How Much For Professional Oven Cleaning?

Baking is one of the healthiest cooking methods; however, using an unclean appliance can be hazardous to one’s health. The food residues and grease left behind after baking can clog your oven and leave it unhealthy for cooking. Oven cleaning can be quite an arduous task, but you keep wondering how much for professional oven cleaning or if you are looking for house cleaning in Sydney, we got you covered.

The average cost of professional oven cleaning is between the prices of £50 to £100. The general duration for cleaning the oven is typically between 1 to 3 hours. However, it is imperative to note that the type and size of your oven can affect the price of cleaning.

You may have tried cleaning the oven yourself several times and not just satisfied with the result. DIY may not do justice to your oven compare to having it thoroughly cleaned by a Professional. Keep reading this article for the price of professional cleaning and other factors that can affect the price of cleaning your oven.

What Variables Can Affect The Cost Of Professional Oven Cleaning?

Different variables can affect the average cost for professional oven cleaning. Variables like

  • Size of oven
  • Type of oven
  • The level of cleaning required
  • Time
  • Location

Size Of Oven

There are different sizes of ovens available depending on their usage. A small nuclear family will by no means use a commercial size oven in their kitchen. The same way a shop will not get a small tabletop oven for commercial use; hence, the size varies according to the usage; we have the

  • Conventional Ovens
  • Range Top Ovens
  • Commercial Ovens
  • BBQs

The above ovens also vary from single to double models, range cookers, ceramics, and glass tops. The sizes of your oven in one significant influencer of how much a professional cleaning will cost.  

Type Of Oven

There are varieties of makes and models of the oven out there in the market. The make and model of the oven in possession often determines how easy or tasking it will be when cleaning. The types of the oven are one variation that cannot be ignored when thinking of getting a professional cleaner.

Below is a cleaning price list

Type of Oven Prices
Single Oven £55
Wide Single Oven  £70
Double Oven (Oven Plus Grill) £70
Range 1.5 Door £90
Range 2 Door only £100
Range 2 Door plus Grill £110
Mercury/Lacanche/Falcon £155
Gas Hobs (depending on the numbers of rings) £20 (4 rings) £30 (5 rings)
Electric Hob £20
Halogen/Ceramic Hob £10
BBQs Racks £10

The Level Of Cleaning Required.

The purpose of hiring a professional cleaner is to get your oven thoroughly washed and sparkling clean, and not just superficial cleaning. Hence, the level of cleaning required will no doubt affect the cost of professional cleaning. If your oven is in bad condition, it will take longer to keep it all cleaned.

For a professional that charges according to the duration spent working, the cost will be higher depending on the time. 


The duration of cleaning an oven is usually between 1 to 3 hours. Some cleaners charge according to time spent on a job. Some others might give a free quote of charges after examining the oven. But whichever way it goes, the time on the job is also an influencer of the cost of professional oven cleaning. 

Below is a table indicating the time for cleaning different ovens.

Cleaning  description Duration
Cleaning Glass/Ceramic Hob  30 Mins. to 1 hour
Cleaning Range Cookers (depending on the size) 2 to 3 hours(90cm/100cm)
Cleaning Standard Double Oven About 2 hours
Cleaning Standard Oven 1 to 2 hours



Your location is another determinant of the cost of professional oven cleaning. This is because prices vary from location to location. The price for oven cleaning in Wisconsin is lower compared to that of Texas. 

Why Should I Do A Professional Oven Cleaning?

Food spilling into your oven and the grease built over time gets the oven dirt and clogs the filters as well. Hence, a professional is needed regularly to get rid of the tough stains and keep your oven in good working condition. Aside from the fact that professional cleaning services are better, there is a limit you can get your oven clean DIY. 

The benefit of getting a professional to clean your oven can not be overemphasized. Below are some benefits of getting a professional service for your oven cleaning.

  1. Having a cleaning specialist to clean your oven take the stress and hassle off your hands
  2. It will save you the time of cleaning to do another profitable thing.
  3. You can be assured of a thorough cleaning as against the superficial DIY cleaning.
  4. A professional will clean your oven correctly and efficiently.
  5. They will determine the best method for cleaning your oven according to the make and model.
  6. They will use the right cleaning products for your oven instead of using harsh chemicals to get rid of tough stains.

However, before hiring a company, you should ensure they are licensed and bonded. Often, referrals go a long way in getting a professional that will get your job done correctly. It will also go a long way to be aware of the cleaning products used, how they charge, and the duration.

Because it’s an indoor job, hiring a company that does a background check on its employees is essential. You want to be sure the person coming into your home is trustworthy and reputable. 


Getting a professional to have your oven thoroughly cleaned is a step towards healthy eating. DIY mostly leaves us with superficial cleaning compared to getting a professional.

However, the cost varies from one place to another, the type of oven, and the duration of time used in cleaning. Read through this article to determine how much for professional oven cleaning and variable that may affect the cost.