Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that offers users the capability to share photos and videos in so many different formats. This can be with friends, family and followers near and far, in many different countries. It takes away the borders created by physical absence. 

There is a lot of different reasons people post on Instagram including events, private moments and business products or services. One of the most popular services that many large accounts use is Growthoid, an organic growth service that is being used to grow Instagram followers organically, and is perfect for targeting specific audiences.

In posting, some posters hope to get attention around that content for many different reasons. Some of the most popular content lies in the ability to understand niches.

But not all content is the same in terms of the attention it gathers therefore it is great t target a niche that offers plenty of options and content that draws attention. Some of the popular niches that users may need to watch out for on Instagram will be shared. 


One of the trendiest niches on Instagram is the beauty niche. Given the nature of beauty products and services, it is expected that there is a lot of engagement here. Since most people want to look their best especially for women, beauty products, makeup tutorials and beauty tutorials are always changing and come in different ways to feed the demand. It is definitely a niche that is trendy and garners a lot of engagement. Some of the popular users include Huda Kattan who has about 39.3 million followers.


People express themselves through what they wear and love to e associated with brands that appeal to them. Different fashion brands target different customers for example Nike is more toward people who are into health and fitness and lifestyle. Brands such as Louis Vuitton target customers who love more affluent association and luxury. It provides opportunities for fashion editors, designers and bloggers. A notable example is Camila Coelho who has 8.4 million followers. 

Health and Fitness

Health is a major concern for many users on the app. Due to this, the fitness industry saw a boom that brought in revenue of $94 billion in 2018. There is opportunity to showcase health and fitness products, workouts and different tools to assist people achieve their fitness goals. Apps like Whoop have taken advantage of this niche to reach more customers and market their service in the health and fitness niche. 


There are very few people who do not enjoy talking about themselves. This includes opinions, thoughts and what is happening in our lives that may be the envy of others. making this more visible is that users spend 53 minutes a day on Instagram. Some of the users that has capitalised on the lifestyle niche is Oliver Proudlock who works with brands on his page that are associated with his lifestyle.


The modern parent is the parent that takes advantage of social media. 61 percent of millennial moms use Instagram and use the app close to six times a day with 78 percent of them taking action from Instagram content.

Similarly, with dads, 69 percent take action based on content from Instagram. Most parents use the app to connect with other parents and share tips on raising kids and food recipes or popular new debit cards for kids to manage money responsibly.

Naomi Davis is a great example of a parent that has capitalised n the parent niche on Instagram.


Everybody loves travel whether they can afford it or not. Every year, people plan trips to reach different parts of the world to enjoy different experiences and people. About 60 percent of people share photos on social media from their travels. A large number used inspiration from Instagram to choose their travel destinations.

Bloggers use Instagram to share their experiences and destinations and can make money. Among the great accounts in this niche is the Salt In Our Hair blog that is run by a couple that shares their travel experiences. 


Finding a niche that speaks to your brand is a great guide toward the type of content you will produce and the kind of people you will be targeting, and increase your followers. It can also inform which market is most profitable to target on Instagram.

Understanding the different popular niches from travel to fitness and health, will narrow down where you should invest your time if you want to do well in Instagram.


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