As you grow older, there’re certain physical changes occur in your body, along with mental abilities and intelligence. Gaining weight, more wrinkles, body fat and many other factors are included. 

Here comes one of the most noticeable factors that are excessive hair growth all over the body. It’s quite natural in both men and women to have hair growth above the penis and vagina, respectively.

Medical science doesn’t provide any researched stats that makes it necessary to eliminate public hair. 

It’s a personal choice to take into account the situation of sweat that produces a foul odor in our body, especially in the summer season. 

How to Get Rid of Excess Hair

The decision is entirely yours whether to trim extra hair or remove them once for all. But, it can be the most annoying thing to get these hair to grow back. Even if you wax or shave those hair, they’ll grow back within a specific time. 

Seeking a fully skinned and flawless body makes you eager to get rid of the whole unwanted hair. Spontaneously the excessive hair growth occurs unless you find a permanent solution to remove these hair.

Here, coming up with a question about removing public hair permanently is quite common. Yeah, it sucks! 

You don’t need to go anywhere; here we’re presenting a satisfactory solution for you that is IPL.

What is IPL & how it works?

It’s an abbreviation of intense pulsed light. It’s deemed the most effective method and debunk the myth that it’s similar to laser treatment. Both of these are far away from each other. 

Its usage makes you able to have fine skin removing all the hair where you apply it. Based on light, it has always been widely used around the globe. 

Besides getting your hair removed, you can use this method to treat wrinkles converting it into fair skin. Removing spots from the body due to overheating (a side effect of walking under the sun) is possible with the usage of IPL.

As far as it’s working is concerned, 

  • Flash-lamp is used in it.
  • To the end of the device, its light is directed.
  • Light falls on the skin surface, which then absorbs it. 
  • The heat produces at the perfect place and hinders the hair growth ( as follicles are damaged, responsible for hair growth)

Once this process is completed, you’re from these excessive hairs for sure. 

IPL works effectively in removing dark hair as they absorb heat much more than light. Wao, this adds to one extra edge while getting rid of public hair (they’re considerably huge in number and coarse).

So it goes without saying that it’s the best option for you. 

Why should IPL be preferred over others?

  • It’s quite a short time process (required only 5-7 minutes in treating hair in your bikini area)
  • Once you use it, you’re free from getting hairs back. Its only usage ensures you the results.
  • Unlike waxing and shaving, you’ll get minor hair growth back (if any), but this is quite normal to have such hair marks.
  • Results are long-lasting as you’ll notice the removal of hair permanently. 

At home pubic hair removal

At the start, an appointment from a doctor is needed to undergo IPL treatment, but with time, it has made his place in ‘At home public hair removal.’ 

However, you need to consider the following things before purchasing as there’re multiple options are available for IPL. 

1.Skin sensitivity 

Considering this factor, you need IPL devices accordingly. Mostly these devices offer 3-5 energy levels depending upon skin sensitivity. 


This is the factor that we cannot be assured of before using it. So, consider purchasing the IPL device of that company (KENZZI)  that offers a warranty. 

3.Window area

For removal of hair from a small place (bikini area), you need to prefer a small window area for small coverage of the area. 


So far, we have discussed IPL that enlist all those points which prefer the usage of IPL for permanent public hair removal. 

Get rid of using razors and prefer IPL usage in order to get shiny skin.


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