Safe Step Walk-In Tubs Review

In this detailed Safe Step Walk In Tubs review we will cover installation cost, actual cost, durability, features, and ways to get discounts.

A lot of things are more comfortable for you to do when you have the energy of your youth bubbling within you.

Safe Step Tubs, Who Are They?

Based in Tennessee, they are a world-renowned company that pride themselves in the production of bathing equipment. These equipment include showers, walk-in tubs and hybrid tubs. 

Their consistently high product quality have ensured that they are still being patronized today after many years in business.

Why Choose Safe Step Walk In Tubs ?

Of the many walk-in tubs on the market today, Safe Step is one of the most popular brands. It is safe to say that Safe Step is a household brand when it comes to bathtubs. This article is dedicated to their walk-in bathtubs. 

What makes them as popular as they are? What are the things that set their products apart?

What do customers think about Safe Step walk-In tubs? The answers to these questions and more are answered here.

Features Of Safe Step Walk In Tubs

Safe Step Walk-In Tubs ReviewThis whole article would be pointless if there weren’t some unique features that set Safe Step walk-in tubs apart.

Some standard features come with all Safe Step walk-in tubs, although there are different sizes.

For instance, Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System and Chromotherapy System are two general features of walk-in bathtubs. Safe Step Tubs have these two features too.

  • low-entry step
  •   handheld shower wand
  •   mold resistant gel-coat
  •   easy to reach controls
  •   a safe water cleaning system
  •   easy to reach controls. 

All the features that Safe Step walk-in tubs possess are majorly pointing to two things; comfort and safety.

This is commendable as the target consumers are those that could use a lot of comfort and safety.

Wide Door 

After you walk in through the side door, the door is sealed shut to prevent leakage out of the tub. This door is wide enough to allow anyone to pass conveniently, no matter their size.

Anti Slip 

When you sit, you are received into a comfortably heated seat while the water fills the tub. The seat and the floor of the tub are anti-slip.
You won’t have to worry about slipping and getting hurt. For extra safety, there are grab bars that are built into the tub.

Quick Release Drain System 

During your bath, you may decide to treat yourself to a massage with the ten massaging jets of the tub. When you’re done, there a quick-release drain system that empties the water in no time.

Best Selling Safe Step Walk In Tubs 

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How Much Do Safe Step Walk In Tubs Cost?

Safe Step Walk In Tubs CostExcept you speak directly with a Safe Step Walk-in Tubs representative, you may not get an accurate cost of the tub.

This is because your bathroom has to be measured and prepared for installation. 

After one of their in-home consultants has visited your bathroom, they will give you a better estimate of the cost.

Installation Cost 

However, prices have been found to start from $9000. The costs of installation, plumbing works, electrical works and bathroom modifications are included. You will not be charged for the visit of the in-home consultant.

Military Discounts For Veterans 

There is some other good news. The first is that the company offers military and rebates discounts that could be up to about $1,500.

Also, there is a lifetime warranty on the tub and everything that comes with it. Faucet, heaters, pumps, everything! The lifetime warranty also covers parts and labor. 

What About Customer Service?

There is a toll-free number through which all the needs of the customers are met by customer representatives.

With this number, you can book an initial appointment with one of their consultants for a house visit.

Also, after you pay your first deposit, you have complete access to the number to communicate with the representatives with.

What Do Other Customers Think?


  • The first thing customers commended about them was their customer service. A lot of customers were quick to compliment this. They said that the customer representatives on the phone were polite, courteous and easy to work with. They also said the same thing about the installation teams. 
  • Another thing they commended was the luxury they are treated to when using the tubs. The massages and the heated seats received massive applause from the customers.


  • However, there were some negative reviews too. A lot of them pointed out the fact that the tub leaked after the initial installation. 
  • Also, this tub requires more water than standard tubs. This led to some people having to upgrade their water heating system. As these people had to bear the cost for this upgrade themselves, they were not happy about it.

The Benefits of Using Walk In Tubs 

You can jump as high as you want without giving it much thought.

However, quite often, the older you grow, the weaker your joints begin to get.

You, who could once fly across an endless flight of stairs, now find it hard to crossover your bathtub edge. 

Caregivers are always filled with concern over the senior citizens in their care(source).

They fear that the senior citizens may hurt themselves while trying to cross over the bathtub edge for a bath. This act is understandable. 

It is for this reason, however, that there are walk-in tubs. With walk-in tubs, you can walk into the tub for your bath.

And when you are done, you just drain the water in the tub and walk out. It’s that simple. No stress of climbing, no danger of getting hurt. 

In addition to the ease of entry and exit of walk-in tubs, there are some other cool features that they often have. Some walk-in tubs have temperature controls and soothing massage features. 

Great Customer Support

walk in tubsIn all, Safe Step Walk-in Tubs are mostly worth every penny spent on them. Their enticing features and offers make them even more attractive to users.

Customer representatives remain ready always to attend to you through calls or at their showrooms across the country. 

Senior citizens aren’t the only ones that find these tubs useful, though. Those that don’t mind an extra bit of luxury wouldn’t mind owning one of them too.  In certain cases, you could have medicare pay for walk in tubs. If you decide you would like to add one you may need to do a bathroom Remodel.


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