The fact that you are reading this article makes it clear that you already know shaving is more than just a cheap can of shaving cream and a disposable razor. You understand that getting the best results when shaving is worth the investment.

Beard care has recently become a booming business. You can find all types of products to help maintain a healthy beard.

Self-care has started to take a front seat in the mainstream consciousness of men. Gone are the days of the all-in-one shampoo and body wash. More men are starting to realize the health, mental, and physical benefits of self-care. 

Men now use several products that are meant to improve their skin, hair, and beard. There are many serums and pastes designed especially for beards. There are even hot combs designed to help make beards more manageable as they get longer.

All of these products have great benefits but they are all wasted if you can not cleanly shave your beard. Imagine using a disposable razor to clean up your beard and going low on your cheek line. Now you have to shave and start over. For many men, this would be devastating. 

Shaving Investments

Like anything else in life if you want a nice beard it takes investment. There will be an investment of time and an investment of money. Making sure you have the right tools is the most important part.

When trying to choose the best shaving implement there are pros and cons to the options. One thing that is never an option is an electric razor or a disposable razor. Both give subpar results and should be avoided at all costs.

The traditional razor with multiple blades is an acceptable option. Make sure to do your research and read reviews before making your choice if you go this route. Make sure that you change the blade often to receive the best shave.

The traditional razor is easy to use and is also known as a safety razor. You normally will not cut yourself badly because of the way the blades are held in the head of the razor.

If you are a more experienced shaver or up for the challenge of learning a new skill, the straight razor provides the best shave. Its shape and razor blade position allow you to be very exact and create clean and sharp lines. You are more likely to nick yourself but with practice, this will happen less often.

Another important investment to make in your shaving routine is the purchase of a hot lather dispenser. This will take your self-care game to another level.

Hot Lather Dispenser

A hot lather dispenser will make every shave feel like a trip to the spa. Imagine, It’s a brisk winter morning and you are getting ready for your day. It is time to edge up the old beard. 

Now, do you want to get the can of shaving gel and squirt cold shaving gel into your hand and send shivers up your spine? No, you want to use your hot lather dispenser and get warm shaving cream dispensed straight into your hand that makes you feel soothed and calm.

No-brainer right? On top of just making you feel better and lifting your spirits, warming your shaving product softens the hair and helps to keep the skin soft. It is much better for your face to use warmed shaving gel or cream.

To wrap all this up, You deserve the highest level of self-care for all the stress you endure daily. You also deserve to have an amazing-looking beard. So make an investment in yourself. You will be glad you did.


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