How to Save Your Favorite Pants with Denim TherapyDenim Therapy is a service offered as an alternative when it comes to repairing any threadbare patches, holes or any broken zippers in your favorite pair of jeans in a seamless way.


We all have our favorite pairs of jeans that we treasure most especially if it feels great to have that comfortable and fitting pair that makes us look good and in the process.

We all find ourselves feeling like wearing that pair every day.

Why Denim Therapy

Why Denim TherapyDenim garments can be found in all places all over the world despite the culture.

Religion, social groups, and income brackets of various people.

Starting with people like carpenters, cowboys in the west.

Everyone Can Use It

Miners and all the way up to the CEOs.

Denim is now embraced worldwide in a very unique style since it is worn by almost everyone.

Every denim pair is worn in its own style because every pair is different and it tells its own unique story and the denim therapy elongates these stories by increasing the amount of time each pair can be worn.

The downside of wearing our best pair of jeans too much is that it wears out and telltale holes develop in the knees and crotch.

Don’t Patch Your Pants 

Within a short time, you will either have to start patching your lovely pair or you might find yourself searching for another pair of jeans to replace your favorite one.

However, now with the Denim Therapy, you have a better, quick and affordable solution!

This reinstates them to the original state where they look like they are almost new without any seams.

Patches or anything that can indicate that your jeans have been passed through the wringer.

Here is a guide on how to use denim therapy to increase the longevity of your best jeans pairs.


How It All Begun

Denim Therapy was founded back in 2006 by Francine Rabinovich and it has turned to be a great solution to all those who love jeans.

Denim therapy customers are small boutiques, large scale manufacturers or even individuals who are not willing to part ways with their old favorite pair of jeans.

Some customers always prefer to walk in while dropping their denim for repair while others like sending their jeans by mail.

Sometimes, these mail packages can come with notes like “Dear Denim therapist, enclosed are some of my best jeans pairs for repair”.

“I bought this 15 years ago and I love it so much”. Said Mary a stayhome Mom

This shows how we are all attached to our best jeans pairs especially those of us who possess perfect jeans bodies.

Problems They Fix

Once you take a pair of jeans to Denim Therapy, it is always accessed to determine the level of damage and what can be possibly done to restore it.

At this point, the denim will constantly correspond with you back and forth discussing the possible repairs and also determining the specifics of what you as the customer needs to be done.

They always fix holes, zippers, tears, bottoms, rivets, hems and many other types of damages.

Denim Therapy also offers a unique service for pregnant women; where a sizing program is done and an elastic insertion is added at the waist and later removed after pregnancy.

Other customized services are also available for the clients.

How Things Work

How things workAfter coming to a point of agreement with the denim therapist.

They will look for a thread that exactly matches the color of your jean’s fabric and the stitch pattern.

After ensuring that everything is well set.

The therapist works on the jeans pair back and forth in the sewing machine and in the process.

They blend the stitching with the original fabric of your jeans and this results to a near-perfect repair which is extremely unnoticeable in most cases unless if pointed out.

Being a handcrafted procedure, it takes time and from when one drops the damaged pair to the point of getting your repaired jeans.

The time taken here varies from customer to customer since each one has some specific requirements.

To get a certain type of look, some customers would like the repaired pair of jeans to look “like new” to make the repair unnoticeable.

But other people may be comfortable with a nice patch while others may not be concerned.

However, it is always good to be clear on exactly what you want.

What You Need To Know.

What you need to know.Be realistic because some damages are beyond repair and it will be better off saying goodbye to the pair than taking it to the Denim Therapist especially if the pairs have served you for a good amount of time.

While your Denim therapist may be equal to the challenge, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to get rid of your old fading pair.

Always remember that proportion is key. Before taking your pairs to Denim

Therapy, always remember that zippers and pockets cannot be moved without a fight and if they have to be relocated, the look of your denim might be altered.

The Cost Of Denim Therapy Services

The cost of Denim Therapy servicesWhen sending your clothes to Denim Therapy, always explain the exact thing that needs to be fixed. Sometimes.

You might fill a form on their website where you indicate what is wrong with your denim and you will get a quote especially if you far and you want to send your pairs by mail.

Usually, the repair charges start at $10 for every inch of a hole or a tear, Rivets.

Zippers replacement and bottoms repairs can be fixed for a cost of $12-$35 and about $20-$35 for hem repairs and $60 for maternity sizing service.

Since these are premium services, that’s a small price for those who are not ready to retire their favorite pair especially if the issue is small considering the fact that experts will do a great job.

Over the years, Denim Therapy services have become very famous because it is a very affordable and convenient way when it comes to repairing shirts.

Trousers, and jackets that would otherwise have to be thrown away.

With the increased growth of denim therapy, people can now preserve their costly investments by making them last longer.

This service prevents the break-in process from turning to a breakdown process and because of Denim.

Therapy; a small tear in your clothes doesn’t mean eyesore or demise.

The repair lets the fading, fraying, and wearing process continues even if the first twist sets in.

Denim therapy indeed lets the story of your favorite jeans continue. We hope this post will help you turn denim therapy into another hobby



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