How To Sew A Patch On A JacketThere are several ways How To Sew A Patch On A Jacket. However, there is one way to do it like a true biker.

Gone are the times when patches were associated with military uniform only.

For several decades already, patches haven’t gone out of style.

Fashionistas of all ages enjoy wearing clothes with patches as a part of trendy and exclusive look.

Let’s go back to early 60s and recall the style of hippie activists. It’s them who we should thank for making patches a true fashion trend. And, of course, we all remember the fashion of 80s.

Those bright and diverse patches on the denim clothes of young people have become one of the symbols of the whole epoche.

Modern “it” girls are also familiar with this trend. Yes, at first glance, nowadays there is no need to sew by yourself. You can simply go to the nearest mall and find everything you need there. Denim clothes with patches are not an exception. There is a wide range of them offered by many brands, from more expensive to cheaper ones.

But if you are a real snappy dresser, you would understand the point. In the times of mass production, it is becoming more and more difficult to look truly different. Especially for those, who can’t afford hiring a personal image maker or buying expensive designer clothes.

If you are in search of making your denim jacket really exclusive – sew a patch on your own! It’s not a difficult task to do, but the result will definitely worth it. 

Here are several easy steps, which may help you if you have never sewn a patch before.

What you will need:

  • plain denim jacket;
  • patch;
  • thread of the relevant color;
  • thick needle.

We advise to take plain denim jacket, so that it would not be overload with designs after sewing a patch on it. Moreover, if you buy a jacket with some specific elements already on it, the risk of meeting a person in the same one would become higher.

A patch you can find in the nearest fabric store. You can also surf the internet and find a wider range of patches from traditional embroidered to woven kinds in online shops. But if you search for something totally unique – try some handicraft stores. Choose a patch that suits your personality best, and you are ready to begin.

Step 1: Turn on your creativity.

jacket and take a patchTry on your jacket and take a patch. Look at yourself in the mirror and think of the right place for your patch. Where would it look better? It can be a sleeve, a back or a collar – depending on the patch size and your imagination.

Step 2: Prepare the prop.

Wash and neatly iron your jacket, so that the pleats would not hamper the process of sewing. Iron the patch as well. The flatter it is, the easier it would be for you to sew it.

Step 3: Choose the right thread.

Choose the right threadThe thread should be either the same color as the edges of your patch, or the same color as your jacket. It’s for you to decide.

But remember that if the color of your thread differs from the patch color, the sewing line should be as neat as possible.

Step 4: Position the patch.

Position the patchPut a patch exactly to the place where you decided to sew it. Once you start sewing, it would be much more difficult to change its placement.

If you are going to sew by hands, attach your patch to the right position with safety pins. 

If you plan to use sewing machine, use adhesive fabric tape. Adhesive fabric tape should be only on the one side of the patch, so that you could start sewing from the other side.

Remember that you should attach your patch in the right direction. Especially if there is a text or some image on it.

Step 5: Try on before sewing.

jacket with patchTake your jacket with the patch already attached to it and try it on. Be careful if you used safety pins for attaching the patch.

Make sure that it looks exactly as you wanted it to. Don’t rush to start sewing. The more you think of all the details, the better the result will be.

Step 6: Thread the needle.

Thread the needleNow, when you are almost ready to begin, thread the needle and tie a knot. Threading the needle can seem to be difficult.

Twist and wet the thread in your mouth. The saliva will serve as a temporary adhesive to hold the tiny strands of thread together. 

If you plan to sew with sewing machine, set it up to a straight stitch and place your presser foot in the up position.

Step 7: Sew 

Sew Sewing by hands, start from the inside of your jacket, pull a needle outside through both jacket and the edge of the patch. The knot on the thread will be on the inside holding a thread.

Pull the needle back to the inside and make the first stroke. Continue these simple movements focusing on the edges of the patch until your needle faces the knot again.

Sewing with sewing machine, make sure that you set up the right sewing regime. Different sewing machines can have different features and capabilities. has lots of different sewing machine reviews that can help you choose the right sewing machine for you.

If you are not an expert yet, read a manual before sewing. Make sure that you are only sewing the patch onto one piece of fabric. If you have to sew your patch onto a sleeve this can be tricky.

Pull back the other side of the sleeve without the patch so you don’t sew your sleeve shut. It is very important to sew on a low speed, so that it would be easier to control the movements.

Step 8: Make a knot.

Make a knotWhen you finish sewing all the way around the edges of your patch, you should tie a knot to complete the process.

Sewing by hands, you should thread your needle through so that you create a small loop on the inside of your jacket. Bring the needle through the loop and pull the thread tight. This will create a tight knot.

Sewing with sewing machine, you will have to stop, turn your jacket around with a needle inside and make a few stitches in the opposite direction. This will create a second level of stitches for a few millimeters, so that to secure the seam.

Step 9: Cut the thread

Cut the threadFinally, you almost finished. Check your jacket from the inside and cut the tread if its end is long. 



Step 10: Enjoy!

Congratulations! You have just created your exclusive jacket. Try it on and enjoy. It’s high time to go out and show it to the world. As a bonus, you will definitely never meet a person in the same clothes. Create your own look by adding accessories, and shine!



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