at socializing in their own preferred way.

Perhaps their preference for small social groups helps them avoid conflict, misinterpretation, and criticism that is occasionally experienced in larger social groups.

6. Watching Educational Shows or Movies

Watching Educational Shows or MoviesAs we mentioned when we discussed reading, introverts love one thing; getting completely lost in a different world.

Watching great TV shows or movies takes us to another world with little effort.

As an introvert, you can regularly treat yourself by going to the movie theatre and many always find it very therapeutic.

As an introvert, watching movies or TV allows you to spend time with other people and this drastically improves the watching experience especially when you want to have people around you and you are not in a loquacious mood

7. Attending Entertainment Events

Attending Entertainment EventsBecause one is an introvert does not mean that they cannot enjoy watching live theatre performance or other events like concerts.

Although these events will be attended by a large number of people, attendance does not mean that you have to socialize with every person who is present.

However, if any stranger initiates a conversation with you, most of the time it will be a comment regarding the performance and anyone can respond to this without any hesitation.

8. Group Photography And Observing

Observing is one of the activities that tops an introvert’s list of hobbies.

It involves things like people watching and bird watching and this is great opportunity where one can observe things closely and even one can notice things they have never noticed before.

However, observing with a small group of people makes it more interesting since one can share their experiences, and feelings towards various things or occurrences.

Most of the time, observing is always accompanied by photography and it is a common practice for introverts to be found photographing wildlife, landscape, and nature.

While taking that perfect shot of when watching birds, one escapes from the bustle of day-day life since this is a very joyful experience especially when one is doing this with a few friends.

In our oversaturated and stimulating world, living as an introvert is a big challenge but one can thrive by channeling the energy to the right thing especially the hobbies that make us happy and improves our well being.

After partaking fun activities like the ones discussed above, as an introvert, you will find yourself relaxed, refreshed, happy, more confident and ready to face whatever life throws to you.


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