You have that stunning royal blue dress that fits so well except for one thing. The right shoe to go with it! It can be frustrating, right? Your dress might have probably been lying gorgeously in your closet without being in use.

It might be because you are not sure of the correct color of shoes to use. Or, you just recently bought it, have a party to attend in a few weeks or days but still confused about what color of shoes to wear with it. 

A royal blue dress along with the rocker bottom shoes will be a perfect fit for those who love a clean but trendy look. I suggest you wear rocker shoes because they have a classy design that will grab everyone’s attention in a second.

So, now you will be thinking what shoe color to go for? Well, don’t think much any rocker shoe be it in white, Nude, Tan, Black, Orange, Hot Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Silver, or even a transparent one, will perfectly complement a royal blue attire.

In this article, I have highlighted various colors of shoes that will match your royal blue dress. To learn about these colors, kindly scroll down and keep reading. 

Best Colors Shoes to wear with a Royal Blue Dress

1. White

White is one of the basic colors. The combination of white and royal blue gives off a crisp feeling. Simple and chic! You can play around with this and spice it up with a white clutch and, or accessories.  

2. Nude

The nude color generally goes well with any color, royal blue inclusive. You don’t have to think hard before sliding into nude footwear. This color is a very safe choice to make. Aside from the fact that nude color goes with any skin tone, it will also serve as a brilliant background for your royal blue dress. 

3. Tan

Aside from the nude color, tan is another neutral color that serves as a gorgeous background for any color. It goes with all skin color and tone as well. This combination passes for a very fashionable look. 

4. Black

Now, who doesn’t own a black pair of shoes? I’m guessing that there are either one or several pairs of black shoes in almost every girl’s closet. As per a basic color. You probably wondered if those black pairs of shoes would complement your royal blue dress, right? The answer is yes!  

If you feel like this combination might appear a tad low-key or boring, you can elevate this look using glittering eye-catching accessories. Wearing bright makeup could also do the trick.

5. Orange

The orange color is quite a hot and vibrant color. The orange shoe combo with a royal blue dress gives off a very positive vibe. This combination brings along with it some energy. 

You don’t want to go overboard with this combination by using overly colorful accessories. It is because orange is already doing quite a lot. You want to tone down on your accessories to avoid looking funny. 

6. Hot Pink

Combining a pair of pink shoes with your royal blue dress is also an excellent choice. This combo will give you a classy and mature appearance. 

7. Green

Yes, green, you saw that right. You probably did not think of combining green shoes with your royal blue dress. However, I assure you that this is a fun combo. All you need to do is, choose the shade of green that blends with your skin tone.

Feel free to juggle and pick from the varieties of available shades of green. Varieties like Kelly Green, Pastel Green, Jade Green, Emerald, Yellow Green, Jungle Green, Shamrock, Lime, Malachite, and lots more! Get comfortable with this color and choose from them. 

8. Blue

I’m guessing that you never expected the color blue to pop up as one of the options. Pairing a pair of blue shoes with your royal blue dress is very chic. 

If you feel uncomfortable using the same shade of blue as with your dress, opt for another shade. (Although a royal blue color would be perfect), fashion has to be felt and expressed rather than just shown. Feel free to choose from other tints, either a lighter or darker shade. 

9. Yellow

This combination is specific for brave girls who are fashionable. A shy girl will find it a bit uncomfortable to combine these colors. If you intend to steal the show delightfully, consider rocking your royal blue dress with yellow shoes and, or with a yellow bag or clutch. 

10. Red

Who says you cannot try hot colors like red? If you’ve been in doubt about combining royal blue with red, take a  pause and think again. 

One of the great things about this is that you can choose from the varieties and red tints. Color varieties like Cardinal, Carmine, Chili Red, Cinnabar, Cornell Red, Crimson, Imperial Red, Lust Red, Ruby, and other shades are great.  There are tones of them out there. Just pick one you feel more comfortable with using, and rock it. 

To elevate this look even more, try using the same shade and tint of shoes with your clutch or bag. 

11. Silver 

Silver is another perfect color of shoes to wear with your royal blue dress. The combination of both colors speaks of royalty in itself. 

If you decide to go with this color, we recommend that you tone down on your accessories. You don’t want to appear looking all dramatic. It is because the silver already draws some attention.

12. Transparent Shoes

The transparent shoes are trending at the moment more than ever! I have placed this as the last number because it does not precisely pass as a color. It is, however, classy and chic. 

Transparent shoes will give elegance to your outfits. I mean, the heels of your feet are off the ground, yet appear like you have no shoes on. It will give you more of a non-visual edge. Now, that’s elegance!

To make it a lot more fun, you can decide to match your transparent shoes with a transparent or silver bag.

 Accessorizing Your Royal Blue Dress

Besides the type and color of shoes you choose to pair with your royal blue dress, your outfit can be further tuned up or piped down. Whether or not this happens depends on the accessories you use. 

You want to choose your accessories depending on the event or occasion you plan on attending. Is it a cocktail party, to work, a wedding reception, where? You also want to pick accessories based on the cut and pattern of your royal blue dress.

Is it a high-neck short dress? Maxi? Mini? Low-neck? All of this would also determine how you should accessorize your dress. 

 1. Skinny Buckle Belt

Skinny/tiny buckle belts are excellent for nearly or dresses. However, they are perfect for maxi dresses, especially. It has its way of giving the dress a tinier look by crunching your waistline. Who doesn’t want a snatched waist? 

2. Printed Scarf

Depending on your royal blue dress pattern and the occasion as well, throwing a printed scarf around your neck can complement your look even more. 

3. Silver Buckle

Small silver buckles are perfect, especially if you choose to use a silver pair of shoes with your royal blue dress. However, when using this buckle, you want to go with stud earrings instead of drop earrings. It is to avoid ending up having a dramatic look.

4. Brooch

As tiny as brooches are, they have their way of elevating outfits. You might wear a simple dress and appear regular. But adding a simple brooch to the dress will take your attire to a whole new level.  You want to incorporate brooches in your outfits. 

5. Gems

Purple, Green, Black or Silver gemstones are perfect accessories with your royal blue dress for fancy parties. It will give you that expensive look. 


Royal blue, like the name of the color implies, can give you the appearance of royalty when combined the right way. In this article, I highlighted several colors of shoes that will match your royal blue dress. White, Nude, Tan, Black, Orange, Hot Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Silver colors, and transparent shoes are great matches. 

Feel free to pick the one you feel most comfortable with rocking. While doing so, ensure to put other things into consideration. The things to consider are your skin tone, your dress pattern, and your hair color. They all go hand in hand.


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